2.0 Dual Wield Ice Crash Currently 72k DPS Max Block


This is my first time sharing a build on POE. So i'll get straight to the point. I thought about this build at work. I wanted to use Ice Crash instead of Cyclone so I could benefit from using arctic armor defensively an I wanted a very mobile fast moving build. Mitigation in 2.0 is very important so I wanted to use block to mitigate the most damage possible. Using Blood rage + frenzy charges you can get a very fast attacking ice crash while still maintaining mobility and mitigation. This build was created for hardcore players in mind. You well do nice DPS, but your tooltip will not be very accurate due to Ice Crash only using the mainhand an you will have two weapons equipped. If you have a group using Grace & Determination this build becomes even tankier.

If you have questions you can always message me in game, I play on Tempest league, name Kingofswords.

My Current DPS

This is my current DPS @ 91 with a 306dps 1handed weapon.

My Current Defenses


+ Cheap to make
+ Easy to level
+ Most the jewels are very cheap since everyone is trying to use cyclone in 2.0
+ VERY mobile
+ Can avoid most damage
+ Good Versus reflect since your damage is hybrid
+ 8 Frenzy Charges


- Hard to run blood rage in no life regen maps.

Video 76 Residence Map Tempest

Gem Setup

Quality Gems: Ice Crash, Melee Physical Damage, Weapon Elemental Magic,Herald of Ashe, Life on hit, Vengeance & Blood Rage are the main gems for quality your main weapon link should take priority.

4L: Ice Crash,Fortify,Melee Physical Damage,Blood Magic.

5L: Ice Crash, Fortify, Melee Physical Damage, Blood Magic, Weapon Elemental Damage.

6L: Ice Crash, Fortify, Melee Physical Damage, Blood Magic, Weapon Elemental Damage, Last gem I prefer increased aoe for clearing & concentrated effect for bosses. Added Fire/Faster Attacks viable options.

Other Links Needed:

4L: Enduring Cry, Blood Magic, Blood Rage, Increased Duration.

4L: Enfeeble, Cast when damage taken, Hatred, Arctic Armor.

4L: Herald of Ashe, Vengeance, Riposte, Life gain on hit.

3L: Cast When Damage Taken, Increased Duration, Immortal Call.

3L: Blood Magic, Whirling Blades, Faster Attacks (you can substitute faster attacks for Frenzy to maintain charges easier.)


With blood magic you will be able to run Hatred, Herald of Ashe & Arctic Armour.
I currently do not use curses offensively. Enfeeble will auto cast when your damaged.


Your looking for jewels that have life% , Block while Dual wielding , Spell Block While Dual Wielding, physical damage, increased damage, Increased Damage with one handed weapons, increased physical damage while dual wielding or increased area damage. But life% is really important.

Core Items

These items go really well with this build. Ungil's Gauche gives a very nice 12% chance to block + will allow you to whirling blade no matter what weapon you use in your main hand. It also provides nice attack speed encase your main hand is slow. Can be corrupted for more block % or other useful stats since we are not using the crit chance.

Another Viable Offhand Option

You will need a corrupted one to cap block. 4-6% is fine. Socket Colors need to be GGR or RRR. Vorici level 8 can help with that though.

Stone of Lazhwar is majority of your spell block an also provides you with another frenzy charge if corrupted. Block% is not really needed early game you might just need the default INT.

Late game you will start using Rainbowstride boots for even more spell block and Rumi's Concoction granite flask pretty much finishes up the build for block.

Also if your having issues with chaos damage you can use Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask for some extra chaos resist + a nice damage boost.

Gear you will want to get

Keep in mind you will need 111 int for increased aoe& conc effect end game. If you decide to not use blue gems you will need 94 int.

- Chest: a 5 or 6link chest with high armor, STR, life, and triple resists.

- MainHand: A high damage Foil(Sword) is best in slot due to 7 Range to increase aoe size. But also if you can get a high damage 1 hander with open prefix late game you can Vagan craft more block % or blood magic onto it to replace blood magic for Faster Attacks on your whirling blades,frenzy link in your main hand.

- OffHand: Ungil's is cheap and provides excellent amount of block %. And you can get 3-6% additional block while dual wielding from a corrupted one. Corrupted Prismatic Eclipse is also viable. Culling strike is also another decent corruption if your not playing with any Magic Finders.

- Boots: Rainbowstride is BIS for boots, but before late game you will want boots with Armour life, triple resists. Movement speed is useless lategame for this build sinec your whirling blades is so fast.

- Gloves: Armour, life, resists,attack speed, STR and flat physical damage.

- Helmet: Life, Resists, Armour, Str & Int.

- Belt: Try to get a Rustic Sash belt with additional life, armour, STR ,weapon elemental damage and resists.

- Rings: Resists, life, flat physical damage, attack speed, STR, INT.

- Amulet: Stone of Lazhwar: Int is fine for implicit until you can get yourself a +1 Frenzy charges corruption.

My Current Gear

Leveling Guide

While leveling I usually start with molten strike an switch to static strike at level 12. You will use static strike till 28 when you get ice crash in act 3. Should wait till you grab the life regen nodes off the tree before starting to use blood rage. Below are some examples of the skill tree pathing.

25 skill points

You will respec through frenzy later for now save 2 skill points to fill out duelist section faster.

50 skill points


85 skill points


Level 99 Tree



Normal: OAK, we need life.
Cruel: Attack Speed is my preference but physical damage would be fine as well.
Merciless: Another Frenzy Charge.
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Updated Guide to include 6link gem options Jewels. Quality Gem Options & Leveling Guide. Also updated DPS for current level 91. Added a video. Got questions about Reave being viable option with this build. Yes I would say Reave would work with this build but I would not switch to using Reave till later in the game level 60+.

Another Viable Offhand Option

You will need a corrupted one to cap block. 4-6% is fine. Socket Colors need to be GGR or RRR. Vorici level 8 can help with that though.

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Bumped for updated Info.
Nice build

I'm following yours, im about level 73 but only 10k DPS =(

I use http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Prismatic_Eclipse as an offhand with 2 green and a red socket. Have you thought about using it? It gives you 24% AS for free.
I purchased one to test it out awhile back. But even with two green one red socket they ended up being very close to the same attack speed.I think only .19 difference. I just stayed with the 12% block from Ungil's Gauche so I could remain block capped.. unless you can get a corrupted prismatic eclipse that has 4-6% additonal block then that would work great. But they both work with whirling blades and both are viable options thanks for the feedback!
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Hi, can u show DPS with no charges, atziri flask. thx!!
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Awesome build! Tried it on my lvl 87 Duelist. It works even with my crappy gear. (All items are either worth 1-3 chaos, or self found)

Having no problems in 75 maps. Facerolling everything. Since my 5L chest turned out to be RRRRB, I'm using increased AoE for trash, Concentrated effect for bosses. 12K Dps with inc. AoE, 20K Dps with Concentrated effect.

All skill gems are 17-18 level tops, no quality.

So if it works on me, I guess it'll work on everyone.
IGN: Nyctasa > Essence league.
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bump, great build

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im just curious, will reave work on this build as well?, since ur dual wielding anyway with an offhand as a buffer, just take out RT grab some accuracy/crit nodes? or maybe rt reave instead, hmmm
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