Hegemony's Duelist Immortal Wukong Janitor Build (Crit Sweep)

This build was inspired quite some time long ago in Nemesis and Invasion. I was drawn to push for my diamond unique so that it would support my dreams of a powerful 2hded crit build. It was only natural that it was staff based, due to its local critical strike chance being the highest. Here are some details regarding the build.

Beyond/Hardcore viable 100%. The death was due to poor play and not the build!

YouTube Description with Gameplay and Mechanics discussion:

Entire development process of the diamond supporter unique in video format

Gear Setup

Build at L89

Build at L100


HP: 5185
Mana: 657
Armour: 1618
Evasion: 1494
Evade %: 16%
Life Regen: 181.5 w/o charges. (254 with)
Mana Regen: 23
Fire Resist: 76 (114%)
Cold Resist: 75 (94%)
Chaos Resist: -40% (LOL)
Lightning Resist: 75 (81%)
Block %: 37%
Movespeed: 14%
Immortal call: 21+ seconds
VImmortal Call: 21+ seconds
Lightning Coil (Pseudo Armour)
Rumi's Concoction: (block capping with it up and adding 20% Spell block)

Sweep 6L: 27,604 (self buffed)
HeavyStrike 5L: 72,057 (self Buffed)
Molten Shell: 3,032 (27second duration)

Crit Chance %: 67.7%
Crit Multiplier: 195%
Chance to Hit %: 84%

GroundSlam 6L (optional swap): 34,762

Normal - Oak +40 HP
Cruel - Kraityn +8% IAS
Merciless - Oak +1 End Charge

Map Mods to Avoid:
- Half Regen
- Temp Chains/Enf/Phys Resist/Chilled Ground
- Fracture (in beyond due to Voidbearers and Eyes of Tzteosh)

Bosses to avoid:
- Atziri
- Megaera (if you dont have vaal immortal call setup)
- Spinner of False hope (if you don't have good chaos resistance!)
- Dominus (In Palace + Residence Maps)

Optional Items to Improve Offense:
- Abyssus
- Ming's Heart


Helm: 14 chaos
Neck: 1.5 Exalts
Rings: Self crafted but est value (1ex, 3exalt respectively)
Chest: 2 Exalts, 1exalt for 6 socket, Insert Fusing amount here for 5L
Boots: 22 chaos
Gloves: Self Found (est value 1.5 exalt)
Belt: 1.5 exalts
Weapon: 10 Exalt, 1ex for 6 socket, 960 fusings to 6L
Flask: 2.5exalt for Rumi's Concoction


1. Why Duelist?
I really like the duelist starting nodes. They're extremely good and solve a lot of problems. Being proximal to berserking and acceleration, along with master of the arena and mana flows are extremely useful for any melee fighting beast. I can run everything off of mana and not have any mana issues whatsoever.

2. Why not Abyssus if you're immortal called all the time?
While I am physically immune the majority of the time, or when it really counts, there are times where you fight against hasted rhoas/frogs/shield charges and having an inevitable charge stun combo can lead to your death as Abyssus is essentially walking around with vulnerability. Also, it is worth mentioning, while you go and leap around on underground crab packs with phys reflect, you can run into suprises with big pack sizes. I have leaped on many crabs without endurance charges and phys reflect, and without abyssus I was only roughly taking 25% of my health in damage. So increasing damage, and making yourself more susceptible to physical damage would do substantial damage in my opinion. While it is definitely a viable option to run on a softcore league, sometimes the stars can align and end in your demise.

3. Why lightning coil?
This is also to supplement the fact that I have almost no armour. Lightning coil is both amazing for evasion based characters, and armourless characters! This provides a buffer, for whenever you're rocking just charges or without immortal call in general. Not to mention this chest is extremly easy to color up with heavy strike!

4. What about Bringer of Rain with this build?
Bringer of Rain is a great cheap option for a poor man's 6 Link. It provides 15% block chance, chance to gain endurance charge on successful block (great for the build!), and flat phys (great for damage!). However, What I found as a big problem was that it definitely reduced the amount of gem flexibility with the build and its tools. It seemed much stronger to just go 1 base attack and that attack I chose to be Heavy Strike with Melee splash. Running this as your only ability, allowed you to still utilize the functions of the other vaal gems etc. It also put less pressure to 5L or 6L the staff itself. As your main attack would just go into the helmet. With BoR you can achieve 52% passive attack block chance!

