[3.11] Powerful Earthquake Slayer (beginner friendly, leaguestarter, FAST, all content)

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kamiru0 wrote:
Yeah, the build slows down a lot around lvl 90 as it needs a ton of investment. Explode is necessary for rare/blue mob packs or you'll need to swing your axe twice or three times to get them down. Got my atziri's and belly's 6-links and the tree is around 10 regrets away from a swap into cyclone so the gameplay might get hella smoother if i eventually decide to do so.

Compared to my friends running golems, spectre/spiders or actually any projectile-based builds, it seems that Earthquake still needs some tweaking. I also hope that Prycro removes that General's Cry from the base build as it does nothing for us (and he doesn't use it aswell, looking at his profile).

Steelskin on movement (basically - left mouse button) instead of CWDT is pretty neat (2k hp for free every 3s). There are a lot of passive points variants, yet getting all these nodes for warcries seem to be a little waste. Crucial one is to take Combat Control. I feel like trying Measured Fury but it doesn't provide anything to clearing speed, only some dmg at bosses (or you'd have to warcry constantly, which is hella clunky without Call to Arms - then you have to go for warcry cooldowns or link it with Second Windgem. Either way, it's a ton of passive points to spend. Endgame viability seems to be just "okay" - as long as you don't get oneshot, you'll leech it back, but at this point it would need at least 15 exalts to make it work at t16+.

Anyway, I will try to upgrade my eq and see how it works but the whole league-starter thing is totally right - feels great at the beginning :D

I'm also starting to see this potential problem, I'm thinking we somewhere need another layer of defense.

There's a lot of things to keep pressing in the build (Flasks/Totems/Warcries/Buffs). Which isn't so much of a problem when you are 1-2-3 shotting Bosses and you have that setup time, but if they can survive the initial damage (seeing this now in T14+ Conquerors) we've got a lot of stuff to set back up to finish off the bosses.

I guess unless you have a crazy Life Pool where the high Ex investment comes in I find myself running around trying to set the 2nd set of damage up and inevitably die here due to either using Flask Charges due to eating damage when setting up Warcries/Totems/Buffs.

I was leveling fairly well until 90 but starting to hit an EXP wall just before Sirius in that last wave of Conquerors as I keep getting 1 shot.

Changed to CWDT + Immortal Call and a Ming's Heart and seems to feel a bit better now. I tried A0 Sirius yesterday and failed (got him to around 50%). I didn't have the Immortal Call and Ming's Heart then so will be interesting to see how it goes next time.
as long as you play a fast EQ you cant really use guard skills.

Because fast EQ is 90% based on less duration gem / node / item. Less duration cause the aftershock comes faster and the biggest part of EQ damages comes from the aftershock.

A weapon with bleed is very important too, because vaal warchief is your single target killer and he needs bloodlust for damages.

But to be honest, im not sure that investing so much for less duration with almost no damage boost worth it. EQ scales much much better with high damages and with shockwave support wich gives a third stage to the spell, even more powerfull . In the end, its impossible to reach the same damages with fast EQ especialy when marohi erqi exists...

Furthermore, playing as slayer with no guard skill is also quite hard, because leech is fantastic but not enough at all to keep us alive

During delirium league, almost every single spell was good, because of brokens clusters. Now its a bit harder and we have to optimise more.

I think with slayer fast attacking build we have to ditch every less duration things and to change the main spell. Sunder is probly viable because the biggest part of the damage comes from the initial hit and earthshatter is the one with the best multi cry scaling, because a non instant cry dont cause a damage break with earthshatter (cause every cries cause explosions) and second wind is only worth with non instant.

for the defense, add a bench of defensives nodes including iron reflexes + at least 2 defensive flask and a manual cast of molten shell. this way you can get an easy 6/7k shield and 80% physical damage reduction when flasks active

Not sure why you can't use guard skills. The points in Window of Opportunity are a waste anyway(most have probably specced out of it by now), so you are looking at 15% less skill duration from the amulet, that works still fine with guard skills. Not sure if warped timepiece is even necessary, haven't tested it yet.

Also not sure why you would need Bloodlust for Warchief, it barely does more damage than the other options available.
Clusters are also still strong if you wanna use them, they didn't change that much for this build.

All you are saying is basically "just use a completely different build with a different skill", so idk how that fits in here ;-)
So I just did A5 Sirus and it was easier than expected. Died once in the last phase cause I always die on the last phase (I cant say I like the design of that fight ;-) ), apart from that it was pretty simple and smooth.
I really can't complain about the build, I like it.
There is definitely more potential to optimize but its totally viable as is.

Of course not as broken as some other builds (I played Archmage Stormbrand last league, that stuff was broken and OP as heck) but works perfectly fine.

Thanks for that guide.
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Did a5 sirus again (messed up my atlas), deathless this time despite some bad ping spikes/fps drops.

My main problem right now is not even build related - huge fps drops (0 fps for 3+ seconds) during legion/delirium/harvest/blight encounter which kills me pretty often. Sometimes huge mobs in juiced t16 kill me too. Think next upgrade will be explody chest to help deal with big mobs. Also need to spec out of less duration nodes and get a cluster jewel.

I agree with the fast hitting EQ not being the strongest. My playstyle right now is EQ once or twice, then wait for fist of war to be back up to double dip with warcries. Slower hitting EQ would be better for this.

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Need Help

the only thing i die instantly is on ranged mobpack attacks i get 1 hitted.

how i can make my char more tankier ?

my current gear and i run t11-12 maps

You can usually avoid most the damage of ranged mob packs by leap slammming behind/to the side of them. When you run straight up to them or leap slam in front of them, you get hit by everything.

Apart from that you can get A LOT more health on your gear. Your one ring has no health at all, boots for example can have up to 117, yours have 49, basically 70 health that get increased by your %life, adds up to a lot when you consider all your items.
You could also try Enduring Cry, works nice together with Immortal Call. Or try a high level Steelskin, some people have suggested it on left mouse instead of cwdt, haven't tried it myself.

You also dont have anything anointed on your amulet. Could choose something defensive/with life there.
(Your Links seem weird currently btw)
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ok thank you for the tips, i have to upgrade my gear now

Is there anything I can improve in my gear? I have been upgrading stuff frequently but I am not sure on what I can improve on next.
Would you guys recommend running CWDT Immortal Call + Enduring Cry over CWDT Immortal Call + Second Wind for defences?

Also starting to look towards my next upgrades. Any thoughts on what types of upgrades will give the most benefit?

Also wondering what links I should be using in my gear, it seems a bit unclear from the Guide in this patch which is best.

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