[1.3.1] BoR Cyclone max Spellblock Tank

##UPDATED version for 1.3.1

where others fall, he stands upright ...

Hi guys, this is Flinter87 and I'd like to present you my lvl 100 Duelist called Arktory.

The char is very tanky with a huge amount of life and defensive mechanisms. It also provides enough damage to get fast through high maps and kill Atziri.
The main skill of this char is Cyclone which attacks very fast and hits lots of enemies. I use the Bringer of Rain unique to get a 7L and its other useful stats, more on this later. To deal the high mana cost I use a Soul Taker Siege Axe so I can renounce the blood magic gem.
The defensive of this char is very effective. First of all I took a lot of life nodes in the passive tree (increased maximum life 214%) and have life on most of my items. In combination I reached a little more than 7000 hp. In my opinion the most dangerous things in this game are high damage elemental spells like the flameblast of Atziri or the lightning of Piety which can stun and kill you within seconds. I wanted to be prepared for this. The best item to handle it is the Saffel's Frame shield and the stone of lazwar. The legacy saffels can have up to 120% of block chance applied to spells which allows you in combination with the amulette easily to get max spellblock. The other great thing is that you can rise all your maximum 75% resistances to 80% (81% fire with a note from the passive tree) which makes a huge difference. In this way most spells get blocked or their damage will be reduced. Unfortunately the Saffel's Frame doesn't block regular attacks, so I thought about solving this problem. First of all I stacked a lot of armour to reduce the physical damage taken. For this I took the keystone Iron Reflexes in the skilltree to get a lot of armour by stacking a lot of high armour and evasion gear and run the auras Grace for extra evasion (converted to armour) and Determination which provides up to 51% more armour. This combination yields about 25000 armour. In addition to this I added another mechanism. Doing enough damage to stun enemies with my soultaker I decided to use the Endurance Charge on Melee Stun gem to get endurance charges very quickly. Then I linked an Immortal Call to an Increased Duration and a Cast when Damage taken gem which triggers when I get any damage. The Immortal Call makes the char invulnerable to physical damage. Because I have 5 endurance charges the Immortal Call can be kept up about 7 seconds. Usually the Immortal Call is active most of the time cause I rapidly get the Endurance Charges back and it triggers again. Another defensive mechanism is the Blind gem which is linked in the Bringer of Rain. With cyclone I can blind the enemies very fast and they only have a low chance to hit the char (47,5%).
In combination with the Saffel's Frame I don't get damaged by most of the mobs and because I use the Soul Taker and no "blood magic" gem, I'm at full life most of the time.
Some of you may ask: "why don't you use an Aegis Aurora shield?". In my opinion the aegis is a very nice item, I used it till lvl 93. But after testing a lot I decided to use the Saffel's Frame because it's much easier to get max spell block and the +5% to all resistances is priceless.


My singel- and multi target attack is Cyclone linked with the gems in the Bringer of Rain (Faster Attacks, Melee Physical Damage and Blind). The other three gems are Life Gain on Hit, Added Fire Damage and Endurance Charge on Melee Stun. The Life Gain on Hit Gem is amazing with Cyclone, because of the many hits you get back to full life within seconds even on a single enemy. To get fast through easy maps you can swap the Endurance Charge on Melee Stun gem to a Melee Damage on Full life to get even more damage.

In my Soul Taker I linked my Auras Grace and Determination together with the Reduced Mana Gem.

The Saffel's Frame includes the curses I use. Vulnerability to deal more damage and stun the enemies easier and Enfeeble for dangerous mobs, both linked to a Blood Magic gem.

My gloves contain the movement skill Leap Slam (no mana costs because of the Soul Taker) linked with Culling Strike, Item Quantity and Item Rarity to get more items and kill bosses instant at 10% of their life.

The boots include the following gems: Cast when Damage taken, Increased Duration, Immortal Call, Enduring Cry


For the helmet slot I use the Bringer of Rain Nightmare Baskinet. It provides a 7L for the Cyclone, has 20-30 added Physical Damage which is great to increase the damage and the armour and evasion rating is also very nice. The legacy version has up to 220 life which is more than you can reach with a regular rare helmet and a chest. In addition the helmet has 15% block chance so you can save a few skill points. The 10% chance to get an Endurance Chance on Block is nice to have but not necessary.