5. Why Sweep over Ground Slam?
Sweep gives a great sense of combat when it is combined with the synergy of the staff. The "power charge on melee knockback" is joined with sweep's 34% chance to knock back (on the gem). This makes it much easier to get power charges vs ground slam. While any other melee attack that crits, will have a knockback and sometimes net you charges. It is much easier to sustain power charges with abilities that have inherent knockback chance so that it takes the pressure off your crit chance and accuracy! Not to mention, the fact that you can leap into a pack, and just sweep having it go 360 degrees is a great feeling in combat. If you were to leap in the middle of pack with ground slam and multistrike, your attacks would essentially be shot out in random directions diluting the damage in random directions. With this being said, you should overall play very differently with ground slam. You should make every effort to funnel the mobs in front of you vs leaping into the middle of them to concentrate your payloads of damage. Ground Slam does have a great CC/stun, however I feel like this gets shadowed by your overall massive freeze/chill chance with sweep crits anyways.

6. Why Echo with Enduring Cry?
This is the main way to gain endurance charges with this build. Since enduring cry is such a pivotal form of defense whether it is in passive mitigation, exchanging them for physical immunity, or simply to boost your HP regeneration against the elements. It is by far the fastest way to generate the charges. With echo you double the charges you would normally get (sometimes even more if more mobs are in motion toward you!). There was also another way to generate charges by tying Leap slam with Endurance charge on melee stun! This is what I did before i bought a level 3 enhance. I highly recommend this combination of Faster attacks + Leap Slam + End charge on melee stun before you are able to afford a level 3 enhance!

7. Why not CwDT?
Because you can be very vulnerable at specific times in engagements without armour, it is important to have on demand cooldowns. Relying on cast when damage taken, would most likely end up with death. Not to mention, most people refrain from maxing out their cwdt which prevents the immortal call action from going into great duration periods!

8. Why Increased Area of Effect over a damage gem?
Clear Speed. Overall feel of the combat is greatly enhanced by reaching more targets. This also increases your ability to sustain power charges as you will naturally be able to sit in place and hit further targets (especially during a multistrike).

9. What other options instead of Enhance?
Leap Slam + Faster attacks + Endurance charge on melee stun. Generating endurance charges with leap slam and extending or refreshing the duration is very useful. You don't always have to have immortal call always up, you can just run around with 7-8 charges all the time if you want. With 7 charges it gives you 41-45% physical reduction (depending upon what current armour you have).

10. Is this new player friendly?
No. I would definitely not recommend this build for people that like more automation, and are not really familiar about how the whole defense around this build works. With great power, comes great responsibility. If you are a player who is good at maintaining buffs and debuffs (ie. Warlock/shadow priest or modern day WoW tank) then this might be an insanely fun build for you!

11. Why do you use a quicksilver flask if you use Leap Slam for your mobility?
The quicksilver flask gives you the longest Curse rolling curse immunity and gives you up to 3.5 uses (if perfect ample) per 20 charges. Not only this, but you cannot also count out the dps increase it gives you with heavystrike. Heavy Strike comes with inherit knockback and with multistrike you separate yourself from the target. Popping a quicksilver while you're in the middle of the open with a mob will increase your dps uptime on the target! Great Flask!

12. Why is this build called Immortal Wukong Janitor?
The "Immortal" portion of the name refers to the significant role of Immortal Call as a primary feature that enables this build. Wukong is a Chinese Staff Monkey fighter (usually referred into spinning swinging combat) Many League of Legends players know this character as a staff monkey fighter. The combat is very acrobatic and fast paced kind of like a monkey fighter! The "janitor" portion refers to its choice of attack which is Sweep. Leap, Sweep, rinse, repeat!

Deaths: 1 death in Beyond due to me not removing a curse from an exile (Note: I never knew she casted conductivity and since I was so close to the LResist cap, it brought me drastically low).

VoD of Death:

In closing, I will be remaking this character in Beyond again on stream via http://twitch.tv/hegemonyTV. If you have any questions regarding the build, feel free to come on my stream live and ask or ask in this thread. I will be checking it from time to time! Thanks for having a look!
8/8 Overachiever
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8/8 Overachiever

gear path suggestions welcome, trying to find a rumi's which is difficult on beyond atm and not sure where to go from there. I want to replace the gloves with something that has dex instead of cold res and higher lightning res which would save me 2 passive points, where do I go from there? Just saving for rando gg items or for 6L?
nice build
King of Scrubcore Hah
Why not use flicker for faster clear speed? and prolif with herald of ash instead of hated or herald of ice. It clears much faster
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NiceBuild™ with a nice unique done by a nice player !
IGN: Niphalem
Yo Hege,

What order of Keystones did you take for the build?

I still believe that Sweep is vastly inferior to Heavy Strike with melee splash/Ground Slam or Leap Slam. I've done a similar build in Beyond and felt Sweep didnt clear as fast.
TrizzeX wrote:
I still believe that Sweep is vastly inferior to Heavy Strike with melee splash/Ground Slam or Leap Slam. I've done a similar build in Beyond and felt Sweep didnt clear as fast.

Maybe he likes how sweep plays and feels. Same reason people play trapper builds, they arent the fastest but probably the most fun to that individual, same goes for summoners as well. We all cant/wont LL ST

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