Ascendancy HC 2.2 Jack of All Trade Gladiator LS 100k+dps

Idea behind the build:


I call it Jack of All Trade because I wanted to make a build that is great both defensively and offensively


We rely on 48%-56% block / spell block
8k armor +
5k evasion +
5k life
6% Dodge from Daresso's Defiance
3 endurance charge from Daresso's Defiance (not up all time)
Fortify on whirling blade
Granite flask
Max res of course

As you see, many many layers of defense. Jack of all trade, master of none.


100k+ real dps achieved in Hardcore Perandus:

Lightning strike is the main skill, what I love about this skill is that it is both ranged and melee, so you can use it to kite or jump in the fray as the situation requires.

45k tooltip without charges
68k tooltip with charges
25%less for projectiles (a bit compensated by projectile dmg on tree)
34% more from lightning penetration (not in tooltip)
20% increased dmg from critical strike (assassin mark) act as a more multiplier

So real dmg is 100k+ with a bino and 6link.


Here you will see my lvl 88 tree, you will notice that I try to travel the least possible to get crit life defence weapon dmg etc. Not concentrating anywhere.



Help Oak normal
Help Kraytin cruel
Help Alira merciless

Leveling tips:


This character is easy to level because u can use any weapon at first and any one hander at mid game.

You can use molten strike and u get lightning strike at Siren's Cadence.

The crit and dagger nods are taken at end game.

So play and buy cheap item at 1 alch or 1 chaos as needed during progression

You will want to acquire nods with str-int fastest as possible because u need all 3 stats.

Actual gear:


That's it. Hope this build might be useful to some people.

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Looks like a nice build, i'll try it :)
what nodes in ascendancy do u grab?
what nodes in ascendancy do u grab?

I assume its the block ones from gladiator

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