[3.4]Powerful Earthquake Slayer (beginner friendly leaguestarter, fast, all content, Lab farmer)

Welcome to the Guide Exiles!

In this Guide I want to share with you Guys the most enjoyable and satisfying Build I've ever played in my PoE career.


Why Earthquake?
Earthquake is a good-looking, powerful and exciting Skill to play. It deals high damage, which one shots trash and even tougher enemies with ease. In 3.3 EQ got a huge buff in damage and the aftershock triggers much faster, from 1.5s to 1s.
3.4 Update: Vaal Warchief totem is another great addition for the single target damage!

First of all, Juggernaut is a great Ascendancy, however I feel it is often used in the wrong situations with wrong builds. Slayer has amazingly great offense capabilities which synergies very well with Earthquake.
The 20% Cull note is great for Bosses and combine that with "20% more damage if you killed recently" it provides the same damage as the Berserker node "Aspect of Carnage" without drawbacks. You also get 20secound Onslaught on killing a Rare or Unique Enemy which should be up most of the time. But other than that Slayer also has very nice defense. The 20% Overkill Leech is just INSANE for Earthquake. You just have to hit one white monster and your leech is up for 20 seconds. And you are immune to bleed and reflect as a slayer.
Long Story short: Slayer is just faster, deals much more damage and is also very safe for a 2Hand Melee Build. It's the better choice for this Build

+Satisfying play style
+Easy Leaguestarter
+Cheap to start off
+Great Uberlab farmer
+Somewhat fast Mapping
+Can do most Mapmods
+Likes to kill hard Bosses
+Fast leech and good Life pool
+You won't feel any degen whatsoever

-No leech Maps can kill you easily
-Can be quite Expensive at the Top end(like almost every Build).

Build Variations
This is a Buildguide for a Resolute Technique 2Handed Axe Slayer.
There are many other Variations of Earthquake, for example Crit Staff Juggernaut or even 1Hand gladiator, and many more. For this you should look for another guide.
Some things are very similar, but they differ on key aspects.

The Gems are in order of importance
Earthquake Setup
2.Less Duration
3.Melee Physical Damage
5.Damage on full Life
6.Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect
Note: Use Ruthless if you have Maim in your Totem Setup to get more singletarget damage and great "Crits".
Vaal Warchief Totem Setup/Vaal Double Strike
1.Vaal Ancestral Warchief Totem
2.Melee Physical Damage
4.Concentrated Effect
5.Damage on full Life
Note:The Totem Setup is very important for the singletarget damage. It more than doubles your damage output.
A Vaal Double Strike setup would fit as well, but i prefer the totem, especially now, because it got a vaal version too. Note that the gemlinks are different.
Leap Slam Setup
1.Leap Slam
2.Faster Attacks
3.Blood Magic
Aura Setup
2.Herald of Ash
3.Arctic Armour
4.Enlighten LVL3 or 4
Note:You don't have to use Enlighten if you play with Hezmana's bloodlust.
You can play without Arctic Armour but i recommend it since u don't need much mana anyway.
Utility Setup
1.Cast when Damage Taken level 1
2.Immortal Call level 3
3.Blood Rage level 7
4.Increased Duration
Note:You will use Blood Rage and Immortal call to take advantage of the 50% increased Life Recovery Buff from the Pantheon "Soul of Arakaali" and of course for frenzy charges and short Physical Damage immunity.

Start with a Kaom's Primacy or Hezmana's Bloodlust. Later you swap to Disfavour. Try to get one with a good roll (600+pdps). Atziri's Disfavour is your Endgame Weapon, you won't find any better weapon except mirror tier rares.
Body Armour
Belly of the Beast is BiS for this Build! However, you can start with a Rare 6l Armour with some Life and Resists.
You don't want to use a Kaom's Heart, since we need links for our totem.

A Rare Armour Helmet is the Best Option here. You want as much Life as you can get and some Resists. Later you can get yourself the Helm Enchant. A great way to do this is to use Greed Essences for guarantied Life roll.

