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1.3.1 Cyclone + Facebreaker Duelist Build ( 53K DPS with demo Video ) - TheSpaceMonkeyLive (UPDATED)

UPDATED (2015 - 04 - 06) 53K DPS

Current Build (1.3.1 - Standard League [dropped from Torment league once the league ended]) which I'm using on my live streams.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS and it's not an extraordinary or uncommon build. I know there's a lot to improve, and I'm just creating this thread so my stream viewers can have a quick overview of the build I'm currently using while I stream... though, all suggestions are very welcome. =)

It's main attack skill consists on a combination of Cyclone with Blood Magic (so I spend life for it, keeping my mana reserved for my 3 auras) + Melee Physical Damage + Life Gain on Hit + Concentrated Effect + Faster Attacks (all gems linked on my 6L Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale Chest.

--- Video cleaning up a cheap and easy level 71 map --- =)
TheSpaceMonkeyTube - Cleaning up an easy map
I'll record a new one ASAP cleaning a decent map, as the build was improved since I recorded this one.

--- Passive Skill Tree ---
Passive skill tree (105 of 120 points used)

--- Gear ---
Helm: Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet (4L: RRBR)
Chest: Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale (6L: RRGRBG)
Gloves]: Facebreaker Strapped Mitts (4L: GRBR)
Boots: Phoenix Hoof Ancient Greaves (4L: RRRR)
Belt: Meginord's Girdle Heavy Belt
Rings: Carrion Coil Amethyst Ring + Oblivion Coil Ruby Ring
Amulet: Soul Torc Amber Amulet
Shield: Great Old One's Ward Corrugated Buckler (3L: RRG)

Secondary Weapon: Wings of Entropy Sundering Axe (6L: RGBBGR) (Currently being used just to keep upgrading gems for other characters while I farm with this one ;))

NOTE: some gems are being used just to upgrade them for other characters while I don't get some proper socket color to put a useful one in it's place =)

--- Gear Linked with Gems ---

--- Current Auras Being Used ---
Hatred (Gloves + reduced mana): 43% Mana Reserved
Purity of Fire (Gloves + reduced mana): 29% Mana Reserved
Herald of Ash (Helm + reduced mana + Elemental Proliferation): 25% Mana Reserved

--- Mana Usage ---
Build's Total Mana: 505
Build's Reserved Mana: 490
Remaining Mana with 3 Auras activated: 15

I'm also using the well known and common combination of:
Cast when Damage Taken + Enduring Cry + Immortal Call + Increased Duration
... all gems linked on the boots. Besides that, I'm using Vengeance + Reckoning + Riposte on my shield as some extra kind of damage triggered attach mechanism.

--- Overall Character Stats (2015-04-06) ---

Current Character Level: 85

MAIN SKILL ( 53.411,6 DPS )

--- DETAILED STATS (images) ---





You can watch my livestreams at http://twitch.tv/thespacemonkeylive (stream language is brazilian portuguese though, but I'll be happy trying to interact with any english speaking viewer as much as possible on my chat)

As I said before, all suggestions and opinions are very welcome =)
Best regards from Brazil. Cheers!
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Really awesome build :)

What's your thoughts on Carcass Jack vs Daresso's vs Lightning Coil?
IGN: Standard League - Dark_Captain
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I have lots of suggestions and one main question. I'm not criticizing your build just critiquing it.

First, the question is if you're playing in standard league why aren't you using legacy facebreaker? You obviously have the currency to afford them as you're wearing 20-25ex armor and have mostly +20% gems. You could literally sell your armor, buy a 5 link version for 3ex, buy 950% FB, be at the exact same damage and pocket 12-15ex.

Now my suggestions:

1.) You're using Purity of Elements but according to your stats you're well over on lightning and cold but just need fire. You should change out a piece of jewelry and drop purity for something else. Either tempest shield or a herald of ice.

2.) You're shield is so so for me. You're trading damage for a lot of defense.

3.) You're boots should have 30% run speed. You can afford them. =] Also, I noticed in the video you chase down monsters while cycloning. You take a huge speed hit while in cyclone so it helps to stop, run after them and start up while you're next to them.

3.) You should have increased burn damage tied to herald of fire and EP. You're using EP to spread burn to other monster so why wouldn't you try to increase that damage? Doesn't make sense. Maybe you don't have it because of sockets? But you could switch out the boots or do a 2B/1R on Vorici and probably get it on the first try. If it's because of mana reserved then item 1 will fix that.

4.) Flasks....Why aren't you using perpetual quicksilver flask of adrenaline? That's an easy +25% movement speed your constantly missing out on. You already have staunching on one of your health flasks. You should use a rumi's flask. You can get a low roll for around 30c. Drop your middle health flask and put it in it's place.

5.) I feel your tree is missing a lot of potential. You're using the destroyer cluster under master of the arena? I know you have wings but this a facebreaker build. Perhaps link a poebuild sheet instead? You should be using the cluster to the right of that.

You picked up the champion of the cause cluster but I don't agree with that. Was it because of the 4% reduced reserve mana? It cost you 5 points to go over that way. That's 52% increased physical damage you lost out on. There is no way the 12% increased aura effectiveness matches that.

Why are you going towards the unrelenting node? What do you use that "costs" mana? Take those 4 points and get the barbarism cluster. That gives you more points and give you more fire resist to the point where you only need 6% more to cap.

I don't see why you need skill duration increase?

This tree caps your fire resist without needing to change a thing, gives you more damage, more life, more basic defense and 3% more block chance. If you swap to something like a mid 900% facebreaker your dps should be in the mid 60k range now with more survivability.

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kan333 wrote:
I have lots of suggestions and one main question.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions and analysis Kan! I will certainly test them on the character and post the results as soon as I can get improvements with the modifications. Most part of the answers for your questions relate to something that happens a lot with PoE beginners (and happened with me with that char), which is a considerable change of plans for the character while you're in the middle of your build construction.

Initially, I was thinking about giving totally different characteristics for this char, and it never occurred for me to end up with a Facebreaker based main skill char. I've created this thread one day after some major modifications which lead my character to it's current build and gear.

Now, thanks to your suggestions, I'll have some decent testing experiences on my livestreams, and will keep the build thread updated during the progress.

I really appreciate your rich/detailed critics and suggestions. Thanks.
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