[1.3] Txy's Cheap Pure Ele Reave Atziri Killer (HC build)

UPDATE: Currently lvl80. Things have been going well as far as character progression goes. I've been running 73-74 maps for the past 5 or so levels. It roughly takes about 5-10 min each map. But the fact that it's so late in the league I can't seem to find anything I really need for the build, i.e. high 2aps+ Corsair Sword with good fire and lightning damage and an open prefix slot for +weapon elemental damage% craft. Also, Phylacteral Link has gotten on my last nerve. I think I might just finish the 3xlvl85 character challenge and be done with it for now. I will probably pick it back up in the next league. See My Progress for updated gear and stats.

DISCLAIMER: I'm new to this build. This is a post to log my progress and also to share it with those interested in a character such as this.
This build is created with HC Atziri in mind, but SC characters can still be built based around this tree and to a greater effect DPS wise if you are willing to sacrifice some resistances for Herald of Ice.

1.3 Passive Tree 108 points

Normal: Oak
Cruel: Kraityn
Merciless: Kill all or Oak for additional endurance charge
Can also spend/respec 3 points to take Templar and Marauder Endurance charges.
Vaal Pact is optional.

My current Gear (lvl80)

This build is largely based on elemental damage auras, elemental damage nodes and attack speed. While stacking 1 stat (e.g. elemental damage/weapon elemental damage) can be great for DPS but they suffer from gain margin return, meaning the next point into the stat node is never as good as the last one. This build covers multiple types of stats: elemental damage, weapon elemental damage and aura effects as well as buff effects and above all, attack speed. Aura/buff effects get multiplied by elemental damage/weapon elemental damage afterwards so they don't alter the effectiveness of each point invested. So the levels of Anger, Wrath and Herald of Thunder becomes extremely relevant to the overall DPS. And when choosing a weapon, attack speed is the most important stat.
Essential pieces of gear are Alpha's Howl, Lightning Coil(Highly Recommended but not required), Saffell's Frame(Highly Recommended but not required) and both Elreon Rings and Amulet with a total of at least -20 Mana Cost to skills. With the help with Elreon jewelries, we can safely spam Lvl1 Reave without any mana leech/blood magic.

Skills and Links

Reave - Multistrike - Faster Attacks - Weapon Elemental Damage - Life Leech (6L build is to be determined. Due to the fact that with 6th link being inc/conc area of effect, the mana cost of reave will be outside of Elreon jewelries limits. (3x-8 elreon=24, 6L with conc costs 32 mana) I may try to get Righteous Decree and quality conc effect for mana issues. Another solution would be getting Righteous Decree and using Added Lightning Damage as 6th gem which requires -24 mana cost) - Chest Armor

Reduced Mana - Purity of Fire/Lightning - Wrath - Anger in Alpha's Howl

Cast when damage taken - Increased Duration - Enduring Cry - Immortal Call (Gloves/Boots)

Reduced Mana - Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness Gloves/Boots

Leap Slam - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks for mobility (Weapon)

Reduced Mana - Purity of Fire/Lighting - Vengeance (Shield)

Pros and Cons

Cheap. See gear cost breakdown
Good clear speed compared to most other builds.
Tanky. 170% life with Leech. With lvl21 purity gems fire and lightning resist can go as high as 97/98 which practically eliminates the threat of reflect.
Good mobility with super fast leap slam.
Good synergy with many builds in groups due to auras.

Not ranged
Reave isn't the best skill to level with. I level'd as 2h phys leap slam then respec'd into ele reave. (respec points from leveling cover it and some)
Can be hard to optimize defensive stats due to certain gear piece choices. Hard to find good Elreon rings, need int and possibly some dex from gear and hard to get chaos resist.

My progress

I'm currently Lvl 70. Gear:

I will be working on getting better Elreon Jewelries. As you can see it's a major pain in the ass to buy anything this late in the league and for something that's refreshed once a day it's damn near impossible to find something worthwhile/not ridiculously overpriced.
I'm currently sitting at around 4k life. 5L reave tooltip is 10082. Right now I'm working towards shadow starting area nodes and then Berserking. So I will be getting a huge life and DPS boost in the next few levels.
I'm also working on getting rid of my gloves and boots for better life and AR/EV instead of AR/ES. I may keep the boots so I don't have to roll off color for Herald of Thunder Curse on Hit setup. Also need the Int for wrath and Herald.

Lvl 80

Lvl 80 now. with a couple of new pieces:

Currently Reave tooltip is at 13k and I have 4895 life. Resists are 83 fire, 79 cold and 82 lightning without flasks. But only 2k armor and 5k evasion because I need the +dex on gloves until I can find a good Corsair Sword. I can already replace the boots as I don't need int from them anymore but as crappy as my gloves and boots are I cannot for the life of me find an upgrade. Defense, however, is not an issue at the moment at least being tested against maps up to 75 so far. With flasks I can face tank most things, including all bosses except Vaal's Slam and Dom's Touch of God.
I need a new weapon. An optimal weapon would be high aps Corsair weapon with high fire and lightning damage and an open prefix slot for +weapon elemental damage% craft. Reason for that is lower dex requirement and having 22% weapon elemental damage is better than having +cold damage.

Gear Cost Break Down

Helm - 2ex
Chest - 2ex 10c
Weapon - 10c
Shield - self found, but I think it's like 8c or less. for us we can use the worst rolls and it doesn't make a difference.
Elreon rings - 5c total + crafted
Elreon Amulet - 1c blue + self crafted (needs to be replaced badly, could be amazing if I was phys crit build :( )
Everything else is self found and not the best.

So all in all this build can be obtained easily between 5-6 exalts.


Well, Double Vaal is even safer with our lightning resist (95 with lvl20 purity and inner force+aura effect nodes and topaz flask) as long as you know how vaal slam rotation works. CWDT set up or self cast IC takes care of Trio. 95 lightning resist + 96/97 fire resist (if you can vaal purity of fire to lvl21 with alpha' howl you can have 97 fire resist with flask) Atziri will be a walk in the park.

I will keep updating this thread for as long as my guy lives and put more stuff in as I see fit. Eventually I will post some videos of gameplay and Atziri kill.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or whisper me in game. My IGN is MountNDuelMe. If you see anything that can help improve this build, please let me know and I will modify as I progress.
League: Bloodlines
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League: Bloodlines
Progress update. I will make another update at lvl85 and that will probably be it for this league. But chances are I will likely pick this back up in the next league as it turns out to be pretty fun.
League: Bloodlines
looks nice, can't wait see you in action :)
Cool guide, I want to build something in this area. Any plans on 2.0? And why arent you taking the AoE-notes at templar tree?

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