[2.4] Scourge Lacerate

Hello, i'm really enjoying this build, so i like to share this build with you!

T15 Abyss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_orerdUd9I
T15 Core(2 deaths): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN1d_zFXQDA&feature=youtu.be

Blade Flurry Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1771438

The Shaper(ass)

Currently the Shaper is farmable with ASS Blade Flurry
I will try him with Reave as well.
*Current skill tree is in my profile*

The Shaper tips
I got to say this first. Even if you have 5.5K Life, you get one-shot from every hit by the Shaper(except for his basic attacks). However, the balls are very easy to dodge even when you're in close range(thanks to temporal chains) and if you're close to him, he will just attack you with his hands; you will be able to dodge almost every his attack, even if you get hit, you won't die in one-shot. When he spawns mobs, put your Wither Totem and Vaal Lightning Trap in the right place, that should be fine. And.. that's all. I didn't even have to worry about where to place Vortex that much, because the DPS was high enough to put him down.
+Put the wither totem down while in the Zana's bubble, it will track down the shaper and you will be able to know exactly where he is going. Afterwards, it will be easier to dodge his surprise-attack.

You'll be able to run some of t16 maps with 5L and a 250 pdps sword, but i highly don't recommend it.(it took very long time and i died a lot)
T16 Forge of the Phoenix will be easier than T15 Core(depends on map mods), but it will take much longer time.

*Note that i won't be able to record Atziri, Uber lab or something like that. My computer and internet aren't that good and while recording the game, the ping goes very high like 140~200ms(sometimes it remains) and the lag is real.(i dc a lot) Sorry about that.*

*This guide is made for casual players, so you don't need a godly gear to make this build perform very well. So don't be intimidated by the Shaper down title = expensive gear(7ex total gear cost on ASS version, +1800 chroms to get 3B 3G Belly for Blade Flurry, i was doing well even with 3B2G1R)*

Clear speed is descent
Very cheap to gear
Leveling is very easy if you have right leveling gears
Very fun to play

You won't have a problem with reflect on mobs, but you won't be able to run physical reflect maps
You're only tanky when you're hitting something
-% Less life and mana recovery speed map is your nightmare


Total gear cost: 2ex
You'll need at least 155 str, 155 dex(blood rage) and 113 int(the scourge)

Gear explanations
You're going to need at least +250 pdps one-handed sword(5~10c) and the Scourge to do end game maps.
: We don't attack this weapon, but use this weapon to boost our main hand weapon's dps, bleeding and poison. This is a very nice weapon to us. Not only that, the wolves make mapping a lot funnier :D(+ it's cheap like 1c~10c)

Body Armor
: This body armor is our main survivability boost; 100% increased life leech late makes us a lot more tankier since we don't have any other defense sources except for relying on life leech with Hematophagy

: This is the best ring you can put into your one of ring sockets; it gives us poison and bleeding and both are very nice to boost our dps.
Amulet/rings: Life, Adds to physical damage and resistances/attributes you need
Belt: Life and resistances(rustic sash if you want more dps; if not, as high life as possible)

Gloves: Life, res, attack speed and adds to physical damage(spiked gloves will be nice if you want)
Helmet: Life and res
Boots: Life, res and movement speed

Mana sustain
You will need at least +0.3% of physical damage leeched as mana from somewhere on your gear or jewels.
Rare Items that can have % of physical damage leeched as mana: Amulet, Ring, Gloves and Jewels

5L: Lacerate - Multistrike - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Added Fire Damage/Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

6L: Lacerate - Multistrike - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Added Fire Damage - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Punishment
Whirling Blades - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks - Leap Slam
Warchief Totem - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Blood Lust/Concentrated Effect
Hatred, Herald of Ash, Blood Rage, Flame Golem/Stone Golem

If you have gem slots remaining, then it's your choice. You can use any gem you like.
*Make sure that your Immortal Call and Punishment's level(not gem level, but required level) is lower than Cast When Damage Taken*

Why Punishment if you can't use 2 curses at the same time?

