[2.0] Yet Another Disfavour Cyclone Duelist RT | AA | BM gem |

Here's my take on 2H axe duelist. This is an endgame build. The name is a work in progress.

The idea is to stack as much EHP as possible while still having Top-Tier DPS.

I use arctic armor to chill mobs and use hypothermia in my damage setup. Since raising the damage of RT builds is very hard after a certain point, I added headhunter to my setup. Blood magic is still the way to go for cyclone. Without blood magic we would need to use elreon rings or take a bunch of reduced mana cost nodes.

I stack lightning coil, taste of hate, fortify, endurance charges and enfeeble for defensive purposes, which give us a lot of physical damage mitigation.

If you have any questions you can PM me on the forums or contact me in-game. My IGN is Kloki_BoE.


Amazing clear speed
Very tanky
Fun to play
6k+ life
Physical damage is a joke
Can play almost every map mod
High movement speed


Spellcaster bosses need to be handled carefully.


Devoto's Devotion. Movement speed, attack speed, dexterity. Allows us to run like the wind.

Lightning Coil. Converts a bunch of physical damage to lightning. Makes us tanky.

Other choices would be:
Belly of the Beast if you can't cap lightning resist.
A rare chest with life, resists and armor
Carcass Jack if you don't care about dying now and then.

Atziri's Disfavour. It looks nice, it's got great damage and additional weapon range. Allows for some combo-wombo action with bloodlust if you care about things like that.

3-res boots with life and movement speed. Move speed is the most important stat on them.

Nice rare gloves that cover deficiencies in the rest of your gear. Preferably with attack speed and life.

Phys damage, stats, resists, life. You could use Ming's Heart for a more YOLO-oriented experience.

Speaks for itself really. Makes the game more fun and pushes our offensive capabilities over the limit.

If you don't have a headhunter you can always use Meginord's Girdle or a nice rare rustic sash.

Taste of Hate. Use it every 6 to 10 seconds. It's going to keep you alive.

I like this setup for my other flasks. You could also run a granite flask of iron skin instead of the topaz or ruby flask.

Something like this. Life is a priority. Attack speed mods are stronger than damage mods.





Normal - Oak
Cruel - Kraytlin
Merciless - Kraytlin


Axe : Cyclone - melee physical - fortify - blood magic - hypothermia - added fire damage

Chest 4L: leap slam - blood magic- faster attacks- enduring cry/rallying cry/ chaos golem

Chest 2L: vengeance - endurance charge on melee stun

Helm: hatred - herald of ash - arctic armor

Gloves: blood rage - vaal haste/ vaal grace - blood magic - increased duration

Boots: Cast when damage taken - Immortal Call - enfeeble - molten shell

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nice nice free bump
WoW so much axe
Great colors
Such kill
Awesome belt
A jel može da se miroruje mirorovani ajtem?
Its not axe mlaxx its the man himself

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