[2.3] Blade Vortex MoM Gladiator [SC/HC]

Video guide/showcase
Facetanking Twinned Colonnade

Level 85 Tree - updated for 2.3

For Ascendancy points, you'll want to get Versatile Combatant as soon as possible. Violent Retaliation after that, and with 2.3's final Ascendancy points, you pick up Gratuitous Violence.

Bandits are Oak -> Oak -> None

Recommended Uniques:

SC Chestpiece:

HC Chestpiece:

Lightning Coil would be a good option if I had the resistance to spare, but I am not able to cap resistance with my current gear and a Lightning Coil. I do have a recommendation for those of you in HC who feel Belly of the Beast is not enough: Pick up Diamond Skin in the Marauder area and take the Scion's jewel socket (path through resist nodes). This will help considerably with meeting the resistance caps while wearing LC.

Current Gear:

Blade Vortex:


*Feel free to swap Fire Pen for Life Leech instead.

Curses (for bosses):

Cast When Damage Taken:

Auras + Mobility:

Mobility + Fortify:

+ Many layers of defense: HC Viable
+ Reflect enemies don't even hurt you
+ High "sustain" - life/mana regen keep up with themselves. Flasks are just for panic.
+ You can pace your damage as needed to kill packs quickly or melt bosses
+ Lots of utility skills, some automated and others are not
+ Massive duration of skills - VMS lasts 25 seconds!
+ Supports in a 5L spell "fock"

- Might be considered expensive for a new league
- Not your typical "race to 100" clear speed build
- Reflect maps can be done, albeit slowly
- Degens (bleed, poison) must be watched carefully
- Needs 52 DEX on gear
- Jewelry must have high %mana regen

At level 82, still with 0 deaths, I killed Atziri without making any adjustments to the gear above, aside from flasks (swapped out the non-life flasks for Ruby flasks). If you swap in Belly of the Beast and Saffell's Frame for the Atziri fight, it would pretty much be a cakewalk. A better player than me could probably handle Uber Atziri as well.

Another thing to note - I disabled my Tempest Shield entirely to avoid the curse/damage reflection. It'd probably be safe to leave it on and just take out Curse on Hit though.
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Looks like fun! It is nice to know I'm not the only one thinking duelist for BV, although I'm planning to use Slayer.
Really like the build but what should I be using for charge generation? Or are charges not very important for this build?
I'm not using charges on it.
Best way to level with this build?!
This has some things in common with a build I was trying to put together, but there's one thing that confuses me -- you suggested taking Gratuitous Violence, but what does that accomplish? All the mods are related to bleeding, and I can't find anything you can cause bleeding with.
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@b0yer: Get a Blade Vortex gem and have fun. The entire tree is defensive - save those Witch spell nodes for last.

@Cidira: Gratuitous Violence because there are no other options. Outmatch and Outlast do nothing for you as you're not killing with attacks. You use Whirling Blades for general mobility and to apply Fortify. Gratuitious Violence then gives you a chance to apply Bleed as well which comes with its own benefits. It would be the last Ascendancy point you pick up.
Just FYI Vaal Molten Shell duration is reduced from 10 to 5 seconds, so the duration wont be 25 seconds anymore, sadly.
Ah, that makes sense. My version was going to be dual curse with Warlord's and Poacher's Marks and so I'd benefit from the max charges stuff... not sure if I can make that work the way I want it to, though.
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Can you make a LEVELLING TREE?

Looks like a fun build!

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