63K 1H RT CI VP Reave - 8K ES Incandescent Heart Build !

Hi. This is my first thread for my build. Ty for visiting.

This build mainly depends on Incandescent heart give 25% elemental damage convert to chaos damage. Combination of High ES gear ( helmet, boots, shield) and Incandescent Heart works greatly. This build can be possible with 5L also.

Defence : 8.5k ES, 5k armour, US, Chaos immune, All resist. 36% Block.
Offence : 63K with concent effect. 37K with increase area of effect. RT. VP. 14% Leech



Offence with concent effect and Hatred no Flask

Offence with IAOE and Hatred no Flask

Pros and Cons

Advantage => Good Defence and Good DPS
High ES and Immune Chaos Damage
Very strong to ele dam because of IH (ex : using ruby flask with IH make u get near 90% res)
Decent DPS 63K with Concent Effect
will be more powerful in expansion
5k armour and 36% block be helpful to physical dam. If use granite flask 15k armour. Also Endure cry and immortal call very good for physical dam.
14% Life Leech(From Blood Rage and IH) with VP.
Any Reflects are OK.

Disadvantage => Need Good 1H Sword. Not cheap. Limit DPS
High es gear(helmet, shield, boots are not cheap)
Need Good DPS 1H Sword. U cant consume Life Flask. So, decent Life Leech is essential. It make u should have Good dps 1h sword.
It is RT non crit build. There is no chance to get extremely high DPS


Norm : Kill All
Cruel : Attack Speed or Physical Damage
Mercil : Kill All

My Gear

Gem Link

5L : Reave - Melee Physical Damage - Melee Damage on Full Life - Multistrike - Concentrated Effect/Increase Area of Effect - (6L - Add Fire Damage)
4L : Reduce Mana - Hatred - Disipline - Blood Rage
4L : CWDT - IC - Enfeeble - Increase Duration
3L : Increase Duration - Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace or Vaal Disipline
3L : Leap Slam - Faster Attack - Reduce Mana
3L : Spell echo - EC - Faster Casting

I cant upload video. My laptop is not enough to doing that. All maps and Normal Atziri is viable. Uber Atziri not sure. I dont try it yet.
Ty For Watching. Any Question Welcome !!!
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Can i have like a skill tree progress please #noob
Hey man, interesting build... how did it survive the leech changes or how would you modify it? I'd like to go RT, CI for the new league and I'm curious if I can build off of this still?

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