Shadow Builds List

Shadow Build List

It has been a while but thankfully someone has stepped up for taking care of the Shadow and Scion build lists. eviL_Bison has volunteered and has a proven track record seeing as he already maintains the Duelist build list. Therefore, I'm certain the standards of the list will be just as high, prioritizing logical ordering and readability. I hope you all look forward to seeing his work as much as I do. The transfer is in process so in the near future you will see the pinned post changed from this one to one of eviL_Bison's making.

Also, thank you to everyone who used these lists, its been a pleasure while I was maintaining them and was very enjoyable. Unfortunately time just didn't permit anymore (children take a lot of time :L).

Most importantly, thank you to GGG for all your fantastic hard work, time and commitment. You have a wonderfully fantastic product that you should all be proud of.

Take care, Exiles.

Featured Build

Voltaxic Spark Assassin

Why is this build featured?

Atm there are no Voltaxic Spark build guides out there and i thought its a great idea to make one. Also the build is HC viable and i got Gameplay Videos.

Featured Build Application

To have your build considered for the Featured Build send a message to me with following form filled out with your build's information. Should any of the builds not stand out with their 'Reason to be Featured Build', the Featured Build will be random.

Build Name:

Build URL:

Main Skill + Ascendancy:

Reason to be Featured Build e.g. unique aspects, accomplishments etc.:

Hello, I'm Gazza732 and I maintain the Shadow and Scion Builds Lists.
If there is anything you think that would improve this build list then please send me a message.

The builds listed have got to level 75-80+ and mid-tier (T6-T10) maps. This way you will know the builds in the list are tried and proven to see you through to end game content.

ASS - Assassin
SAB - Saboteur
TRI - Trickster


Ball Lightning ASS: [2.5] Freezing Ball Lightning by Multistriker. BEGINNER BUILD
Bladefall ASS: [2.6] ChaosFall, Dual Void Battery & Dual ming's heart Low Life poison bladefall
Blade Vortex ASS: [2.5] Greedy Roomba - MF Blade Vortex (63/329) - Atziri Viable - Solo T10+ (37/40) [Videos]
Blade Vortex ASS: [2.5] Strongest BV Build 2.5.2 [LL 95% Crit Brutal Phys]
Blade Vortex TRI: [2.6] [HC/SC] [20 Blades] Tankster BV MoM Poison [crit/non crit] [Atziri with 4L] [Shaper Down]
Blade Vortex ASS: [2.5] [SC] [VIDEOS] Ultra Poison CI, Uber Atziri Deathless, Facetank Shaper
Blade Vortex ASS: [2.5 Video Guide] Blade Vortex End-Game Build & Uber Farmer! [HC/SC]
Blight TRI: [2.5] BSC - The CI Hipster Blighter
Cyclone TRI: [2.5] CI | Fire Cycloner |
Essence Drain TRI: [2.5] Death's Kiss, an Essence Drain/Contagion full build and leveling guide
Essence Drain TRI: [2.5] Low Life Essence Drain
Essence Drain TRI: [2.5] LL 26/20 Essence Drain Decay Bow build. Shaper/Uber Atziri/Anything farmer.
Essence Drain TRI: [2.6] SC/HC Essence Drain Progression - Life to CI to LL
Essence Drain TRI: [2.5 Video Guide] LOW BUDGET Essence Drain & Contagion [HC/SC/Atziri & Uber Atziri Viable]
Ethereal Knives TRI: [2.6] "Shuriken Hurricane" Hybrid Ethereal Knives Nova Trickster
Flameblast TRI: [2.5] [SC/HC] Critical Flameblast
Flameblast ASS: [2.5] CI Crit Flameblast + Vaal Righteous Fire (Shaper viable! w/ video)
Flameblast TRI: High-Budget LL Ignite Pizzablast
Freezing Pulse TRI: [2.5] Fabulous Frank's Festive Fern - Tulborn Freezing Pulse
Freezing Pulse ASS: [2.5]LowLife Freezing Pulse Non-Meta triple curse 3 mill dps
Freezing Pulse ASS: [2.6] Sherkhan's ShatterBurn: Cheap OP Crit Freezing Pulse
Glacial Cascade ASS: [2.6] Culling Cascade
Glacial Cascade ASS: [ 2.6 ] GLACIAL CASCADE - CI - ASSASIN
Herald of Ice/Thunder ASS: [2.5] CI/LL Crit Herald Stomper Leveling Build
Herald of Ice/Thunder ASS: [2.5] Classic Crit Autoherald Bomber (Lake/mid-map farming)
Herald of Ice/Thunder ASS: [2.6] Tri Curse Tragedy LL Herald of Thunder/Ice Autobomber Speed clearer ASS
Lightning Tendrils ASS: [2.6] Low Life Dual Void Battery Crit Arc [Deathless Shaper] [Boss 631k DPS] [Insane Clearspeed]
Lightning Warp ASS: [2.5] Lightning Warp Nine... Engage - CI Lightning/Cold
Righteous Fire TRI: [2.6] Esh's Righteous Fire - 380k Calc Dot vs Shaper [t15/GUARDIANS vids]
Scorching Ray TRI: [2.5][Life] Scorching ray [SC/HC]
Scorching Ray TRI: [2.6] Q: when is hybrid build good
Spark ASS: [2.6] HC viable - Voltaxic Spark / Vaal Spark Assasin (Video/Guide)


Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] "Chao-Blade" Flurry DOT WIP (reflect resistant) LVL 86
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.6] BSC Blade Flurry (Crit/Evasion/Life)
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] BSC [Videos]Life Base Dodge Poison Blade Flurry / Atziri , UberLab Viable!
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] CI Assassin | 95% Crit Shaper/Uber/Guardians 1M DPS++ Dagger/shield
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] CI Varunastra (Abyssus)
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] CI Crit Chaos CoE Blade Flurry, 10k+ES
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] Daresso's Secret - Crit Blade Flurry Build
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] Life based Scourge Blade Flurry(Shaper down)
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.6] MuffZ - CWC / Blade Flurry / Bladefall + Poison Build! Cheap! New Player Friendly
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] Mustard's Blade Flurry DreamFeather Build
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] The DoT'ssassin Hybrid | SC
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] The Retard Proof Clawsin - CI/Claw/LL/Off&Def Build
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] Video Guide. CI Blade Flurry End-Game Build! [HC/SC]
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.6] Windz's Mortem Flurry Build (Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardian, Uber Lab, Breachlord, BHC viable)
Blade Flurry ASS: [2.5] Wisdom and Action 400kdps on a 5L budget
Cyclone - NULL: Arakaali's fang & Binos Cycloner +/- 20K dps at level 65 without ascendancy
Cyclone TRI: [2.6] Fidelitas's Cyclone HC - Uber Iz down (Videos)
Cyclone TRI: [2.6] Starforge Tri-curse cycloner
Dual Strike ASS: [2.6] Arachnophobia/ Dual Strike
Dual Strike ASS: [2.6] Say_Ten's Melee - Murder Everything Cheaply
Flicker Strike TRI: [2.6] CI, Dual Curse, 10k+ ES/49%Evade Hybrid Flicker Strike 1mill+ DPS
Flicker Strike TRI: [2.5] CI Oro's Flicker Trickster
Flicker Strike ASS: [2.6] Severian Omnislash - CI Bleed/Poison Terminus Flicker SC [Videos]
Flicker Strike ASS: [2.6] Terminus Est Flicker LSC
Flicker Strike ASS: [2.6]Trash lightning conversion Flicker CI assassin
Lacerate ASS: [2.6] Demi's The Fallen, CI Crit 2h Axe Bloison Lacerate Assassin
Molten Strike ASS: [2.6] Unicorn Fountain (Molten Striker, 100% Hit, pure Chaos) [easy T16/Uber Atziri]
Viper Strike TRI: [2.6] Leader of the Pack - Flexible Viper Strike Build (Budget)
Viper Strike ASS: [2.6] Viper Strike / Blade Flurry
Wild Strike ASS: [2.6] Bat_boy's Quad/Triple Aura, pure evasion & crit Wildstrike Build


Barrage ASS: [2.5] Null's Inclination win the game! Barrage Skeleton
Barrage ASS: [2.5] Orion - the hunter - a god with the bow - cheap, insane DPS, fun as hell
Barrage ASS (or Split Arrow): [2.6] Tempest bow build (semi-budget)
Ice Shot ASS: [2.5] Xoph's Ice Shot Burn Prolif
Lightning Arrow ASS: [2.6][Videos]King of the Forest(Crit): Top Tier Archer. 6K+ Life,Uber Atziri,Guardians&Shaper!
Siege Ballista ASS: [2.6] [SC] Siege Ballista Critical MF Culler
Spectral Throw ASS: [2.6] Chaos Assassin - Poison Spectral Throw
Spectral Throw ASS: [2.6] Frosty's Spectral Throw Assassin [Video]
Spectral Throw ASS: [2.6] HoWA Spectral Throw. Fronthand Backhand!
Tornado Shot ASS: [2.5] Tornado shot Who said you had to hit more than once? (cheap)


