[Warbands] 2.0 Tanky RT 2H Cyclone [Beginner Friendly] Atziri Viable

Table Of Contents

  • 1.) Introduction
  • 2.) Leveling
  • 3.) Bandits
  • 4.) My Gear
  • 5.) Skill Gems Used
  • 6.) Skill Gem Setup
  • 7.) Ideal Uniques
  • 8.) Statistics
  • 9.) Jewels
  • 10.) Flasks
  • 11.) Atziri Flasks

1. Introduction

This build is intended for high end game maps it consists of a decent health pool
and a very strong defence to be able to farm end game maps as fast and efficient
as possible. Also while Cycloning you are immune to all CC effects such as stuns
and knockbacks while cycloning which will increase farming speeds.

The build was inspired from playing 2 builds here on the forums one from https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Lighty and the other from https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/LiftingNerdBro so a big thanks to both of there guides for the inspiration into creating mine.

This guide is still work in progress and still plenty of improvements that can be done to both my gear and my skill tree, constructive criticism is recommended :)


- Fast clear speed
- Decent life pool
- Extremely tanky
- No lag/desync


- Physical reflect maps are difficult, can be done with good gear & correct gems

Key Points:

Although you won't be able to hit critical strikes it offers a 100% chance to hit which would remove the need for accuracy on gear

Resolute Technique:

Stat Priority:

- Physical % & Added Physical
- Life
- Armour
- Attack Speed

2. Leveling

There are many different options and routes you can go to level however I find these the most beneficial to the build working towards endgame.

3. Bandits

Normal: Oak: +40 life
Cruel: Oak: +16% physical damage
Merciless: kill all: +1 skill point

4. My Gear


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)


(Enter Text Here)

5. Skill Gems Used

- Blood Magic x2
- Cyclone
- Concentrated Effect
- Increased Area Effect
- Added Fire
- Melee Physical Damage
- Cast When Damage Taken x2
- Immortal Call
- Blood Rage
- Increased Duration
- Faster Attacks
- Leap Slam
- Fortify
- Summon Chaos Golem
- Enfeeble
- Molten Shell
- Hatred
- Vengeance
- Life Leech
- Determination

6. Skill Gem Setups

Chest 6L

- Cyclone
- Blood Magic
- Melee Physical Damage
- Added Fire (5L)
- Concentrated Effect
- Increased Area Effect (6L)

Weapon (Currently 4L)

- Leap Slam
- Fortify
- Faster Attacks
- Blood Magic

Rather than wasting a slot on my chest with Fortify I decided to couple it with leap slam I can keep it up 100% of the time without wasting that chest slot.

If your unable to get your hands on a Daresso's then the next best option would be to run endurance charge on melee stun along with stun for the endurance charges


- Cast When Damage Taken (Level 9)
- Immortal Call (Level 11)
- Blood Rage (Level 12)
- Increased Duration (Max)


- Hatred
- Vengeance
- Life Leech
- Determination


- Summon Chaos Golem (Max if possible)
- Cast When Damage Taken (Level 18)
- Enfeeble (Max if possible)
- Molten Shell (Max)

7. Ideal Uniques

8. Statistics

Hideout (No Buffs) Offence

Hideout (No Buffs) Defence

Life/Mana & Stats

Offence Hatred & Determination

Defence Hatred & Determination

Offence During Map + Buffs

9. Jewels

My current jewels are, these are my next point of interest as I have pretty much got these while leveling & not really worked on them yet:

10. Flasks

These are my current flasks once again need some work and baubles using on them:

Rumi's can be changed to a good granite and Atziri's Promise is definitely cheap enough to get & will be swapped with Taste of Hate at some point

11. Atziri Flasks

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- Atziri viable with all portals still up, did it with ease
Update skill tree with poe main page, the other page doesn't work anymore.
Looks like a good build,good guide too! I have a L84 Duelist I'm looking to re-spec (old 6 link Kaom's axe stashed),but the tinyurl links to the trees aren't working..try PoEBuilder maybe?
Some mornings it's not worth chewing the straps off...
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Thank you for your Build

Could you please check Tree links ? Dead i think

Thank you
--- Prince Samir ---
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hey bro,nice guide but the passives are off,can you fix it please?can't wait to start your build :D
Work In Progress
Skill graph as actual hotlinks:

19 points spent
41 points
61 points
81 points
115 points
Some questions:

1. Why no fortify linked with cyclone? Why Hematophagy (leach) passives when u have Blood Rage and Rampart passives group above, only 1 passive more for 35% phys dps, 20% armor, 15% fortify effect and 10% fortify duration?

2. When u use Blood Rage, why Merciless: kill all: +1 skill point and skipped +1 frenzy from tree? Thats +2 frenzy, good dps boost, better then Oak cruel.

3. If u use Daresso, why not iron ref? From only Daresso and Devoto, its 1465 vs 2511 armor. In party from lvl20 grace u have from D&D&grace 5000 armor.



U have more life, more dps, more armor and more global dmg reduction ...
Looking to mess around with a melee as my second character. Is this a good build for someone who doesn't really know much about the game?

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