[2.1][video] Talisman Good Tank with more 100k DPS => Non legacy Facebreaker Crit


I wish a new year for everybody.

To celebrate this new year, i post my first guide and i hope it will enjoy some peoples.

Please apologize my english, it's not my birth language. Thus, don't hesitate to contact me ingame or through the forum to speak about this guide in order to improve my english.

Let's take about this build : Its a Crit Facebreaker with tons of dmg !

The story :
I've played few leagues with a non legacy Facebreaker build and i like to optimize my stuff.
I was always disappointed because using of Facebreaker and Abyssus unarmed wastes the huge crit mult present on these items. Thus, the Talisman league rescued me with a new jewel : the Rigwald's Curse.
Using this talisman, you have a base of 7% crit unarmed instead of 0%.


Moreover, i feel that the damage of a classic cyclone Non legacy Facebreaker build could not be very hight when you reach on T10+ map.

Well, the stuff is pretty simple to build and some cheap uniques are required :
Facebreaker (because of Unarmed and crit mult)

Abyssus (because of flat phys and crit mult)

Rigwald's Curse (because we want to crit)

Meginord's Girdle (because of flat phys)

Now lets build arround this !

1. How obtain a good crit chance ?

The first option is to take some crit claw or general crit nodes, most of them are near the shadow. However, i've not choose this option in order to keep a maximum of survivability. Thus, i don't consume lot of skill points for crit in the skill tree.

My skill tree give me 167% of crit chance with only 7 skill points, that is really a good investment.

The second option is to use power charges. I use this option and i can obtain 5 power charges (1 with bandit and 1 with tree).

The third option is to take lot of Jewel socket and to improve crit chance by jewels. I use this option and i've 80% crit chance with 4 jewels.

The fourth option is to use the support gem Increased critical strikes. I use this option and i've 164% crit chance for the moment with this gem.

Another option is to wear a quiver with huge crit chance instead of a shield. I've not choose this option in order to keep a maximum of survivability with block chance.

Moreover, i use an Ice golem (lev 5) sustain with a cast when damage taken (lev 3) which give me 22% crit.

The skill chance display is 7% (base) * 250% (power charges) * 71% (jewels) * 167% (tree) + 164% (support) + 13% (ring) + 22% (golem) = 53%

Note that better rings could give more crit chance.

In addition, the crit chance is improved by the assasin's curse (10%). The real crit chance is arround 60%.

In the future, i will try to optimise my stuff with corrupt jewel, i specialy looking for this amazing corrupt line :
Cursed enemies have an extra 3 to 5 % chance to receive a Critical Strike

2. The accuracy

Accuracy-dependent attacks make a second accuracy check to confirm the critical strike. If the check fails only a normal hit is dealt. Thus, accuracy can play an important role in quantity of critical strikes.

However, my tree does not contain lot of dex and we can stack accuracy only with rings because glove and helmet does not give accuracy and we can't wear a weapon.

A particular attention should be given to accuracy on the skill tree. Thus, 7 nodes are selected in this purpose (Versatility, Precision and Eagle Eye). The main criterium to choose ring is also the accuracy and the second criterium is the flat phys. You will note that i did not found any good ring with accuracy, flat phys, life and crit. Thus, i chosen to avoid crit instead of accuracy. Moreover, the ice golem give us +22% accuracy.

At the moment, my chances to touch is around 91%.

This section is very short but it will be your main problem if you try this build !

3. The defense

The defense is pretty classic for a Facebreaker build. I take fortify, 7 endurance charges, life, armor and block.

I've reached more 5.5k HP at lev 92 and next skill points will give more life. This is obtained by rings, boots, armor and shield with life. These items are also used to reach 75% in all elem res.

The block chance is obtain with a shield with 31% block chance together with a CWDT tempest shield and a Rumi's concoction. At the moment, i've 74% block chance with Rumi's (29%). My rumi's concoction should be 30% to be cap !

My armor is very high with a large investment in the passive skill tree in order to compensate abyssus.

Moreoever, i play with 7 endurance charges 3 from tree + 1 from the corrupt belt. Thus, i have a good phys damage reduction and an immortal call of 5-6s (enough time to generate the charges to launch another at the end).

Endurance charges are generated with enduring cry and sustain with endurance charge on melee stun link with shield charge and reckoning.

For the future, i plan to play with a second shield (Saffell's or Rise of the Phoenix) to mitigate elem damage for some boss.

Some screenshots :
Base defense :

Defense with Charges + Fortify

Defense with Charges + Fortify + Rumi's

4. The offense

We have few correct options :

4.1. Cyclone
I avoid this option because the crit chance cannot be very high (i mean over 80%) and the crit chance of cyclone is rolled for all hits made during the cyclone. Thus, if you choose to play cyclone, you will have some times with all crit and some times without any crit. It will be hard to anticipate your dps when needed espacialy if you need burst a boss. Moreover, i choose to up crit chance with jewel and cyclone cannot be up as well as other gems with jewel.For example, if you play Ice crash, you can obtain a +18% crit chance for cold skill that you cannot use with cyclone.

