[2.5] Life based Scourge Blade Flurry, the Shaper/Guardians

Hello, i decided to make a thread, Blade Flurry here. Because people seem to confuse in my original post(i got asked a lot with whisper).

Original Post(moved): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1763648


The Shaper

Currently the Shaper is farmable with ASS Blade Flurry

The Shaper tips
I've got to say this first. Even if you have 5.5K Life, you get one-shot from every hit by the Shaper(except for his basic attacks). However, the balls are very easy to dodge even when you're in close range(thanks to temporal chains) and if you're close to him, he will just attack you with his hands; you will be able to dodge almost every his attack, even if you get hit, you won't die in one-shot. When he spawns mobs, put your Wither Totem and Vaal Lightning Trap in the right place, that should be fine. And.. that's all. I didn't even have to worry about where to place Vortex that much, because the DPS was high enough to put him down.

The Guardian tips
*All of guardians are easy once you understand their mechanisms and the map mods matter a lot for map difficulty*

Phoenix: He is not immune to poison nor bleeding, so it won't take long time to kill him. He usually can't hit you at all. The only thing you need to care about is his explosion and the phoenix he spawns. He swings at you(easy to dodge) and then once he is close to you, he explodes after a few seconds and it will kill you in a single-shot, but is very easy to avoid. His phoenix do a way more damage than the boss does, but are very easy to kill, so it shouldn't be much of an issue.
*Immunity to Ignite Flask recommended*

Possible Hard Map Mods
GMP, -Max res, Ele weakness and Inc.AoE

Minotaur: He is immune to bleeding. Which means, you have 40~60% less chance to inflict poison against him(100% against bleeding enemies or with legacy voidheart). Even if you have less chance to poison, it should be easy once you understand his mechanisms. His big swing does shock you(from what i remember), but is very avoidable unless you have lag. If you are not close to him, he will burrow and appear right in front of you or totem/minions after a few seconds and it does one-shot you(you need to run away once he burrows). Keep Fortify on(important) and facetank him if possible.

Possible Hard Map Mods
Damage mods and Inc. AoE

Chimera: He's immune to poison and bleeding. However, that does not mean it takes very long time to kill nor is hard. You will be able to facetank him almost every time(unless the map has vulnerability and poison on hit or something like that) Sometimes he disappears into the smokes, you have to find him or you will die. The hardest part is of course the adds. Most of adds he spawns are easy, but his snakes... You really need not to get hit from the snakes never. I personally think the Chimera fight is the easiest fight of all guardians even with nasty mods.
*Immunity to Bleeding Flask recommended*

Possible Hard Map Mods
Vulnerability, Poison on Hit, Frenzy or Power Charge(this doesn't matter against the boss, because you steal all of his charges, but it becomes a problem in the add phases) and GMP

Hydra: She's immune to poison. It will take longer time than the other guardians. The Hydra fight is easier than you might think. The balls coming at you are very avoidable, but it's quite annoying to dodge and thankfully, it doesn't one-shot you. My advise is that you just have to circle around her in close range; she can't hit you in close range at all. Barrage she fires doesn't one-shot you, but is very hurt. The only thing you need to care about is her big shot(i don't know how to describe this) which will just one-shot you. Grace won't do very much in this fight, Hatred will be better.
*You have to dodge everything if the map has -maximum res or something like that*

Possible Hard Map Mods
-Max res, Ele Weakness, %Extra Ele Damage and Chilled Ground

Ironically and for me, the Chimera and the Hydra fights were easier than the rest of guardians with this build.

Dot damage is very high
Overall cost is not that expensive
Very fun and satisfying to play if you have all the things required
Can do any map mods except for cannot leech maps(physical reflect as well, if you're going physical dmg version)

Some mods are quite rippy. For example, in blood magic map, you'll lose a bunch of suvivability

Life/EV based build(unless you're used to playing life/ev based character, you will have a hard time)
Very squishy

<Chaos ver>
Use Essence Drain and Contagion until you can get Moltem Morsu and Added Choas Damage after that, use Blade Flurry. I used Ornament of the East until level 70, but you can use other descent claws or claws which have chaos damage.

