Landosss lvl 87 Dual sword Cyclone / Cleave build

This is the newest version of my Cyclone / Cleave build, before I was wearing a Bringer of rain helmet but now I dropped it and I have more damage and life then before

I used to curse enemies with leap slam + curse on hit + vulnerabilty but now I decided to use the couterattack skill Vengeance and auto curse enemies having also the possibility to use whirling blades for an extreme upgrade to my clearing speed.
Vengeance also deal's physical damage so it's added leech whenever it hits

Build guide map clearing and vaal boss kill:

Passive skill tree:

Iron reflexes

Unwavering stance

Resolute technique

Swords are the best choice beacause are the one handed weapons that will give you the highest range and are super fast so you can leech faster ( I know that I'don't have the perfect swords for the range but it's all self found so I did my best xD


It's where I put my CWDT set up so it must be an armour helmet with high life and resistances , you don't need to have accuracy on it because I take the resolute technique ketstone


This is where I put my auras so an armour or evasion piece it's preferible and try to have high attack speed here


The best thing is to have an hybrid armour-energy piece because this is where I put my vengeance curse on hit


Armour or evasion piece with high life and resistances it's probably the best option but I prefer to run a belly of the beast also because it gives me more life flask recovery rate


In my opinion there's nothing strong as the Meginord's Girdle belt for the 10 - 20 phy damage, the high strenght and the 10% increased maximum life

Rings and amulet:

Here I focused firstly on Life and resistances then try to have physical damage and strenght, attack speed is good but strenght is more important ( I already have 10.9 attacks per second xD )


This is the set up that I'm currently running, Sapping flasks are amazing because we don't need mana and the belly of the beast and the meginord belt gives to us 75% increased life recovery rate!

Gems and skills:
.Cleave+ multistrike+ faster attacks+ melee physical damage+ blood magic
.CWDT set up
.Whirling blades + faster attacks + blood magic
.Vaal haste + Vaal cyclone + increased duration
.Grace + Hatred + Herald of ash + reduced mana
.Vengeance + Curse on hit + Vulnerabilty + increased area of effect


Cold snap prolif COD + AA BEST non crit cold build:
Dual claw cycloner 50k DPS:
Elemental cyclone ( sword+scepter ) :
Dual sword "Blender" build:
Low Budget Elemental wander kinetic blast ( Piscator's Vigil ):
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