When you can't use Witchfire(out of flask charges or forgot to use your flasks), that setup will give you a lot of dps(think of it as another curse flask).
Even if when you can, it won't be a big deal.

40 life(help oak)/8% attack speed(help kraytin)/passive point(kill all)

Passive Skill Tree
Passive skill tree at early level

At mid-level

At high level

At level 90

Axe version at level 92

Champion: Champion is tankier than Gladiator and can handle Chimera and Minotaur easier than Gladiator
Slayer: Slayer's insane leech and its 20% cull are very amazing.
Gladiator: Clear speed and DPS is better than Champion, but might struggle with immune to bleeding guardians

*You don't have to follow my leveling skill tree! Take skill points that you need at right level!*

*My current passive skill tree is in my profile*
If you want to do high tier maps, Unwavering Stance(immune to stun) is a must-have node(i still didn't take it because i'm still ok with it, but i will probably get it once i get to level 90).

Thanks to Bison's feedback, i got a few ideas(gladiator max block with bor or slayer with insane leech or using blood magic to be more tanky; if possible, hatred with essence worm for more dps or soul taker to solve mana issues) I don't have enough time these days, but i think all of them are very good suggestions. I'd like to test it out!



How to level?
I used many leveling gears and the gears down below are very good to level with.
The Princess: I used this sword until level 20(dual wielding, of course)
The Tempestuous Steel: I used this sword until level 28
Lakishu's Blade: I used this sword until i got +120 pdps swords(just be aware, to use this sword, you're going to need items which have 'increased stun and block recovery'; one of the best items to use this sword to solve the problem is 'DuskToe'

At level 53, i used Prismatic Eclipse until i can use a +250 pdps sword and you will have to use another off-hand weapon or +250 pdps sword until you reach level 70 to use the Scourge.

How does this build work?
Actually, this build is a typical Lacerate build that uses the Scourge as an off-hand weapon. You only attack with your main weapon, because Lacerate only works with Swords and Axes and if your off-hand weapon is not a sword nor an axe, some of weapon's special effects(?) will be added to your main weapon. So, if you have the Scourge, you basically have 70% increased damage(not sure about 15% increased attack speed) I tested it by wielding
; wielding the Scourge as an off-hand weapon had better DPS.

Why not Necromancer or Assassin?
I actually planned this build for Necromancer, CI version. However, i wanted to make it as cheap as possible, so i decided to go life, but i couldn't get enough life nodes with Witch. Then i thought it might be nice if i go Assassin, but it required crit(which will make you spend more currency) to deal and Vaal Pact to overcome reflect or something like that and it was very hard to grab some life nodes.
So, i looked at Duelist and there were Gladiator and Champion. Since i don't use block as main defense i chose Champion over Gladiator and some of Champion ascendancy nodes give us increased damage not just melee or attack damage, so i thought it will be better than both of those.

Witch(necromancer) version
As i mentioned above, i didn't test this version(so expensive and i'm poor :c), so i can't tell you if this version will be great or not. However, if you want to try and test it out, please tell me how the build worked; i will be appreciate it. *This build is completely different from the Duelist build i wrote*

CI(chaos immune and es based character)

Can be very expensive(you're dual-wielding and by not using the shield, you'll have a hard time getting energy shield)
Accuracy rating will be problimetic(i tried CI ASS crit lacerate with Varunastra before, i had like 1000 accuracy from my gear, my accuracy rating was like 83~87% at level 84)
Leveling could be a nightmare

Passive Skill Tree at Level 90

At Level 90(life version and i will be playing this build in the upcoming league)

Necromancer: Mistress of Scrifice, Spirit Eater, Commander of Darkness and Beacon of Corruption
(i have no idea which nodes should i pick first)

You kinda want to get 'Leader ship', which increases the radius of auras you cast. You'll be running 2 curses and even if you're melee, sometimes you'll have to kite around, so i thought that radius will solve the problems(you can change the tree as you like)

You will need a weapon like this:
as main hand weapon
High attack speed and Flat Chaos Damage.
You'll be better off of using 2 scourge claws for Reave.

