Main Hand Dual Wield Duelist/Marauder

Stack main hand damage and skills. More defensive than a two hander, more damage than 1h+shield. Very fast leap slam.

Build Guide Video
Atziri Clear Guide

General Tree Progression

First Stage, 60 points
Get Revelry which solves all mana problems, get to Lust for Carnage which will get you some leech to start with.

Second Stage, 80 points
Get resistance nodes which will be very beneficial and make it WAY easier to cap resistances. These can be removed when you get the resistances on gear.

Third Stage, 101 points
Get endurance charges, Amplify for AoE, finish up the good life clusters. This is basically the main core of the build.

Final Build
Get ALL the life nodes possible. Requires a few node changes. Ditch the Revelry cluster because at level 90 with a massive (700-800) mana pool with the Unrelenting cluster and Righteous Decree cluster, it's possible to sustain a 6 linked attack with only 2% mana leech on gear. The will cause some minor headaches in half-regen and no-regen maps but a 6 linked attack is very expensive in comparison to the amount of mana revelry returns. With a 5 link, don't take Righteous Decree. Ditch Stun Mastery for Unwavering. Ditch Diamond Skin if you can.

Passive Tree Plan


Day 5 Gear

Day 5 Passive Tree


Day 7 Gear

Day 7 Probably Final Passive Tree, level 90

Not too many places to improve on at this point. A block corruption on the prismatic eclipse. Some Vorici leech rate gloves are in the pipeline but require a level 8 Elreon to multi-mod and finish.

+IAS+Life+Mana/Life Leech

Would have to replace jewelry with leech jewelry as well to make the switch.

So the reason for gear and skill choices. Currently the character has 30% block, 7 endurance charges, 5k armour, 3k evasion. The evasion defense helps protect against elemental and chaos attacks. Physical damage mitigation is not the problem. Unwavering+Iron Reflexes would prevent stuns but crush evasion and make me take about 25% more elemental damage. I take stun mastery to help against stuns instead. Unyielding (20% reduced extra crit damage against you) is very strong and helps prevent spike damage from crits that would otherwise crush armour. It's a very good node. I'm using the unique Cherrubim's chest because for one, it's an awesome chest piece with 2k defense and 100 life, and because it has leech rate which basically translates to 6% life regeneration while in combat.

The character is mana based, not utilizing the blood magic gem, and currently not using blood rage. Some defensive capacity is lost but damage is massively boosted. The gem Melee Damage on Full Life gives 50% more physical damage granted you're at max life, not casting it with blood magic, and not affected by a degen. Because of leech, stun, regen, and the variety of defense I'm usually at max life so I get a massive damage boost. Kind of an endgame gem though.

I maintain mana with mana on gear, mana on hit from revelry, reduced skill cost, and mana leech with a decently large mana pool. When mana gets low I have a bubbling hybrid flask which doubles as an instant life flask.

Overall the build is very strong and defensive and not too bad to gear. The tree has access to a large amount of elemental resist and life leech. Slitherpinch gloves will make up for the lack of dexterity, mana leech, and life leech on other slots of gear. It doesn't have insane damage but the damage, especially for an RT build, is still pretty good. Requires a decent physical weapon. I was primarily using leap slam as an attack but any main hand skill will work. I eventually specced into some mace nodes and ground slam because of my weapon.

Beyond Beyond Map Setup
Beyond bosses are generally very difficult. Unwavering stance prevents stuns that would otherwise interfere with life leech. I've finally caved in to the Immortal Call gem to deal with bosses like Na'em, Bending Stone and Ephij, Crackling Sky. The following statements are my experiences with beyond bosses in 76-78 maps.

Na'em has an extremely damaging rampage dart that deals what I think is between 3,000 and 6,000 physical damage in high level maps before mitigation. This boss has very consistent but spiky damage. If you can survive the damage spikes, the boss will not kill. With Immortal Call the boss is fairly innocuous.
Ephij attacks with a lightning strike attack that deals what I think is between 2,000 to 4,000 physical damage before mitigation. Tanking it is possible without Immortal Call but why bother. The Vaal Storm Calls are basically a degen they hit so often and fast.
Bameth, Shifting Darkness is an easy boss to fight with high leech. Sometimes he uses barrage which can do fairly high spike damage.
Tzteosh, Hungering Flame uses flameblasts. The flameblasts are consistent damage but easily dodged and leeched through. They will hit for about 1,500 to 3,000 after capped resists. He also uses Molten Strike that shoots out about 15ish projectiles. Without Immortal Call it's hard to survive if the projectiles get an unlucky landing on me.
Haast, Unrelenting Bullshit. This is what I consider to be one of the hardest beyond bosses. He has a 360 Ice Spear. If you are in point blank range it's possible to get hit by what I can only assume to be, every god damn one. On top of that he spams Vaal Cold Snap which lays chilled ground. Basically if you aren't chilled, it's because you're frozen. Haast actually requires special tactics to beat.

Replace Hatred with Purity of Ice. Replace Prismatic Eclipse with Saffel's Frame. This will put you at 83% cold res without flask, 93% cold res with a flask. The flask has the "Avenger's" mod it. Haast crits like a 1980's action movie so it's going to always be up. With that much resistance and 6200 life, I seem to not get frozen forever.

Abaxoth, The End of All That Is. This is a tricky one. His flicker strike and regular attack does massive damage, not sure how much because every time I get hit by it I'm hit with 100 other things but I think it's between 1,500-2,500 before mitigation. Similar to Haast he has a 360 ice spear that will one shot you at close range and he will chain freeze you with it. Saffel's Frame and Purity of Ice are a must to not get frozen. Freeze stops attacks, no attacks no leech, die.

Get endurance charges somewhere, Immortal Call, leap slam into him, pop every resistance flask, and slam to get back life. Facetank it all. Chain the resistance flasks and Immortal Call as best you can. When flasks get low, bounce out and get them back.

Final Gear and Link Setup:

Flasks have been slightly modified.

Ghosted Abaxoth Fight Video

Magic Find Gear

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You can even use it as a budget option for skills like Cleave, tried 1h/axe (310 pdps) and GGR Prismatic Eclipse, 52k RT dps on a 5-link (no BoR/Abyssus). Unfortunately, that build got butchered by 1.3 (was heavily block dependend).
Cool, I'll try this out. Do you use a random one hander in off-hand while leveling before prismatic eclipse?
Yeah, I was using a life gain on hit claw rolled with life leech.
Nice, I am watching your stream.

That build is something original.
Like no dagger/ST/crit etc and you are playing as duelist.

Now you see me... Now you don't...
What bandits did you take? I'm pretty sure you took Oak/Oak/Oak but I'm curious if you took kraityn in cruel.
What tooltip dps you have?
Any benefits from using a prismatic eclipse with white sockets?
Ign: Ohjeahx
Is the majority of Rarity from this build coming from the IR gem? It seems like tons of rare items drop.
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dmc94 wrote:
What tooltip dps you have?

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