[2.1] ME SMASH - Rigwald's Curse Facebreaker by Nour

Hello Path of Exile Community,
My name is Nour and I am proud to present you my Rigwald's Curse Facebreaker build. I have never seen so devastating hard hits in Path of Exile, as in this Build. I have played quite alot of builds in my 1625 hours in PoE, and no build felt that good destroying bosses (Not even my Mjölnir character surprisingly). Because of that, i would like to share my build with you, so you can experience the same as i do. (Hopefully alot of fun)

The build can be played as a Marodeur, Duelist or Ranger, although leveling with a Ranger is difficult, because you will miss strength to use your skills.

Note: This build is not beginner friendly and you can't run this build at the start of a league, because you need Rigwald's Curse.

Passive Tree:


184% increased maximum Life
5.9% Life Regen
126% Increased Armour
+13% Blockchance

@Level 75 - Big shadow claw cluster is missing
Auras used: Determination + Assasin's Mark
Infernal Blow tooltip DPS:
Without charges - 63k
With charges - 101k

Gear Section:

This build is designed to use Rigwald's Curse with other strong uniques to boost the physical unarmed damage you do, combined with a moderate defence.
The Core Itemes are Rigwald's Curse and Facebreaker.

With the gain of the unarmed critbase and ability of modifying our unarmed damage with claw passivenotes , we can pick several claw notes on the tree, aswell as the normal critnotes, to get a huge damage boost.

We need flat physical damage added to attacks, to enhance our base unarmed damage.
We have several options to accomplish that, we should take advantage of every item in each category listed below.

The first is getting a Abyssus. This helmet will boost our damage insanely high, by the cost of taking increased physical damage. The helmet is nearly a core item, without it, we would lack alot of damage.

The Second is a belt, where you have essentially 2 options.
The 1. is getting Meginord's Girdle.
The 2. is the Feastbind.

The better choice in my opinion is Meginord's, the cold resistance and increased life, while dealing nearly the same damage as with Feastbind, Meginord's is simply superior.

Last but not least, there are Iron Rings
Iron rings will greatly improve your damage dealt, while the affixes provide you with missing resistances and health.

Note that I use a ring with manaleech, so I don't need to worry about my mana at all.

Max. Resistances with a shield and bodyarmour, combied with rings
Because we are using so many uniques, getting resistances is difficult.
Maxing resistances are having a higher priority than damage, so feel free to use a %x resistance ring instead of an iron ring.
You can mastercraft flat physical damage on your shield aswell to boost your damage even further.

My current gear is:

Note: This gear is far from beeing optimal, but I can max out my resistances and have added damage. Its great to have a ring with mana leech, so we don't run out of mana in extended fights.

The passive skilltree has currently one jewel slot.
You can either use a rare jewel with melee damage,crit, life and/or attackspeed,
or you choose between Martial Artistry and Pugilist as unique alternatives.

I like Martial Artistry, because you won't get any area of effect bysides the Inc. AoE gem.


Damage Gems:
We have 3 options, with our main damage dealing skill.
The first in Infernal Blow, my personal favorite.
With the insane level 20 basedamage of 160.4%, this skill deals very good singletarget damage and clears packs quite fast with Melee Splash and corpse explosions. If you feel like you need more AoE, take Inc. Area of Effect over Faster Attacks
6L: Infernal Blow - Melee Splash - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Faster Attacks/Inc. Area of Effect - Added Fire/Fortify

The second is Cyclone, a very good skill aswell.
This Skill deals good singletarget aswell, but does not clear as fast as Infernal Blow. If you dont like Infernal Blow, use Cyclone.
6L: Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks - Conc. Effekt - Inc. Area of Effekt - Added Fire/Fortify

The third option is Ice Crash.
Personally i am not a big fan of Ice Crash, but its a solid skill after all. The Skill suffers from missing AoE from the Skilltree, but its still useable.
6L: Ice Crash - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks - Conc. Effekt - Inc. Area of Effekt - Added Fire/Fortify

We have quite a lot of possibilities here, so feel free to use any aura you feel comfortable with.
I recommend:
Hatred - Blasphemy(Assasin's Mark)

If you want to generate powercharges by selfcasting, you can use Temporal Chains, Enfeeble or Warlords Mark. (in case you need mana and lifeleech and don't want to cast Enduring Cry frequently)

Other variations you can try out:
Herald of Thunder/Ash - Increased Damage (Shocking)
Determination - increased Defence against physical Damage
Artic Armour - Increased Defence against Fire and Physical Damage
Purity of Ice/Fire/Lightning - If you are desperate with your resistances.

Blasphemy Warlord's Mark - constistend generation of enduring charges and no leech on rings are needed(Lifeleech provided is not that important due the use of Blood Rage)
Blasphemy Enfeeble/Temporal Chains - better survivability

Support Gems:
Cast when Damage Taken Setup, Blood Rage and Shield Charge
Blood Rage and Shield Charge are amazing in this build
You can choose to cast Blood Rage yourself, or put it in your CwDT setup with a lower level.

CwDT(lvl 7) - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Blood Rage(Lvl 20, you cast it yourself)
CwDT (lvl 10) - Any Golem(lvl 12) - Molten Shell(lvl 15) - Blood Rage(lvl 12)

Enduring Cry - Selfcast Put in any slot which is still avaible.

Movement Skill:
Shield Charge is nuts. With a good amout of attack- and movementspeed we are faster than any other movementskill with a bit of practise.

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks (-Fortify)

Other Skills to consider:
I love Reckoning and Riposte, because they are skaling with your unarmed damage and they can dash out insane amounts of damage when they strike with a critical, even with no links to them.
Fill out your rest gemslots with those two beauties.

Oak - Oak - Kraiten

With this build, Kraiten is the most effective of the three bandits, but feel free to choose between them if you like to.

You can take Alira if you want more Power Charges, and Oak if you want more Enduring Charges.
Killing All is also a possiblity, although i think the others are more effektiv over all.


Quite simple, cast your auras and Blood Rage, if you are using selfcast, and charge with Shield Charge into the middle of a pack and use Infernal Blow.

Cast Enduring Cry, so you have 3 charges up most of the time . If you dont cast Enduring cry frequently, you loose 12% physical Reduction and your Immortal Call can no longer trigger,
which can be fatal, so keep up casting Enduring Cry.

Shield Charge workes like Lightning Warp, not like Whirling Blades. Click on a position, where you want to arrive. Otherwise, you won't move a centimetre foward.

The Video Quality is only 360p, but I hope, I can show you the playstyle and looks of the build.
Note:My Charakterlevel was 75, with still some room to grow, especially in damage and health.

Mountain Ledge Map - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oYo3xQo0YM




Guide is currently under development
-More videos with better quality

Feedback is appreciated
Last edited by DarthNour on Feb 5, 2016, 8:07:06 AM
If you run warlords mark as an aura you never run out of endurance charges and you gain a lot of life leech.
I prefer Assasin's Mark as an Aura Curse, because my damage scales up with 41% more Damage of critical strikes with added 9% crit chance and 150% increased global critical strike chance when my power charges are up. In total I think the damage boost is much better than 7% lifeleech , and I like casting enduring cry myself. Mana is also no big deal, if you use a manaleech prefix on one of your rings.

If you don't like casting enduring cry, need manaleech or you feel like you need more lifeleech, go for it. I tried to make the possibility of different Aura Curses more clear in my Aura section.
After all, you can play whatever you want. I am presenting you, what works best for me and my playstyle.

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