The Saffel's Frame mechanism is really great to block spells and handle with elemental damage. Most of the facts are already described in the introducing text.

In the weapon slot I decided for the Soul Taker Siege Axe. The special feature of this item is that you don't have to pay mana for your melee skills. It also has enough dps to get trough maps easy. The build works also without a Soul Taker then you have to switch the Added Fire Damage to a Blood Magic gem to pay your skills with life.

The corrupted Stone of Lazwar provides another 50% of block chance applied to spells and 4% additional block chance. So in combination with the saffel's you have 170% of block chance applied to spells. The base block of saffels, 4% of the amulette and the 15% of bringer of rain are almost enough to push spellblock to the cap. You may take another 3% note in the passive tree to fulfill the 75% cap.

The other slots can be filled up with some rare items including high life and resistances

For emergency situations I use two instant life flasks with removes bleeding and dispels frozen and chilled. The third flask includes a huge amount of life and remove curse attribute. In addition I use a granite flask with 100% increased armour during flask effekt. The last flask is the Quicksilver Flask with disples shock.

Bandit Rewards

Normal: Help Oak to get +40 base life
Cruel: Help Oak to get +18% increased physical damage
Merciless: Help Oak again to get the Endurance Charge

Hope you enjoyed the description, stay out off the shadows ;).

At the end I just wanted to say thank you to my guild and lots of friends who were standing at my side on the long way to level 100. Special thanks to:

Lord_of_Error, dlu, Ehrsten0609, atropus93, Kripon, 14Uhr, Nyoshushu, Abyssopelagic, Mitras, cinko


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How do you fight versus Atziri trio?

Wow Blind is OP.

I thought you wont get any effect from Blind since you have Iron Reflexes.

But even with IR, your chance to evade is 5% wich results in ~23% chance to hit for blinded enemies.

yes I fought the trio, but didn't have any problems the defensive concept is very effective as long as you get the endurance charges and the life gain on hit.
how much dps do you do with cyclone?
With the Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Gem 7600 dps, with the Melee Damage on Full Life Gem 11500 dps
do you farm Atziri uber or normal ?
☞ @Torgh
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And on what lvl you are able to kill Atziri in this build ? its look realy nice i am consider to reset my 86 lvl blender i got all necesery items from blender ofc
I farm Atziri on normal didn't try uber yet but I'm pretty sure this is too hard especially with the new tree.
When the Atziri patch came I already was lvl 94 so didn't think about at which level I'm able to run Atziri. The most important thing is that you have max spellblock and high fire and lightning resistances (overcap). As soon as your life pool is high enough to tank the big flameblast you won't have any problems at Atziri.
I'm very excited about the new patch and the tree, guess I'm gonna loose a lot life like all the other players (296% increased life at the moment. with the new tree about 210%). It's also very unfortunate that the new tree doesn't allowe to overcap the resistances (only fire 1% in my skill region) but the 5% to all resistance from saffel's frame is still there. gonna post the updated build when the patch arrives. thanks for the interest!!
With similar Aegis build i was able to kill normal Atziri on level 80, but not without deaths (low HP = possible 1 hit from flameblast and harder against trio). Just, against trio remove Saffell's, best choice is Aegis Aurora but any high block shield (like Perandus) will do the job. Saffell's is best for spell bosses (Atziri, Piety, Crematorium) but Aegis is much better against rest.

Also you should have better dps with legacy ST, I have 21k dps on level 92 with hatred and 285dps ST (non legacy). It's much better to use Concentrated Effect (highest dps support gem). You don't need Endurance Charge on Melee Stun, endu. charges are always up with BoR and Endu. Cray on CWDT. Also, with high block in most of cases you don't need Life gain on hit, 2% from tree and another 2 or more from equipment is enough (you need gem against map Dominus or trio at Atziri).

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