Rare Gloves with Life and Resists work fine, however the vulnerability on Hit Corruption is icing on the cake. Tombfists are another Option for us to get the Intimidate Effect, but you will lose some sockets. In that case, use CwDT with Immortal Call in your Tombists, and put Blood Rage in an Unset Ring.

Again, Rare Boots with Life, Resists and maybe some Movement Speed should do the Job. The regen enchant is the best. The other option is increased Attack speed when you've killed recently.
Kaom's Roots are unfortunately not an option as we need the Sockets.

Lether belts and Stygian Vises are a nice Bases. Try to get as much Life as possible on your Belt (150+ is superb). Resists, Elemental Attack Damage and other Stats are a good option to have. Later you want an Elder rare belt with Increased Life Recovery Rate.

Ming's Heart is a cheap and very underrated Ring that gives us 60+ Chaos resistance and a big Damage boost, and only sacrefices 5% Life if its well rolled, which you can counter with a single life node on the tree. It should be easy to get one with under 7% reduced Life and 47+ Chaos resistance. The other Ring slot is free for a Rare Ring with Life, intelligent and the resists which you may be missing. Elemental Attack Damage, Added Physical Damage and other Stuff is of course a good addition to have.
Carnage Heart gives us all the Attributes we need and other very helpful Stats like Resists, some Leech, increased leech Rate and Damage. It will carry you all the way into late Endgame. Warped Timepiece is also a solid choice. It further reduces your Earthquake delay from ~0.30 to ~0.25 and also grants some leech, attack- and movementspeed and dex/int.
Later you can replace them with a Rare Elder Amulet for more Life, Increased Maximum Life Leech Rate and Damage.

First you should use one or two Life flasks with Instant Heal and Freeze immunity, later you replace them. Nice Unique flasks are Lions Roar, Atziri's Promise, Taste of Hate and Sins Rebirth. You also want a Curse Remove/Freeze Utility Flask later. It adds QoL.

Flasks to Swap:

There are two Unique Options for us: The Red Nightmare for easy Endurance Charge generation and some Block and Emperors Mastery for Increased Attributes, Life and most importantly a little Character Size increase, which is purely Cosmetic, but looks better the bigger we get.
These are not necessary at all, but having them is a great way to improve your char.
For your Rare Jewels you should use some similar to mine.
You need one Jewel with some Mana Leech

Incursion League Gear Progress
Day 3

Note: I'm using Hezmana's which allows me to reserve all my mana with Herald of Ash, Hatred and Arctic Armour.
Ming's Heart is a cheap and very underrated Ring that gives you a big Damage boost and a ton of Chaos resistance which is great for the Incursion Rooms. Carnage Heart will carry you all the way into late Endgame. You want these!

Day 4

Got lucky running Uberlab and getting a sell able Enchant. Time to get ourselves a Disfavour

Day 6

Got my helmet enchant. Still no 6l.

Day 11

Finally got my 6l and further improved my gear.

Day 22

I got myself some nice new boots with lots of life and resists. Also crafted a elder belt with good life and recovery rate

Day ??

Finally got my Tombfists with nice corruption.

Complete Incursion Gear

Endgame Gear

Flasks to Switch in:

Passive Tree

Normal Version

Advanced Version(Red Nightmare)

Leveling Trees

Just kill all. Two points are worth more, than any of the buffs they give you.

The Pantheon

Major God: Soul of Arakaali
Try to upgrade this Pantheon as fast as possible to take advantage of the "50% increased recovery Rate of Life, if you've stopped taking Damage over time recently".
This is why our Bloodrage-CwDT-Immortal Call-Increased Duration Setup is so important.