4.2. Infernal clow : My first setup to lev 90 :

Infernal blow + Melee splash + Increased critical strikes (already explained) + Increased area of effect + Melee phys damage (for obvious reasons).

In my point of view we can make alot a good interactions in crit with this skill.

Infernal Blow is a melee attack skill that converts half of Physical Damage to Fire Damage, applying a special debuff to enemies. If the enemy dies while affected by this debuff, they will explode, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies.

The fire damage of the explosion will be 10% of the corpses' former maximum life, modified by elemental and fire damage passives and item mods. The explosion is neither an attack or a spell, so in particular it is not affected by modifiers to melee. The explosion damage cannot be reflected. Each explosion can roll a critical strike independently from the Infernal Blow attack and has a 5% base critical strike chance.

With my setup, the crit chance of the explosion is 5% (base) * 250% (power charges) * 71% (jewels) * 167% (tree) + 161% (support) + 13% (ring) + 22% (golem) = 38% or 46% with Assasin's mark

Thus, you have near that 50% chance that the explosion crit and the crit mult given by our item can kill all monsters of a pack ! Moreover, the crit is rolled for each mob of a pack because we make area damage with melee splash and reckoning.

I choose to abuse of this effect of the explosion with Increased area of effect in order to kill mob in other pack of the screen if both packs are enough closer.

To kill one or more packs instantly, we have just to kill 1 mob and let the explosion make the rest. Note that in this configuration, fortify was generated by shield charge.

Jewels for Infernal blow :

4.3. Ice crash : My new Setup from lev 90 :

Ice crash + Fortify + Increased critical strikes (already explained) + Increased area of effect + Melee phys damage (for obvious reasons).

I switch to Ice crash because Infernal blow need to touch a mob for dps. With Ice Crash, you can start to dps with more distance and you are more safe.

Jewels for Ice crash :

Some screenshots :
DPS with just Hatred

DPS with Hatred + Charges

DPS with Hatred + Charges + golem

DPS with Hatred + Charges + golem + flask > 100k dps

DPS with Hatred + Charges + golem + flask + vaal hast >120k dps

5. Damages

I use 3 frenzy charges + hatred

At the moment, infernal blow deal 75k damage per hit with 3 frenzy charges, it's normally enough to kill a pack instantly. Moreover, the debuff of infernal blow can be combined with reckoning if the pack is not dead with my first attack. Thus, the first time that a monster try to touch me, the pack is oneshoot.

My damages are up to 100k when i activate the atziri's promise flask. You can note that, contrary to a classic Facebreaker, the damages mono target could be easily over 150k if i replace increased area of effect or if i use a 6L chest.

With Ice Crash, i've 75k with 3 frenzy and 100k with atziri's promise flask and 120k with vaal hast.

The real way to have survability is to kill faster each monster.

For the future, i will try to obtain a Tower shield with :
increased armor
Craft : Add 4-7 Phys damage
+ 6 % additional block chance
+ elem res

The craft could give me a huge boost of dps but keep in mind that we need a good armor in the shield.

6. My build

Link :

Bandits: +40 life / attack speed or phys dmg / +1 power charge

7. My stuff


Price of my stuff : arround 4-5ex
Facebreaker (30c)
Abyssus (20c but i need improve it to reach 150% crit mult)
Rigwald's Curse (7c)
Meginord's Girdle +1 charge (80c)
Ring (around 25c each)
Boots (3c), i will use 2ex for improve it as soon as possible
Shield (80c), i will chance the master for Add phys after upgrade boots
Armor (50c)
Rumi's concoction (30c)
Jewel (5c each)


Don't hesitate to post a friendly message should you have any question.
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Well looks ok to me. It looks more or less like a classical facebreaker build with some crit/accuracy nodes here and there, blasphemy + assassin's mark and the rigwald's curse. So of course it should work just fine. It raises a more difficult and debatable questions about RT vs. Crit facebreaker but that's a discussion for another place and time.

I do have same problems with the use of increased aoe support gem with infernal blow instead of faster attacks, i would've grabbed the block nodes that you've skipped and i would've picked a different chest ( if i can afford it of course ) but other than that the build looks good.

Screenshots of defenses and offenses would be appreciated ^^
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Hi mate !

Nice build, I like how you provided details on crit chance, accuracy, defense, gear cost ...

How do you deal with reflect ?

I'm levelling a similar build, but went to the right side of the tree to abuse pugilist jewels. I'll message you ingame to talk about our builds.
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thanks for your comments.

As requested, screenshots have been added.

I will probably change my chest for a 6L rare with hight armour/life/res or a daresso defiance if i accept to loose armour for a random chance to evade.

Concerning mobs with reflect :
When i make a normal hit, i've no problem to compensate it.

When i make a crit, it's depend but it's sure that the reflect with crit is one source of wipe.

The reflect phys can be easily avoid with immortal call (5-6s).

Concerning the reflect elem he's less important and we can play with a taste of haste if needed.

