[2.2] Oro's Ice Nova Champion || Blazing Fast Clear Speed, Mobility and Defense


Hey guys, this is my build guide for my Oro's Sacrifice COMK Ice Nova Champion for the Perandus League.

This build aims to clear maps insanely fast and is built extremely defensively, incorporating many defensive layers such as Permanent Fortify, Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics and a very high life pool from Kaom's Heart.

The build itself is focused around scaling both the Ice Nova damage and Cyclone damage through increased damage, area damage and fire damage. We use the unique 'Pyre', to convert all our Ice Nova to Fire damage. As a result, we are able to rush through enemies with our incredible movement speed and create a sea of Ice that completely obliterate packs.

My Character for Reference: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/viewprofile/supreme_pizza/characters





+ Extremely Defensive
+ Permanent Fortify
+ Insane Mobility and Clear Speed
+ Massive AoE coverage
+ Permanent Frenzy Charge Generation
+ Very Fun!


- Does require some very specific gear (Oro's has level 67 requirement)
- Can't Run Elemental Reflect / Blood magic maps


Duelist (Champion)

Passive Tree (For level 90)

Ascendancy Points: Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, Inspirational

Bandits: +Life, + Attack Speed, +Frenzy



+ +212 to Maximum Life
+ 162% increased Maximum Life
+ 36% increased Evasion Rating and Armour
+ 2% of Attack Damage leeched as Life
+ 40% increased Life Leeched per second
+ 40% increased Life Recovery from Flasks
+ 20% increased Flask Recovery Speed
+ 24% increased Armour
+ 2.6% of Life Regenerated per Second
+ 40% chance to dodge Attacks
+ 30% chance to dodge Spell damage
+ +1% to maximum Fire Resistance
+ +15% to all Elemental Resistances
+ +8% to Fire Resistance


+ +2 Maximum Frenzy Charge
+ 113% increased Fire Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons
+ 24% increased Attack Speed
+ 21% increased Attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons
+ 50% increased Fire Damage with Weapons
+ 58% increased Elemental Damage
+ 24% increased Fire Damage
+ 20% increased Area damage
+ 15% increased Area of effect
+ 25% increased Damage against Frozen, Shocked or Ignited Enemies
+ 14% increased Melee Damage
+ 14% increased Spell Damage
+ 44% increased Elemental Damage with Weapons
+ 5% increased Attack and Cast Speed
+ +4 Jewel Socket
+ Attacks Cannot Miss. Never deal Critical Strikes.


We generally want high life, Fire damage, increased damage and area damage on our jewels. However you may also use 'Izaro's Turmoil' Unique Jewel. It adds a pretty neat boost to your fire damage and cold damage. Both these damage bonuses will apply to Ice Nova (since it has been converted from cold to fire). This will normally provide Ice Nova with a 45% Increased damage boost which is pretty huge.

I also use the 'Fireborn' unique jewel at the bottom duelist area to transform all the Two-handed physical passives to Fire damage, which provides a huge damage boost for our Oro's Sacrifice.


Cyclone DPS (Charges Only)

Keep in mind, that this is the effective tooltip DPS with no support gems. Fire Penetration and Blasphemy + Flammability double our damage.

Ice Nova DPS (Charges Only)






For our weapon we want Oro's Sacrifice. Preferably 5 or 6 linked since we will likely be using a Kaom's Heart. Oro's provides a huge amount of fire damage and synergises extremely well with Ice Nova, since both the damage of the weapon and the spell can be scaled through Fire and Area Damage.


For our helm, we use a Devoto's Devotion. This is the best helm for a non-crit elemental build like ours as it provides a huge attack speed boost, as well as great defenses through evasion, armour and chaos resistance. It also provides us with 20% increased movement speed which improves the speed of our Cyclone dramatically.


For our chest I highly recommend a Kaom's Heart. Since we can easily obtain a 5-6 Link from our sword, the links from the chest are not necessary. Furthermore Kaom's provides us with an insane amount of Life and a nice boost to Fire damage which increases both our Cyclone and Ice Nova Damage.

Gloves and Boots

For Gloves, we want high attack speed, life and resistances. For boots, we want high resistances and Life as well. But it is very important that we get at least 25% increased movement speed on our boots, since Cyclone relies heavily on movement speed. It is also highly desirable to grab as much intelligence as you can on these pieces of gear, since Ice Nova has a pretty high Intelligence Requirement.

Additionally, I recommend using Evasion/ES bases as we will be required to roll 3 blue sockets on either our gloves or boots for our Aura setup.


For the Amulet, we want an amulet with high added fire/cold damage to attacks (since Pyre converts our cold damage to fire_, weapon elemental damage, life and resistances. We also need high Intelligence on the amulet so that we can run a high level Ice Nova. Once you have more currency, you can afford better jewellery.


