Cheap hardcore Flickr Strike, Perandus HC. 2.2

This is a cheap hardcore flickr strike build as you can see in the video a dried lake run with ~15c worth gear
The dps i had in the video:

Itens used in the video can be found here:
If anyone knows how to paste here tell me plz :(.

Video trying to explain the build but im brasiliam :S sorry for my bad english, got no one to pratice

-Extremely cool !
-Very good clear speed !
-Cheap ! (with resolute axe)
-Reaches wtf dps easly.

-DPS hungry beast (easyer to solve with axe) need monster DPS to sustain flickering
-Melee > GGG doest care about melee :( (i mean true melee not earthquake ranged ground target).
-Bearer + cave = use macro with any flickr strike build ( video explanation to be done)

Defensive mechanics:

-Monster dps kill monst monsters before they can hit you.
-permanent immortal call (see in the links section).
-Over 7k Life ,Kaom hearth available.
-Lions roar+ atziri's promize + taste of hate.
-5 endurance charges.
-Ascendency: Leech doest end when full life.
-Lions roar knockback

Ofensive mechanics:

-5 or more frenzy charges.
-Can sustain lion's roar (boosted flask!) + Taste of Hate + Atziri's Promize almost all the time.
-Two handed
-Resolute or crit available (Resolute way cheaper)
-100k dps with 1ex worth gear or less, 200k dps with 10ex worth gear or less.

-Resolute axe
-Critical sword
-x Dual wield ( far worse with axe, far far more expansive with vaal blades crit)
-x Sword and shield doest work because its a dps hungry beast and unless you can do something OP with tons of currency a dagger and maybe energy shield so dont do that, we want a reliable build and not an expansive 100ex legacy stuff build. I made this build in Hardcore perandus league 03/xx/2016 and no legacy itens.

I strongly recomend going resolute two handed axe because it is by far cheaper and more efficient at the beggining but if you have money to waste on a ilvl 83+ 6 link crafted exquisit blade you could go crit.

Best option here is slayer,Champion have a more reliable fortify and could drop fortify to get melee splash but the Slayer Endless Hunger is very strong it can save you with monster regen when flickering or allow you to facetank stuff by switching Fickr Strike with Frenzy. With the endless hunger sometimes i feel like i have 40% life regen so we will try to get some leech in the tree to boost that.On the other side Champion get minimal boost after fortify.

The Main Skill.

Flickr Strike - Multstrike - Melee Physical Damage - Fortify - Added Fire Damage - Weapon Elemental Damage

We want pure brute damage to maximize frenzy charge generation , Faster Attacks would boost dps but woudnt boost the charge generation witch is more important than dps.

Flickr strike is not good vs many bosses like dominus or malachai so for that you need to manuly swtich flickr strike with frenzy, get it from movment and place flickr on movment.

Movement :

Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Leap Slam - Blood Magic

Auras :


Choose :
-Blasfemy poacher mark for easy maps (or the blood dance)
-Blasfemy Warlords mark for harder maps and permanent immortal call setup
-Herald of ash (not good)

Defensive set:

Immortal call reuse time: 3 seconds.

Immortal call duration at lvl 14 = endurance(build have 5) * 139% + 63%(increased duration 19) multiplying base 0.4 duration = 3,032 seconds

You just need to get 5 endurance charges every 3 seconds and your immortal call is permanent.

Immortal call 14 - Cast When Damage Taken 11 - Increased duration 19

And if you improve your increased duration levels and quality you can reduce your immortal call and cast when damage taken level.

Area under heavy improvement be patient please.
Leveling skill trees :

At this point you could or get mana leech from tree or from some gear if you are lazy and dont wanna use mana flask, you will also need bloodmagic on leap slam

In case you have problems with int,dex. Get +30 node or jewel only if you need, you could also get stats from gear.

From now on you can decide to get damage or life or leech.

My tree at lvl 79 :

My plan to high, still trying to improve things here.

All nodes we could get, at hight lvl its up to you to decide :

Dealing with mana cost: To be linked jewel 0.34 mana leech or blood dance + blasfemy/warlord mark, its enought.