Minor God: Sould of Gruthkul or Soul of Tukohama

Why not Vaal Pact?!
I don't like Vaal Pact and it does't fit very well in this Build. Your leech is pretty insane and together with some Regen even better. I tried it out and the only thing I noticed is that your Leech stops faster and you have to travel further and waste some Points. On Top of that you have patches in the Uberlab Rooms, where you have to go through Traps, and wont find any mobs and that is pretty painful if you have no Regen whatsoever.

PoB Links:


"Procro"(Incursion League/Work in progress)


[3.2] Earthquake Slayer Hydra kill:

[3.2] Earthquake Slayer Shaper run:

[3.3] Incursion League Earthquake Slayer rippy Colosseum

[3.3] Incursion League Earthquake Slayer Deathless Shaper run on 5l

[3.3] Incursion League Earthquake Slayer 5min Uberlab run

[3.3] Incursion League Earthquake Slayer Uber Elder (My very first try)

More Videos of Incursion League will follow!

Incursion League Update:

DAY1: The leveling went pretty smooth. Akt5 and Akt10 Kitava were pretty easy and deathless.
DAY2: Going into Maps with around 5k Life. Damage felt pretty good and I didnt have to skip any Incursions rooms and temples.
DAY3: Uberlab done at level 78, deathless. Also, carried a friend.
DAY4: Level 85: Started Uberlab farming and got a Molten strike Enchant, which I sold to get a Disfavour.
DAY6: Got my helmet enchant. Doing now T13+ maps. Still no 6l.
DAY10?: Updated some geapieces, to get my 7.5k life pool goal. Still pretty cheap budget gear, except Disfavour. Still no 6l but already killed Shaper, deathless. Video is up!
DAY11: Finally got my 6l. Just wasted already 39 (!) divine orbs to get the 40% increased life. Still not 40% lol. Never was so unlucky in my life, that was a mistake xD
DAY20?: Managed to kill Uber Atziri. Not very clean, but it was alright.
Iam testing some new things. I play at the moment with Kaoms Roots. It was not easy to put them into the build and iam not sure, if its worth it. If there is nothing more to upgrade, i seach for new things. :D
DAY22:Bought some nice new boots with lots of life and resists, tried out Kaoms Roots before and i have to say, its not worth using in this build. Also crafted an elder leather belt for the life recovery rate. The only thing iam missing now, is a nice pair of tombfists with double corruption. Vulnerability and frenzy would be perfect in that scenario.
DAY??:Finally got my pair of Tombfists with frenzy and vulnerabilty on hit! My gear is now complete. Last thing i will do, is corrupting my Disfavour, but thats only for fun.

For more Information about Incursion League Progression look in the Gear Section

Big shoutout to Kamal, who helped me proofread

Q and A will follow soon!

If you have any Questions, feel free to ask.
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love the formatting, whats the red weapon trail used in the 3.3 video?
Waiko75 wrote:
love the formatting, whats the red weapon trail used in the 3.3 video?

Thank you! Its from the Conquest Supporter pack, i actually bought it for the good looking portal. :)
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Love the guide, Always loved Earthquake since I started playing back in 2.5, sadly it was always outclassed by other melee skills and it had almost no end-game potential. currently i have almost the exact setup as yours, just missing a few upgrades like boots, enchant and axe, maybe belly

But i have a few questions regarding the skill tree:

1) Im confused as to why you took Red Storm, any reason behind this? is it for the increased phys?
2) What do you think about Kitava's Feast Axe? seems like an upgrade when it comes to DPS next to Hezmana
3) Any tips on farming the Disfavour? Im kinda struggling making the chaos
4) Im kinda struggling on survivability, maybe is because low phys reduction even though im using lion's roar and basalt, even stibnite has armor in it. and a bit low on damage... even though im stacking defenses on flasks/armor, going through uber lab is easy but izaro destroyed me today, maybe is because it was charges + gargs
5) Daresso's salute is worth it for the Damage on full life?
6) Vitality Void for more leech?

Thank you!
Where do you get manaleech from ? :)
Where do you get manaleech from ? :)
hc viable?

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