For our ring, we want high life, resistances and fire/cold damage. Weapon elemental damage is also very nice to have. We will also need Intelligence on our ring. Our other ring slot is for Pyre, to convert all our cold damage to Fire damage for Ice Nova.


For the Belt, we ideally want a rare leather belt with good resists and high life. We will also want high 'increased elemental damage with weapons'.


We need a Quicksilver Flask for this build, preferably one with the 'adrenaline' mod as the build requires you to go as fast as possible. The rest of the flasks are optional.


Cyclone Setup

For Cyclone the links are shown above. I prefer to use Increased AoE because it provides a significant boost to our clear speed. Fire Penetration is necessary for any Oro's Build. Generally you want a high level Ice Nova with Quality if possible (try to buy a 20/20 gem if you can).

For the 6th Link, I would probably suggest either Elemental Focus, WED or Added Cold Damage. Keep in mind with Elemental Focus, we will no longer be able to gain Frenzy charges, so we will have to run Bloodrage to compensate.

Single-Target Flicker Setup

We use Flicker Strike for our Single-target setup. This setup works uniquely for our build since we are using Oro's, which has an innate Frenzy Charge generation. For bosses, make sure the boss is isolated and then hold down the Flicker Strike button to easily burst them down.

Mobility Setup

This is the main mobility setup which involves using Leap Slam. Faster attacks improves the animation and Blood Magic allows us to leap around without expending any mana.

Aura Setup

This is our Aura setup and we use Anger and Flammability (with Blasphemy). This provides a significant damage bonus for both our Cyclone and our Ice Nova. I use an Enlighten level 2 as well, to free up some mana as Cyclone is quite mana heavy.

If you don't have access to an Enlighten level 2, I suggest dropping Anger and replacing it with Herald of Ice. The damage bonus from Herald of Ice is actually fire damage since we use the Pyre ring.

Warcy Setup

This setup is entirely optional but for harder maps, it might be nice to carry around an Enduring Cry for Endurance charges as they make you slightly tankier. You can also use Rallying Cry if you find some issues with mana for boss fights and such. Attach the skills with blood magic and Increased duration if you can.


We use an Flame Golem for the bonus damage that scales both Ice Nova and Cyclone. You may also try using a Chaos Golem if you would like to go more defensive. The mana cost of golems can get quite steep so if you may also attach it to Blood Magic if you want.


Unfortunately this build has quite a high level requirement as a lot of our uniques needs high levels to equip. Oro's Sacrifice needs level 67, Devoto's Devotion needs level 67, Kaom's Heart needs level 68.

Generally, just use Earthquake to level, use a rare 2H Axe/Mace and keep upgrading your gear (take the 2h physical damage nodes at the duelist starting area). When you get to level 67, you can switch to Oro's Sacrifice (place in the Fireborn jewel to convert all that physical 2H weapon damage to Fire damage). Once you reach level 57, buy a Marohi Erqi, and then grind until your 67.



Check out my other Ascendancy builds if you are interested:

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Explosive Cleave
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Very well written, thought out, and presented.

Could you expand a bit on the Ascendancy choice? Might Berserker be a viable/interesting alternative? Raider?

Might Vaal Pact be an interesting choice as well? Berserker has an innate 2% life leech, with the vitality of the void node providing an extra 2%.
Last edited by Oxygen on Mar 24, 2016, 10:40:44 PM

Thanks! I mainly went with Champion as it provides an additional 18% movement speed which speeds up your clear speed and cyclone quite significantly.

Also, Oro's has 10% increased physical and fire damage taken so you genenerally want to mitigate that with permanent fortify.

I think Vaal Pact is too far away. Raider would work though, with heaps of Frenzy charges and the movement speed from Onslaught. I think it would deal more damage, but I'm more of a defensive player so I prefer the safety of Fortify. Same with Berserker.
Last edited by cookees on Mar 25, 2016, 5:31:51 AM
Hi, sorry for noob question, but how do you regen your mana at such high rate?

Hey, I grab a 0.4% mana leech node from the duelist starting area and that basically covers most of my mana issues. You can also use rallying cry for more increased mana regeneration.
Do you think the passive tree branch toward Acrobatics is worth it? That is a lot of distance for not a lot of reward. I might try going more armor and losing that branch, therefor losing the extra frenzy charge. Is the extra frenzy charge required for Flicker Strike to be good?

I did some testing with the build and I found acrobatics to be pretty important, otherwise we are too squishy. Since our armour isn't that high anyways and we have no block since we are a 2h build, Acrobatics gives us 40% damage reduction (and 30% spell damage reduction) which is pretty insane. Combine that with Fortify and our high life pool, we are virtually unkillable.
Alright, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
How did you level in terms of passive skill tree?
I'm planning on starting this char on PHC if that changes anything
I was planning on going over to the right side of the tree to grab acrobatics and then moving to the left for more damage
What would you recommend?

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