[2.1] King's "Rigwald's Prodigy" - Dual wield 80k Cleave + Block

I haven't seen any new builds using Rigwald's Command and Savagery combo, so I'll post a build I casually played in Talisman league.

It's build around those two weapons and unique helmet Bringer of Rain. Rigwald's Command and Savagery are something like a set items and have a unique feel about them, so I had to try em out. Since Rigwald's Command offers 10% additional block chance, it was obvious to go for a block build and Bringer of Rain is a perfect choice since it's a very well done unique (or, maybe, it was - could use a little buff). The build overall has some nice defense mechanics (Blind, Block, high armour, high mobility, leech) that stack nicely so I'd say it's pretty much HC viable.

Pros: 7L, block / spell block, decent damage, HC viable, Blind, +80% phys reduction, 80k Cleave, life leech, very fast whirling blades, looks nice

Cons: No chest armour, melee build, limited damage output




Something like that would be nice. % increased maximum life is always nice to have.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...
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I am actually trying your build idea with few personal changes. Have to say it's really cool - at least for a legacy character where I've tried to go Cleave and/or Dual Strike back then (it was open beta I guess, or shortly after).
Geared up some different rings, boots and gloves, but that's not all. Got few questions at this moment, maybe you could share some experience as I never played PoE too much before:

1) What do you think about this skill tree:
Level 90 - all bandits killed

I reviewed yours and thought of doing some adjustments. Anything I should change? Is there anything important I removed and should bring back?
Also, I have killed all the bandits before there was any other choice. Maybe I should regret this and go for some, if not all, bonuses?

2) What about physical Doryani's Invitation instead of Meginord's Girdle? It gives some really cool resistances.

3) I've managed to move Summon Flame Golem gem over to a ring since I would prefer to have control over it - golem doesn't die too often, but when it dies, I'd really like to bring it back ASAP. Anyway... What gem would you place in the just freed socket (instead of golem) to make a cool use of with CwDT? I thought of current Punishment curse gem or Increased Duration support gem (mainly for Immortal Call - Blood Rage remains active for quite long anyways).

4) I've read over internet that Reckoning gem does not work with Dual Wield - are Reddit guys saying truth? Well, I did actually replace it with a Culling Strike gem and a Physical to Lightning support gem - it performs well: I have now all the elements available under my hand and a chance to basically counter-finish. Any other, better ideas?

5) The most stupid and much theoretical: Weapon Elemental Damage support gem - is it really worth? I know we are trying to benefit from Hatred aura and Added Fire Damage support gem at once, but what about Culling Strike? I have to admit I didn't test or even try to match this gem, just a thought.

Thanks for a cool idea. Cheers,
- T.
IGN: Tayandenga / Kikouvoilou
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