Arc ASS: [2.5] Arc Miner build - Fast Clear + Very Low Budget!
Arc ASS: [2.6] CI/LL Arc crit miner
Arc ASS: [2.6] Sorith's Arc Miner [Crit/Eva/Dodge] [Budget friendly & nice clear speed]
Bladefall SAB: [2.4/5] The Critfall Trapper | Life/CI/LL | Insane 2M+ DPS (Uber / Uber Lab)
Fire Nova Mine SAB: [2.6] Fire Nova Mine - Perfect League Starter - Very Low Budget - Fast Clearspeed - HC Viable
Fire Nova Mine SAB: [2.5]Burn Everything
Fire Nova Mine SAB: [2.5] Fire Nova Mine (cheap)
Fire Nova Mine TRI: [2.6] The Hyperbomber (Zero currency miner. SSF, HC/SC)
Fire Trap SAB: [2.6] What a Shocking Tri-Element Crit Trapper! [Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build]
Frost Bomb SAB: [2.5] [SC/HC] Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn [77-158 less cold res]
Ice Trap SAB: [2.6] The Death Cap (aiming for CI: Uber Atziri viability)
Ice Trap SAB: [2.6] The Unethical Ice Trapper - chaos conversion
Ice Trap SAB: [2.6] The wubwub ice trapper - Life based, 5k+ HP - Eva - Tons Of Damage


CoC Cyclone TRI: [2.6] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone [Blade Flurry Test Video inside ]
CoC Discharge TRI: [2.6] Cospiri's Coc Discharge | HC viable
CoC Discharge ASS: [2.6] Discharge/Firestorm for Shaper/Uber Atziri + Build for Fast Clear Maps included
CoC Discharge ASS: [2.6] THE NEW FAKENER | DISCHARGE | INSANE CLEAR | Cospris Malice | 9k+ ES | STILL TOP TIER
CoC Vortex TRI: [2.5] CI CoC Vortex Ignite
CoC Flicker Strike ASS: [2.6] Terminus Est CoC [Flicker Strike/Cyclone] [Life/Evasion] Over 1M DPS
CoC Vortex ASS: [2.5] The Imploder - Fire conversion CI Endgame, TOP DPS Sub 10s Minotaur-Hydra
CoC Vortex ASS: [2.5][BHC] Windz's Malice CoC Vortex
CwC Bladefall ASS: [2.5] CWC bladefall (crit + poison) CI
CwC Essence Drain ASS: [2.5] Essence Drain Poison Proliferator
CwC Firestorm ASS: [2.5] CI CWC Chaos FireStorm (Crit ver) - Easy Uber Atziri/Guardian/Shaper farm (Budget Available)
CwC Firestorm TRI: [2.5] CI Wither + CWC + FireStorm Chaos/DoT [Atziri/Uber Lab Viable]
CwC Glacial Cascade ASS: [2.5][BHC] Electrozombie's Blight CWC Crit Cold Glacial Cascade | CI | 95% Crit | 585 Multi | HC
CwC Icestorm ASS: [2.6] SR CWC Icestorm Crit CI ASS / 9K+ ES / Fire Conv / 7 Power Ch. / 650%+ Crit Mult. / CC Immune
Discharge TRI: [2.5] Mjolner done right by Rico

Theorycraft Builds

These builds are theorycrafts, therefore, they are not tried and tested. Any queries, please contact the post creator of the theorycraft.

1.2 – 2.4 builds
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Shadow builds, ok.
Vasip wrote:
Shadow builds, ok.

Sorry, currently waiting for it to be pinned and will be populating the list for/from 2.5 (Breach league). There is an archive link to the 2.4 and earlier builds which is the currently pinned post.
Added a Straw Poll to gather opinions of having a 'Featured Build' on the Shadow Build List that would change regularly e.g. weekly, fortnightly etc.
The straw poll will end 06/12/16.
Apologies that management have not been able to change the pinned posts as of yet. Both myself and Bada_Bing have chased it up and we hope it will be done soon.
Nice. Waiting for updates:)
Awesome! Thanks for taking this job after Bada_Bing retired. These lists are must haves when exploring new ideas. Hoping it gets pinned soon.
Take into account this.
Bockris in his Marauder build list specifying capabilities of the build, such as Atziri viable, U-Atziri, etc. It would be nice to see the same here.
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Take into account this.
Bockris in his Marauder build list specifying capabilities of the build, such as Atziri viable, U-Atziri, etc. It would be nice to see the same here.

Thanks for your feedback madivn.
Yes, I had already considered implementing some sort of solution for that so I value the idea. I like the implementation of it in that build list and plan to do something similar.
Thanks again, that's a good idea :D

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