[2.2] pl4t's Double Strike Ninja. 63k dps, insane clear speed and 73/73 block with average gear!

hello there!
i have been playing this awesome game for 3 years now, and always loved melee and duelists.
this is my first perandus character (so the gear is average) and my first time writing a build guide (so the guide is average as well :D )

as i cant play full time, all of my characters were built on a budget and i think im quite good at building effective budget characters :)

General Idea

this is a duel wield build using main-hand only attack (double strike) with ungil's gauche in the offhand. ungil's gauche gives us awesome block %, nice crit and juicy duel wield bonuses.
we also use bringer of rain for extra block, physical damage, blind and easy 6link.

offense is very strong because of duel wield + crit + TONS of physical damage from gear. 60k> with charges, around 80k with vaal haste + atziri's promise.

curent defence is ~4.5k life, 73/73 block(with painforged), ~4k armor and sometimes 3 endurace charges with average gear. you rarely get hit because of blind, block, freeze and high clear speed.
speeking of clear speed - in my opinion it is awesome. i just whirl around quickly and jump right into battle with flicker strike. most packs dont get a chance to attack me back and explode in 1 sec, while bosses melt in 3 especialy with vaal haste + atziri's promise.


current gear cost is ~2ex which isnt cheap, but it can be much cheaper. i started maps with a 170pdps sword and -500 life and destroyed everything up to tier 4 maps...


this is the planned level 90 tree. as im level 83, mine is missing 2 jewel sockets + sleight of hand.

jewels should be life + dual wield block.

chosen ascendancy class is gldiator for the 100% spell block + awesome physical explosions.
Oak - Kraityn - Kraityn

Defence and Offense

OFFENSE (with 4 frenzy + 3 power charges):

DEFENCE (without painforged + 8% block):


bringer of rain 4l: double strike, melee splash, multistrike, increased critical strikes
Your main skill. it's a main hand only skill and it attakcs very fast - excellent for bor's blind and for triggering the gladiator's bleed.

boots 4l: whirling blades, flicker strike, fortify, blood magic
our movement skills. flicker strike realy improves my clear speed - no need to aim or think, just click and start attacking.

sword 3l: riposte, stun, endurance charge on melee stun
passive endurance charge generator.

dagger 3l: blaphemy, assasin's mark, hatred
no need to explain.

gloves 4l: vaal haste, blood rage, increased duration, leap slam
im always running around with blood rage, and using vaal haste to melt bosses. leap slam is for labyrinth and ledges.


tier 4 phantasmagoria run
tier 5 underground sea

Future Plans

get some nice life + duel wield block jewels and cap block at 75/75 + 5k life (maybe at level 90)

overall, very high clear speed and defences. leave comments below :)
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Finally, a build for a proper duelist.
I ll give this a go the first chance I get!
Hey! Nice with a dual strike build. You say the clearspeed is high, would you care to quantify? What tier of maps are you doing?
Question: Why no Frenzy charges? You pass by all three charge nodes and get kraityn's in merciless.
@xaec - double strike, not dual strike :) and my map pool is kinda bad atm, highest ive played so far is tier 6. Trash explodes in 1 attack and boss took ~3 sec i think.

@riale i think there are more effective dps nodes than frenzy charge nodes that i didnt take yet as well - jewels, sleight of hand, the sword dmg/attack speed path etc...
And taking them instead of life/block nodes is a big no.

Also, i will hopefully upload gameplay videos this weekend!
Bandits and Subclasses please

oh, sry, didnt see that

want to try this bild
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Going to go try this build right now, actually. Been looking for a duelist build like this.
any leveling tips?
I leveled with duel wield cleave, as you can get many 1h/duel wield damage nodes on the way to ranger.
The rustic sash recipe realy helped me until level 50, when i specd to crit + block and bought ungil's gauche and crit physical sword.
hello, im now 62lvl and I have a huge problem with mana (with 2 auras)

what jewels you use? mb for mana reg

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