Leveling Passive Skill Tree

<Phy. ver>
Use Frost Blade/Blade Vortex until you can use Blade Flurry. Most of gear choices are very similar to Chaos version. I'd recommend buying 5L Belly of the Beast on both version once you can afford it, because it makes leveling very smoother. Equipping Voidheart at early level won't do very much, but i recommend using it if you have one.

Leveling Passive Skill Tree

Passive Skill Tree
*Grab Acrobatics instead of Iron Reflexes, the tree has been changed*
Passive Skill Tree at Level 91

Phy DMG ver at Level 90(vaal pact)

Phy DMG ver(with atziri's acuity)

Phy dmg version can deal with guardians easily than chaos does.
Chaos dmg version can deal with the Shaper easily than phy dmg does and free from the reflect(it does not mean phy dmg version can't kill the shaper; phy dmg can melt down the shaper, but chaos dmg version does about 10~20 sec faster)

Feel free to choose between life nodes and dmg nodes in Atziri's Acuity skill tree, i have about 6k life currently, so i didn't feel to have more life nodes over dmg nodes.

Bandits(both version)
Help Oak(+40 life)/Help Kraityn(+8% attack speed)/Help Alia(+1 to maximum power charges)

Assassin: Noxious Strike Toxic Delivery Unstable Infusion Deadly Infusion


Chaos ver.(very hard to color)

Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos Damage - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

Wither - Spell Totem - Inc. Duration - Faster Casting
Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Inc. Duration - Ice Golem
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
Temporal Chains - Blasphemy
Grace, Vaal Lightning Trap

Physical ver.(easy to color)

Blade Flurry - Melee Physical DMG - Faster Attacks - Inc. Crit Multi - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect
Warchif Totem - Melee Physical DMG - Faster Attacks - Concentrated Effect
Grace/Hatred, Temporal Chains/Arctic Armor

Wither Totem performs better than Warchief in the Shaper, Phoenix and Minotaur fights, but i have killed all of them with both Warchief and Wither Totem(it doesn't matter that much)

Off Crit. Multi if you have 5L Belly.

Old Gear

Gear(chaos dmg version)

Gear(physical dmg version)

Life, Ele res > Attributes you're missing > Accuracy > Damage

Essential gear
The Scourge, Belly of the Beast and Voidheart

My gear costed like 7~8ex. I bought the Scourge claws when they were like 1~10c(mines were 3c each).
I try not to use expensive gears and personally don't like using them, but here we are :(

1. 5~7% Life(7% life recommended even if you lose some of dps with cheap jewels)
2. Increased Physical Damage/Attack Speed/Minion Damage jewels(such as 16% Increased Physical Damage with One Handed Weapons, Claws...)
3. Increased Damage, Damage Over Time, etc.. etc...

Chaos version jewels are almost as same as phy dmg version(except for that chaos dmg version doesn't use increased physical damage or something like that)

Mines are all under 10c if you wonder :D

Good Alternative weapons if you can't afford 2 scourges
Gorebreaker, The Dark Seer(scourge gives 70% dmg whereas this gives 50% dmg), Singularity(80% dmg when you're close to enemies), Breath of the Council(only for chaos dmg version)

Bone Helmet will give you 30~40% increased damage, 15% increased damage from your gloves with crafted mod. This means you will get 55% increased damage from your gear, and 140% increased damage from your weapons by wielding dual scourge which is 195% increased damage total. This will increase your posion and bleeding damage very high.

Terrible map mods on Chimera ever

Vulnerability, GMP and Poison on Hit on this map were much easier than this. I didn't die, but it took about 15~20 mins to kill lel

Update Notes last updated on Dec 3, 2016
Jewels for chaos/phy dmg versions, guardian tips and phy dmg gems updated on November 28, 2016.
Leveling and some of passive skill tree updated on Dec 3, 2016

*You don't have to follow my skill tree straightly; it is more used for reference. If you manage to hit over(at least) 4.5K dps(not hideout dps) and 5.5K life(and probably lvl 90), you can kill the Shaper. It just requires some experience and skills.*
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Nice colors on the chaos damage Belly of the Beast! I may have to try this out!
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Nice colors on the chaos damage Belly of the Beast! I may have to try this out!

