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Why dont use Physical to Lightning gem with Lightning Arrow, for example, instead of Added Lightning Damage? You'll deal pure lightning damage with your attack, can use both physical and lightning damage bonuses, etc, and lightning peneration will work perfectly on top of that. And you wont care about physical reflect at all, and versus elemental you can always use Topaz Flask.

And what about crit? Elemental bow, especially lightning, benefits greatly from crit. Why dont take some bow crit nodes, etc on your wake, to shock enemies reliably.
And what's the reason behind Lightning Coil when you dont even deal physical damage yourself? Just to survive massive physical hits? Why dont just bring Taste of Hate for that?

I also think you should have chosen Shadow with that tree, if you want to pick those ED nodes. +2 skill points extra. No offence, bro, but your tree INDEED has no offence on it! Why do you intentionally skip so sweet crit nodes, while being EVASION character with LIGHTNING damage??? Crits not only deal stupendous damage, but also shock enemies for +50% MORE damage taken! Sure your tree can work with so powerful gear like Drillneck and Lightning Coil, but why make a handicap for yourself? Why dont unleash full potential of Lightning?

And i dont think you should use Lioneye's Glare for that build in endgame. Too much DPS, that cant be evaded is bad, and 5% base crit is bad as well. Why dont just use decent rare bow with high APS and crit chance??? You can use both physical and elemental bows.

I improved your skill tree (starting as Ranger):

My tree is better defensively, due to higher life pool and evasion
My tree is better offensively, due to critical strike chance and multiplier

Try it, and you'll be pleased.
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Molten Strike build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1346504

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how much dps you have with LA and TS? Nice guide by the way
I noticed you don't have any Bandits listed? and no leveling guide, So i'm assuming level with split/TS ?

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