Chest: At least +700 ES
Helmet: At least +400 ES
Gloves: At least +200 ES
Boots: At least +200 ES
Rings and Amulet: Eye of Chayula or Valyrium and at least elreon crafted +% maximum energy shield
to overcome the lack of energy shield

Setup 1: Lacerate/Reave - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Added Chaos Damage - Void Manipulation - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect(void heart needed and legacy void heart is recommended)
Setup 2: Lacerate/Reave - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Added Chaos Damage - Poison - Void Manipulation/Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

Life version Auras and Curses
Grace with Essence Worm, Vulnerability, Warlord's Mark and Temporal Chains with Doedre's or Grace, Warlord's Mark and Witchfire Brew

Blade Flurry Link
Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks - Void Manipulation - Poison - Added Chaos Damage - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

Offerings: Sorry, but i have no idea how this works, but 'Flesh Offering', this gives you 20%(?) increased attack speed after you consume a corpse.

Curses: Warlord's Mark and Witchfire Brew from flask
Auras: Discipline

*i will update LL version later*

Shadow(assassin) version
Crit and Life Assassin heavily based on Poison.

I assume the DPS will be extremely good(i'm currently leveling a character for this build)
Dot damage is very high
Overall cost is not that expensive
Blade Flurry is OP
Very fun and satisfying to play if you have all the things required
Can do any map mods except for cannot leech maps(some mods are quite rippy; for example, in blood magic map, you'll lose a bunch of suvivability)

Hard to grab Life nodes from the tree(this is why i have to use belly of the beast for this build)
Struggles with the Hydra and the Chimera
Very squishy
You're going to have a problem with life pool if you don't have 3 7% life jewels and are not 90
(i had like 5100 at 88, 5250 at 89, 5550 at 90 and you really want to have as high life gears as possible)
You have to dodge almost everything in end-game maps(this makes the game harder, but with blade flurry, this problem is solved)

*Grab Acrobatics instead of Iron Reflexes, the tree has been changed*
Passive Skill Tree at Level 91(the one i'm using)

Phy DMG ver at Level 90(vaal pact)

Phy DMG ver(with atziri's acuity)

At Level 92(Lacerate)

Phy dmg version can deal with guardians easily than chaos does.
Chaos dmg version can deal with the Shaper easily than phy dmg does and free from the reflect(it does not mean phy dmg version can't kill the shaper)

Assassin: Noxious Strike > Toxic Delivery > Unstable Infusion Deadly Infusion

Lacerate Weapon: something like this:
Flast chaos damage, attack speed and crit chance.
Reave Weapon: Two scourge claws

Gems: Lacerate/Reave - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Added Chaos Damage - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos Damage - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect

Phy ver Gems(now this build is my favorite end-game boss killer over my EK build)
Blade Flurry - Melee Physical DMG - Faster Attacks - Inc. Crit Multi - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect
Warchif Totem - Melee Physical DMG - Faster Attacks - Concentrated Effect
Grace/Hatred, Temporal Chains/Arctic Armor

Wither - Spell Totem - Inc. Duration - Faster Casting
Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Inc. Duration - Ice Golem
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
Temporal Chains - Blasphemy
Grace, Vaal Lightning Trap

It took about 1800 chroms to get 3G 3B Belly of the Beast.
If you don't have 3G 3B Belly of the Beast for Blade Flurry, the gem setup will be
Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks - Added Chaos Damage - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. AoE, Concentrated Effect - Fortify
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Reduced Mana/Culling Strike

Old Gear

Current Gear

Atziri at Level 76(very easy)

Uber lab at Level 76~77(easy)

*Don't use Atziri's Acuity with this build! It's a waste of currency! It only costs 1 passive node to grab Vaal Pact with this tree and it is better to have Accuracy/Attack Speed, Life, Res and crafted Minions Deal % Increased Damage on your gloves!*

You really don't want to use Reave over Lacerate if you don't have 6L to melt down those bosses at that level. If you have 5L, Lacerate works better(even with claw passive tree)

