[1.3] 55k~ (75k with charges + flask) 2handed Cyclone with Atziri's Disfavour. Video Up

IGN - RussellLovesDejLoaf
feel free to message with any questions or I can demonstrate the build in a map or something if you wish for a better look

I'll update this post with my fixed gloves and chestpiece once I purchase and link it. I plan to swap in a 4l+2l Belly of the Beast over the Carcass Jack. I will also add a curse setup in my gloves.

Swap in a Belly of the Beast instead of the Carcass Jack for a more defensive playstyle, both perform similarly if using the Herald of Ash proliferation with a very noticeable HP increase from Belly of the Beast.

Passive Tree

(Thanks to Floyd for helping with the tree)


5L - Cyclone, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks, Concentrated Effect, Melee Physical Damage
6L - Cyclone, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks, Concentrated Effect, Melee Physical Damage, Added Fire

For harsher maps I'd recommend swapping in a Life Gain on Hit

3 or 4L - CWDT, Enduring Cry, Immortal Call, Increased Duration
I prefer self casting Enduring cry with Spell echo for Constant endurance charge uptime but IC is useful for Oh Shit moments.

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic (threw Blood Rage in there as it was an open slot

What I don't have but is probably useful + more fun
Vaal haste setup (on your chest if you run 4l + 2l on a 6 socket you can toss reduced mana + hatred, than the vaal haste setup, which opens a 4l slot on gloves for your movement skill.

OR use the open 4l on gloves for a Herald of Thunder Curse on Hit or a self cast curse. I don't have it set up at the moment and it is largely unnecessary, I clear packs in seconds even on top level maps.

Auras and Buffs
I use Hatred for the crazy DPS boost, as well as Herald of Ash
My playstyle I use Herald of Ash + Reduced Mana + Increased Burning Damage + Elemental Proliferation. This roasts entire packs in seconds, while not completely necessary it makes clearspeed a lot faster.
Other possible auras which I don't use are Grace or Vitality if you wish to be more defensive


Damage is usually 67,431 as I have an Atziri flask up at all time


Armour is usually around 7,000 as I have a granite flask up 100% of the time.

Offenses with Flask + Charges + Onslaught from axe node

Overall + Sidenote

Even though my gear isn't perfect, as you can see by my less than stellar links and accessories the versatility and survivability of this build is quite surprising. The constant uptime of Granite + Atziri flask, as well as blood rage, give 7000 total armor, and the leech and DPS boost is fantastic. I'd definitely recommend a 4L + 2L belly of the beast or carcass in order to account for any extra gems you wish. Even without using any curse I'm clearing top level maps insanely quickly, and once I'm finished gearing i'll be pretty tanky as well.

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Shrine Piety Run


Sorry for the absolutely terrible video and gameplay quality. Recording software dropped my FPS pretty badly and caused like 1 second jumps / freezes randomly. I'll try to get a better video up eventually, this just helps display how well it works on maps like Shrine.
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Would love to try this out, im quite curious about some things tough:

1) Do you ever die? I mean appart from mistakes and stuff, anything "lethal"?
2) Any map mods you can't do? also can you do atziri runs?
3) I don't have that axe but i got a pretty decent rare which i guess could work fine?
4) Would this work with a 4l or the bare minimum for this to be viable is a 5l?
5) How do you deal to phys reflect? Im dieing to that everytime :s

Thanks in advance!
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I switched over to Bloodlines from Torment so I'm no longer playing this build. However if you have any questions my IGN is RussellTheCraftySnacker and I'm usually on 12pm-4am EST
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I followed this build and really enjoyed it; I recorded an Atziri run while I still had my disfavour which you can see here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEhd5CkgkpU

This was my gear (minus the 6L disfavour; sold that)
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No longer using this build, if you have questions pm me in game - russelll

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