The leveling gear !

Note if you are self found just use any two handed u drop, this leveling gear is not required it is just to make lvling faster.

lvl 1 gear :

lvl 4-5 gear :

lvl 9 gear :

lvl 18 getting started video :
Itens used in the leveling video :

Just before multistrike and a 5link :

Lvl 40 we get multstrike and the build is ready to flickr and here is the video :

LVL 56 GEAR used in the ledge merciless run :

LVL 66 gear used in the merciless dried lake run video :

Lvl 79 gear, got 1ex in currency farming and used that to buy an axe:

The current skill tree i have been working on:

For now i am testing life leech and trying to know how good ematophagy would be with the new ascendency skill Endless Hunger. If you have any sugestion i would love your coment.

Gear Options:

Weapon: Two Handed Axe with the better dps and links you can find.

Best option here is Kaom Hearth
Lightning coil: Helps vs physical but for that we already have 5 endurance + fortify + taste of hate so elemental damage if a far worse problem and coil do nothing about that.
Daresso Defiance: A good thing with defiance would be that we can drop blasfemy warlords mark but it could also break the permanent immortal call setup lowering imortal call duration to 0.6 seconds from over 3.
Any 6link to get more damage and better flickr strike sustain if you dont have 6link axe or a frenzy 6link just to not bother switching frenzy with flickrstrike some times but i dont think its worth the life you could get with kaom.

Current gear lvl 84 perandus hc two handed axe:

Current skill tree perandus hc two handed axe:

Current gear lvl 87 perandus hc crit sword:

Current skill tree crit sword:

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Requirements to beat the resolute axe:
-Exquisit Blade with at least: 6link, 8%crit , 450+pds
-Kaom Hearth (requires more critical nodes = less life so kaom balance that)
-Some gear with life,accuracy,crit chance and multi. Gloves, helmet, rings , amulet etc.

And yes, my current char would be better with axe than my 5link exquist blade 440 pdps. 75% accuracy hurts.

Finaly if you have all that you probably dont need a guide.

Crafting sugestion: Start crafting on a sword until it is usable like 400dps 6% crit sword and then use it. Meanwhile buy another sword and craft on it untill it beats the first one and switch. Keep this process untill u have 500dps 8% crit sword =D.
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Updates :

-April 4: Made made life available earlier for an easier and safer lvling for those who decide to get life first.
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To do :

-videos with high tier yealow maps showing what mods can be done and what mods cant
-easyer lvling skill tree ( more life less dmg)
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what did you do for bandits?
Cant wait to try this,
Also interested in bandit choice, Oak/Oak/kill all ?
Cant wait to try this,
Also interested in bandit choice, Oak/Oak/kill all ?

I think it would be Life, Physical damage, Frenzy Charge since it is stated that the build uses 5+ frenzy.

Always wanted to play flicker.
karmah wrote:
Cant wait to try this,
Also interested in bandit choice, Oak/Oak/kill all ?

Thank you, updated the guide.


We need 5 endurance charges for permanent immortal call setup and since we have 7k++ HP 1500 damage is ok so we can have immortal call lvl 13. We could go oak kill oak but that would reduce our flickr strike sustain and damage just to get lower cast when damage taken level so i think its not worth also because we have over 14k effetevive life vs physical damage when taste of hate is up with fortify and 5 endurance charges.
What skills did you use to level up?
MisterWhey wrote:
What skills did you use to level up?

Flickr strike can be used from the start but will be effetive at lvl 28 with blasfemy poacher mark. Just link it with splash and use it since act 1.

Leap slam is very nice does good damage could be the main skill to lvl up.

Frenzy is always good.

Basicaly anything works with this skill tree :

You will have tons of damage even with self found 2handed weapon.

Heavy strike splash, molten strike ,sweep feel free to use whatever u like :).

Finaly i am making a somewhat self found flickr striker char to improve the leveling guide here so i will update it soon.

Ty for post i apreciate.
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