Uses Voidheart.
*I tested Lacerate and Reave; Lacerate seems better than Reave even with claw tree. In terms of DPS, Reave was better, but Lacerate was safer.*

Bone Helmet(
) will increase your dps by 30~40%

Overall differences
Duelist ver
Budget: Low-budget
DPS: Medium-low
Tankiness: Medium-High
Life Pool: Medium-High

Necromancer ver
Budget: High-budget
DPS: Medium
Tankiness: Medium-Low
Life Pool: High

Assassin ver
Budget: Medium-budget
DPS: High
Tankiness: Low
Life Pool: Medium-Low

You can use Reave and Blade Flurry if you have another sword or alternative weapon(southpaw) as Duelist

Good Alternative weapons if you can't afford 2 scourges
Gorebreaker, Death's Hand(only for crit version), The Dark Seer(scourge gives 70% dmg whereas this gives 50% dmg), Singularity(80% dmg when you're close to enemies), Breath of the Council(only for chaos dmg version)

The Shaper and guardians are your skill fight and how you're experienced with them.

I will probably be playing Necro(life) in the upcoming league.

I'm still a newbie who really likes this game(i have only played warbands league and came back at the end of prophecy league), so there could be some mistakes; if you tell me what's wrong and what's right, i will really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.

Update Notes
Updated Physical DMG version(can deal with guardians easily, can kill the shaper, but harder than chaos dmg version)
I just cheked it.. rhe Scourge's price has been risen for some reason, this build is not cheap anymore.. Rip the scourge i sold it for 2 vaal orbs yesterday lel
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Thank you for sharing your build, i'll add it later to the Build list. :)


Try the url tag for the videos, it'll help us lazy readers alot. :D

Try to not cover everything into spoilers, it isn't pretty to look at, some are ok, some are not. Try to find a way to minimize the usage of it. (my opinion)

I would try gladiator with BoR, with that you'll receive a good amount of block, possibly max block. Or Go Slayer for the insane leech and cull, even without the 2h boni from the passtrhough nodes, Slayer is still OP. And the 20sec Onslaught is insane for mapping.

The tree itself looks good so far, but I don't think that non legacy voidheard is that good anymore. If found it not strong enough with my Maxblock Cleave Gladiator... which reminds me I have to talk to Mas about that lol.

If you try Gladiator, voidheart will work a lot better with the blood explosions, that'll boost your mapping speed a lot (Bleed chance). (poison was nearly not notable at all)

I like the punishment usage of this build, the idea is nice.

Random thought, thought about dropping hatered and go blood magic? more life and no mana issues. Or you'll go for this:

That'll also kill your mana issues and its a really great weapon.

ps: sorry that that much feedback :D
█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
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Thank you so much for the feedback!
I had no idea Slayer is that good even without 2h weapons and Gladiator with BoR and Blood Magic are very good ideas(solving mana issues with soul taker is really interesting and i didn't even know how it worked) Thanks, again! I will heed your feedback :D
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Really great and interesting build man. But I like to try it with CI Necromancer. Can you help me with skill tree?
Guinza wrote:
Really great and interesting build man. But I like to try it with CI Necromancer. Can you help me with skill tree?

Yes, of course but i'm kinda busy these days, so i will update the build as soon as possible
(Probably tommorow)
Oh, would be great, I will wait for it
Necro/Ass version updated(i will probably add more if i can spare more time to play the game and i only wrote the basics)
*I updated both version very quick, i will edit if there's something wrong*
Last edited by WarmKitty on Nov 11, 2016, 1:49:03 AM
Some of Assassin and Duelist's ascendancy updated.
Some of Assassin's passive skill tree updated(i did it on mobile, so there could be some mistakes)
Last edited by WarmKitty on Nov 16, 2016, 11:05:55 PM
Shaper Updated

Blade Flurry skill gem setup and passiv is = this gear example?

And bino dagger 2nd weapon?

And look your test in assasin what better?
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