Don't try that version unless you have a bunch of currency you will regret it :P Phy dmg ver can do anything tgat chaos dmg version cam do and much easier to color
Ty for build man! What about bandits here?
nikichgb wrote:
Ty for build man! What about bandits here?

+40 Life(help oak)/+8% Attack Speed(help kraityn)/+1 Power Charge(help alia)
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Dude,this biuld looks really good, but it lacks leveling tips(skill gems and leveling trees)Can you add this for us?Thanks.
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RegisGodfroy wrote:
Dude,this biuld looks really good, but it lacks levelling tips(skill gems and levelling trees)Can you add this for us?Thanks.

Leveling and some of passive skill tree added.
Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Inc. Duration - Ice Golem

How are Endurance Charges being made for this setup?
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Hazzerone wrote:
Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Inc. Duration - Ice Golem

How are Endurance Charges being made for this setup?

Also for a chaos damage setup which of these skill trees do you think is better?

Mathilification's claw tree: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAYBAHX9Fr-MNlVLYeImlYnTcFIqC13yES-Eb-1B4tUV9g2N_MWVZgOHMZ5jQzY98YqdqmyMYqy0xdvnRwby4cLsBbWNv9QjUUc-z73m51Qk_f_eMHyNfSP2TZKjiu4O8kWmV03j_o_YvTWStfJuqtN-fXX-ugBeGY7tgwguSn17w5ARiq9KyD8nVIKj76Q5IuJH4jfU7T8qTQDuhrM64b6nZU29Nkd-hNlqjPVvyBSi2bDY9qMtgxUgLOkZtO96hKIHmVnwTI4yMhCS2Ya8b-tjtUjUQmwI_grjn4d2AAZieRX9jYFLHI_B1gfBoHgZb1c=

Compared to yours: http://poeplanner.com/AAQAAPEWGwB2sNii2cgU9W9qjBa_tNHIDHaCtUgPqySLwzqJ4OZYkx9JE5u1hMUmlWHiVUuMNonTcFIqC13y62MRLzY9napsjGKsDkgRlgcelS7w1UlRAQm42d1Ij_pcQIfLp5t1ns8VtMXC7AW1jb9RR-dUJP3_3jB8jX0j9k2So4ruDu96034AXhmO7YMILn11_rr8xQ2Nh3bjn0p9W68UdRjbLiOTmbueTioj028nmmqPYAZwTp96fyo41CNM_0Mx2sF07QUteu8uU9NvapMZtL6nZU29Nkd-N9TtPxX2YnkABoSiB5lZ8EyOMjIQktmGvG8AABIBAAAUAAIAB9ABAlgBAwMMDQAAAA==

1. We don't generate Endurance Charges; we just use CWDT setup to mitigate reflect and physical damage for a while.

2. You have to compare his build to my physical dmg version. His version is better if you're looking for tankiness and to maintain 5 power charges(for boss fight), you'll have to use Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Crit setup.(assassin's ascendancy 10% isn't enough)

His version: 6K life without Belly of the Beast(this makes his version cheaper), Higher life pool with Belly of the Beast and more reliable flask usage.

My version: 6K life with Belly of the Beast(this makes my version more expensive), Higher dps, Vaal Pact and 100% chance to poison against bleeding enemies.

Both have their merits. I wouldn't say which version is better, because skill tree and gear/gem choices reflect a player's playstyle. And you don't have to follow my skill tree/gens straightly, it's more used for reference.
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Build looks great. Probably gonna use one of my standard chars to try this out and finally do shaper.

Even though a lot of damage comes from DoT could you still show tooltip so I can at least compare my tooltip to something when I try this out.

Also what version did you use for shaper?
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