Rive - Frenzy Explosions

after seeing the claw "Rive"
I had to make a built around that claw. Most builts I've seen didn't try to make targets moving - so I tried to creat something new. And it actually turned out better than I excepted.

Passive Tree

bandits: oak - point - krait

fast clear speed
can be pretty tanky
pretty cheap/ alot of options
very satisfying to get big explosions
reflect is not an issue
pretty easy to level up

phys resistent bosses can be very slow (b.e. oak/)
low amount of jwls and gem sockets

The Gladiatior Keystone Gratuitous Violence lets "Bleeding Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 10% of their maximum Life as Physical Damage" - basically a free IB Effect and the build actually is comparable to an IB- Build

causes bleeding on hit, inc phys over time per 10 dex - as we don't grap Iron reflexes we push for alot of dex in order to get higher (invisible) dps and accurancy

this combination allows you to pull tankier enemys with cyclone around in order to let them bleed out.

the versatile combatant keystone applies 100%of block chance to spells (op) so we get that. blood in the eyes seems pretty weak compared to it.

as we get all frenzy charges - frenzy seems to be by far the stongest attack gem option.

Gems & Links
in order of priority

Frenzy - Melee Splash - Inc Aoe - Poison - Melee Phys - Faster Attacks (Main Skill)
Cyclone - Knock Back - Bloodlust - Life Leech - Melee Phys (Boss / Rare Mobs - 5link with Empire's Grasp)
Whirling Blades - Blood Magic - Fortify - Faster Attacks (Mobility)
Vulnerbility wether paired with blood magic or blasphemy
Vaal haste - increased duration
stone golem / fire golem preferbly on blood magic


those two items are build defining, there is no other option

options to rise up the block chance, with bringer of rain you reach more dps but it tends to get pretty hard to gear

cheap shield options which are pretty nice, sadly both lack something wether ressist or life.

or some life / ressist chest should do fine

boots: life / ressist / dex / ms
rings: life / ressist / phys / stats (int/dex) / acc
amu: life / ressist / phys / stats (int dex) / acc
also a nice option

My Gear

if u are intrested in pics / vid's let me know ;)
Last bumped on May 10, 2016, 3:59:33 PM
Had a thought to do it as well but as I only play hardcore I stayed away for now :)
Please make a video, want to see how it looks in action :)
Video Please I would like to see this in action.
Video pls :)

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