1.3 Lagomorph Pillar of the Caged God Leap slam or Melee skill build

Howdy yall! I have been working on this build for awhile. I usually just post my stuff to youtube but some asked me to post on the forums. First time writing it up on the forums so BEAR with me. bwahaha for a full video guide of it with examples check the Full Build Guide Video and other videos.

I had been working on a Pillar of the Caged God build that used ground slam back during the Rampage and Beyond Leagues. Sadly, my computer died before I could get the build going properly or record much of it. When Torment started I worked out to get it done and along the way found that the build could use most melee based skills, cyclone, molten strike, leap slam, sweep etc. I tried them out when i got tired of ground slam and in entered Leap Slam. I started using leap slam as my main skill over groundslam and the build, passives, and gear fell into place. The build can still use all the skills very effectively whenever I feel like so use which you prefer, I just prefer Leap Slam. I Loved the idea of Vaal Groundslam as so many said it was useless but to me it is amazing. Daresso's with Immortal Call is a Fantastic Combo. By the way, Named it Lagomorph cause a Lagomorph is what a bunny is and it leaps a lot, also it desync lags ya a lot lol, and family raises rabbits, the morph is because of the way it can use many skills or easily take passives to change its self.

Full Build Guide Video

Level 75 Plateu Map

Level 74 Gorge Map

Level 73 Dry Peninsula Map

Level 72 Jungle Valley Map

Level 71 Arachnid Nest Map

Level 70 Temple Map

Level 69 Spider Forest Map

Level 68 Reef Map (killed the boss but didn't notice, I think lol)

Level 67 Dried Lake Map

Level 66 Dried Lake Map

Scepter of God Run Through

Dominus Kill Before 5 Link Leap with a bit o lag lol

Ebony Barracks Run Through and Gravicious Kill

Piety Kill Before Passive Change (lower dps)

Lunaris Teaser Before Passive list reset, lower dps

Fun (to me at least)
Pretty Good dps (4L 12k dps Leap, 5L 18k Dps, Heavy Strike 4L 29k Dps)
Pretty Durable
gets lots of reactions
Versatile and able to use most melee skills effectively.
Solo Piety
Solo Dominus
Clears zones fast
Levels itself fast
Has a cool look due to Daresso's and Abyssus

Desync if using Leap Slam
Has to jump into hordes blindly cause it autotargets if using Leap Slam
Physical Reflect can kill you if hordes are effected by it
Has to get close if using Leap Slam or Heavy Strike

Gear List
Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet (Unique)
Pillar of the Caged God Long Staf (Unique)
Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale (Unique)
Alberon's Warpath Soldier Boots (Unique)
Meginord's Girdle Heavy Belt (Unique)
Rare Gloves (try to get, phys damage, attack speed, resist, life, mana leech)
Rare Ring 1 (Try to get Phys Damage, Attack Speed, Resist, Life)
Rare Ring 2 (Try to get Phys Damage, Attack Speed, Resist, Life)
Rare amulet (Try to get Phys Damage, Resist, Life, Mana Leech (can replace gloves leech)

Gems and Links
4 Link (Leap Slam, Multi-Strike, Concentrated Effect or Melee Physical, Faster Attacks)
4 Link (Heavy Strike, Multi Strike, Faster Attacks, Melee Physical)
4 Link (Vaal Groundslam, Multi Strike, Faster Attacks, Increased Aoe,)
4 Link (Reduced Mana, Herald of Ash, Hatred, Blood Rage
4 Socket, 3 Link (Link Immortal Call, Enduring Cry, Cast When Damage Taken, In empty Curse of Choice)


Life Flask 1, (Instant Recovery, with Dispell status effect of choice)
Life Flask 2, (Instance Recovery, with Dispell status effect of choice)
Granite Flask (Charge Recovery, or Extra Charges, Increased Armor %)
Mana Flask (Charge recovery, or More Charges, Dispell status effect of choice)
5th Flast Any that is needed (Example, Topaz Flask for Dominus, Extra Granite for Brutus Boss)


I hope this build gives yall tons of fun, I really enjoy it and people asked me to post it on the build forum so here ya go :D. Enjoy and thanks to Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile and all the fans on my youtube, all the players in the game that are awesome and here on the forum and just in general I want to thank Greust for telling me WHAT?!!??!

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There you go. Nice Build.
Bump, posted a new video of the build running a Level 66 Dried Lake Map. More videos soon.
Level 67 Cemetary Map run posted, next a 68!
Level 68 Reef Map video now linked up, I killed the boss somewhere on it and did not notice, I have done this before and people on my youtube found where I did it, btu I can't find this one.
Level 69 Spider Forest Map updated, up, up, and away!
Level 70 Temple Map video up, Piety's Crematorium form is boss and she is probably my most hated enemy ever, like she is my kryptonite. lol

However, I triumph and don't die, bwahahaha!
Level 71 Arachnid Nest Map now up, crusing through to the 72. Still going strong and smooth. So far not having much trouble with these.
Level 72 Jungle Valley Map up, bwahahaha! Going strong, onward to 73!
Posted up a level 73 Dry Peninsula Map, no deaths yet bwahahaha!

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