Simon's WormFall Armageddon


Hello! I take delight in experimenting with a wide range of builds, uniques, concepts in PoE. I have been asked to make a guide on my latest experiment, and so shall I. This build utilizes The Writhing Jar, flask charge gain and reduced use and a cast on melee kill setup coupled with slayer ascendacy to cast bladefalls. The results are quite promising, can be done in a budget, and yet has huge potential upgrades with expensive lategame gear as well. Let's begin, shall we?

Questions welcome. Will try upload a less potato demonstration video.


The appropriate level map speedrun. Was around lvl74-75 at that time. Sorry for potato quality. I don't know how to record. Send help. :(

A lvl76 canyon run. Quite bit laggy when recording, but shows the concept.

A little bit better quality terrace run.



+ Is highly survivable, naturally spams instant heal flasks, has life gain on hit with cyclone as well as global leech.
+ Insanely fun to play.
+ Mechanically challenging AND rewarding. Properly positioning for bladefall is the difference between "eh" damage and the crazy overlap dmg bladefall can do. Flask management is paramount as well.
+ Has fairly potent clearspeed.
+ Reminds me of my childhood, playing Worms.


- Requires a good PC to run smoothly, when not recording it does not lagg for me, however I suspect on weaker machines it can lagg pretty badly, as reported when I partied with a friend.
- NOT an afk build, you must be in the rythm, paying attention to all flasks independently, cant spam mindlessly usually. Must pay attention to deal with immortal totems, necorvigil, and corrupting blood. (staunching flask management, usually not a problem even with crazy 20+ stacks due to the insane leech/life gain)




Ascendancy Points: Slayer, headsman and impact.

Bandits:Oak, allkill, Krayt


Will provide later.



We need all the bonus charge on flasks, reduced charges used, melee range and AoE. Flask stuff is self explanatory. Why melee range and AoE? We need to make cyclone cleave all the worms immediately, as they can fly pretty far away. We need aoe and range for that.


Warlords reach, other than that just good rares with hp and phys, area, spell, spell with shield etc...


This is a very budget version, with low lvl items, low hp rolls, which is why its so neat that it can still run higher maps.
One great boost would be a 6L chest (+50% dmg, additional bladefall socketed)
Second big DPS boost would be the cospri's will chest for free poison on bladefall, huge lategame boost.



Only must is high melee range weapon. Most budget: Wideswing axe
The one I currently use: 2 white socket prismatic eclipse (Good because you can use a shield with it and has slightly better range, can be harder to obtain.)
I use Thirst for horrors as shield for the leech but it can be a good rare too.
Rest is just decent rares. As said above, best chest would be corpsis will, but dont have it yet.


Really important to get highly life leather belt, with as close to 20% reduced flask charges consumed mod as possible.


Main DPS Setup

Cast on melee kill - Cyclone - Bladefall - Bladefall - Inc AoE gem For 6L add another Bladefall

It is REALLY important to quality both cyclone and inc aoe, rest doesnt rly matter.

With some practice, you will get a feel, how many worms you need for a pack, and how you have to spin to cull them all. You kinda want to go slow, and only slightly advance/spin in place when using the pot, so you can kill all worms, not leave any behind. Bit hard to get used to.

CWDT Setup

Usual setup, nothing fancy, whatever you are used to. Immortal call, golem, vortex, etc

Mobility Setup

Whirly blades, leap slam, whichever you prefer.

Aura Setup

Blasphemy Poachers mark is a must. When you get +1 curse you can add enfeeble.


Unimportant, used stone golem, but golems tend to just PK you anyways.


Just get to lvl60 somehow. I used hidden potential cyclone to quickly level.


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Seems like a NiceBuildTM. It's cool that you managed to make CoMK work so well.
Is this build Tarke Viable?
Eldorez wrote:
Is this build Tarke Viable?

I highly doubt any build is.
Simon I am trying out snakebite with it to see if it works for poison... seeing as cospri is like... not gonna be obtainable for me this season... it seems to work decent...
Immortalis18 wrote:
Simon I am trying out snakebite with it to see if it works for poison... seeing as cospri is like... not gonna be obtainable for me this season... it seems to work decent...

Any way you can get poison on the bladefalls is good, but the problem with snakebite gloves is, that it only applies poison to attacks, and bladefall is a spell. So your poison will only apply to cyclone, which does no damage in this build. Cospris is really good because it applies poison globally to anything thats cursed. That being said, its an expensive lategame option.

You can grab a tabula and put a poison gem or a 3rd bladefall in for insane damage/easy bosskill, but make sure to make up for the lost gear slot in your other equipment.

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