PS : J'ignorais que tu savais parler anglais tartos!
Video Added
Thanks for this job, good build !
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I run a similar build in talisman as ranger... Im sitting on
20.000 armour with grace
4.2k life sadly
90% chance to hit (t14-15 maps.)
100k tolltip unbuffed
50%/16% block without rumi 75/34 with rumi (max spell block on shield swap saffel)
4 endurance
30% crit 580%crit multi

Personal thoughts:

I've decided to change hatred with grace since i allready do alot of damage

I dont run assassin mark on blasphemy because i dont want to be gimped about certain map mods like curse immune,+ is not very effective on certain bosses,using herald of ash. Curently i can do any map except ele reflect (go cyclone if map has a good iiq).

Hard to get chaos resist and get overcapped at the same time so chaos bosses hurt u alot

Slow mobility

Fun fact:
Arrived at 1 milion dps with diamond and acceleration + charges (glass cannon version)
Killed Abaxoth in t6 when i was mid 80' in 3 hits.

ING : Caldoni_MT
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I might be missing something with this build, I though this was going to be an amazing build, but sadly i noticed its not as great as the RT version of the build, where you can get easily 150k dps with non legacy gloves, get 6.5k life and 17k armour.

What am i missing? whats the real benefit on using

This is my gear

I dont know guys, i really feel "squishy" trying to follow this guide. I'm not saying your build sucks, just want to know whats the benefit of going crit instead of RT, specially if you dont take the right side of the tree (where most of the Claw nodes are located)

Im not new to the IB/FB build, in fact i made a "Guide" almost 3 months ago
IB/FB RT Guide with a few details about gear and links.


i have been working on this build and i think i made some improvements to the tree
Now i get

240 + to Dexterity
70 + to Intelligence
140 + to Strength

118% increased Critical Strike Chance
120% increased Critical Strike Chance with Claws
238% Total increased Critical Strike Chance
(only 167% on your tree)

30% increased Critical Strike Multiplier
16% increased Critical Strike Multiplier with Claws
46% Total increased Critical Strike Multiplier
(only 15% on your tree)

32% increased Attack Speed
12% increased Attack Speed while holding a Shield
22% increased Attack Speed with Claws
4% increased Attack Speed with One Handed Melee Weapons
4% increased Melee Attack Speed
74% Total increased Melee Attack Speed
(only 45% on your tree)

108% increased Melee Physical Damage
96% increased Melee Physical Damage while holding a Shield
20% increased Physical Damage
26% increased Physical Damage with Attacks
80% increased Physical Damage with Claws
10% increased Physical Damage with One Handed Melee Weapons
340% Total increased Physical Damage
(only 226% on your tree)

68% increased Accuracy Rating
10% increased Accuracy Rating with Claws
78% Total increased Accuracy Rating
(your is 146%)

2 % additional Block Chance while Dual Wielding or holding a Shield
7 % additional Chance to Block with Shields
74 % increased Armour
150 % increased Defences from equipped Shield
60 % increased Evasion Rating and Armour
20 % increased Life Recovery from Flasks
8 % increased Movement Speed
134 % increased maximum Life
4.9 % of Life Regenerated per Second
0.4 % of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
5 + Life gained on Kill
34 + to maximum Life
30 +% to all Elemental Resistances
0 Ignore all Movement Penalties from Armour

My tree so far has 118 nodes, whiles yours 130 nodes (im only level 78), so i have 12 passives skills left to work on that areas where your tree is better (jewels sockets manily)

New Tree
From Orlando, FL, U.S.
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will Rigwald's Curse also be available in the next temporal season or is this amulet restricted to Talisman League?


Dear Photobozz,

concerning your question, i've no answer for the moment.

Dear HermanCCS,

concerning your question, i had the same feeling concerning infernal blow. I think that the problem with infernal blow is that you need to touch a mob to start your dps mechanism.

Thus, you are extremly week before hit a mob even if you use shield charge because you can fail to click precesly on the mob when shield charge.

Moreover, if think that the combo shield charge + fortify is not a really good choise because if you fail the shield charge, you will be on a pack without fortify.

For all of these reasons, i swap infernal blow for ice crash.

My setup with a 6L at lev 93 is :
ice crash + increased area + increased critical strikes + melee phys dmg + fortify + faster attack

You will see that this setup will highly improve your survability because :
- you will frozen enemy more ofen,
- you will dps with a huge range (martial + increased area),
- you will have perma fortify, and
- you will be able to mitigate elem-reflect by DPS with distance in order to decrease your dps.

Concerning your tree i think that you are not enouth tanky, you loose :
- 3 endurance charges,
- 150 more strengh,
- 20% max life,
- 50 max life,
- 5% block chance
- 26% armour

Precisely, i think that is useless to take some crit mult because we have enough crit multi with stuff.

Concerning the game play, i was unable to sustain tempest shield/blood rage/golem without increased duration and/or cast when dmg taken.

My advise to be more tanky :
1 - try ice crash
2 - change your rings to take more accuracy
3 - trade hatred for herald of ash + artic armor
4 - use the setup cast when dmg taken of tempest shield and golem
5 - use a enduring cry for generate your first endurance charges

Best regards

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