2.2 Wings of Entropy / Molten Strike

*I do not plan to update this guide if anything drastic changes. Hopefully, someone else will make a solid molten strike guide for yall. Feel free to plagiarize.*

Disclaimer on Wings of Entropy

Wings of Entropy is not actually required. Molten Strike is a very flexible skill. If you choose to use a different weapon then you should make alterations to the passive tree.

That said, the benefits of Wings of Entropy: (basically, jack-of-all-trades, master of none)

Cheap unique
Respectable damage
6 link
Defensive bonuses


Just stuff I had available at the time. Plenty of room for optional uniques. Meginords = over 100 life and over 35% increased physical damage.

Main Gems

In order 4 link to 6 link.

A little extra damage. Consistent endurance charges. 5 or 6 link optional.

Movement skill. Can one shot common monsters with damage supports.

Utility Gems

High level Cast When Damage Taken. Molten shell for a bit extra armour. Use curse and golem of your choice.

High level Cast When Damage Taken. Vaal Molten Shell is self-cast.

5 or 6 link optional.

Tricky gem colors for armour based items. Low lvl CWDT. High lvl COH.

Important bits about the build

Two handed melee and dual wield passives.
Two 6 links.
Varying amounts of spell block (9% - 34% most common).
Varying amounts of attack block (34% - 54% most common).
7 projectiles every attack, each triggering life gain on hit.
Bandits: Oak - Kraty - Passive
Unwavering Stance. Can not be stunned.
Resolute Technique. Attacks can not miss.
Blood Magic passive optional.
Iron Reflexes passive optional.
Point Blank passive. More damage.
Works with every map mod.
Uber lab cleared.
Normal Atziri cleared.
Abaxoth (beyond boss) killed.
A little bit PC stressing.

Sample Passive Tree - click little arrow above start point for ascendancy class




Link to Blade Vortex end game. Link to Molten Strike until you get 6 link. Replace fortify with knockback, for Molten Strike 6 link.

Replace fortify with stun, for leap slam.

Other Molten Strike 6 link options: Weapon Elemental Damage, Fire Penetration, Added Fire Damage, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Poison

Enchantments Gloves

Spite-Leaves a chilling ground. Doesn't pierce, small drawback.

Enchantments Boots

Attack speed on kill.
Regen on being hit. <--- What I'm aiming for.
Elemental penetration without killing recently.

Enchantments Helmet

Blade Vortex radius.
Chaos golem buff.
Stone golem buff.
Curse effect.
Leap Slam attack speed.
Molten Strike projectiles. <-- Undecided, most likely my choice.

<3 Free Tibet <3
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Updated for 2.2.

Teaser Video - 950 MB (Working out best settings)
<3 Free Tibet <3
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heya, i was looking for molten strike 2.2 build and yours seems quite strong. iam playing now ST ranger and want my next character to be super tanky. How do u deal here with hp regen, u had almost no life leech nodes.

p.s thanks for posting and updating for 2.2
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Thanks for the post got some ideas for my Molten strike mara from this O/

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