[2.6] Assassin Blade Flurry (or Viper Strike)


Why Viper Strike?
Since the beta I loved the idea of this skill, a mixed physical chaos attack with a nice DoT. 2.1 made this skill very viable ty to poison mechanics and emprowed melee splash.


Weapon: Bino, best non mirrored dagger thanks to regen ability (useful even after nerf) and poison spread; if you can afford a Loath Bane feel free to use it instead of Bino.
Off-hand: Death's Hand, BiS for giving unholy might (extra chaos dmg) and power charges without the need of PCoC.
Head: Rat's Nest. Actually using a Devoto's Devotion cause I found one with the desired enchantment.
Torso: Belly of the Beast since 2.6 nerfed Carcass Jack. (Atziri Splendour for Viper Strike)
Gloves: Maligaro, 90% Facebreacker for damage. I'm now using Acuity cause it's better than Vaal Pact since with Assassin it's simple to cap crit chance.
Boots: Rares to make up for res and life lacking in other uniques.
Belt: Rare Rustic Sash with HP and res.
Amulet: Crit multiplier is very welcomed, also flat phys and life.
Rings: Diamond/Steel with HP and the res needed, the best would be with attack speed, crafted crit or flat physical damage.

Currently using Blade Flurry!
Whirling Blade will provide movement speed and fortify effect.
Auras I suggest Blasphemy Vulnerability + Artic Armour, you can add Hatred, Herald of Ash or Grace on top of that.
Blood Rage will provide frenzy charges (7 with my setup) you can manual cast it or link it to CWDT near to Immortal Call.
Wither Totem & Ice Golem are nice dps boosters.
(Viper Strike is anyway nice dps and top Boss killer thanks to 8sec duration poison.)

MY CHARACTER (I'll keep this updated):

lv91 Tree

Ascendency: Assassin with Toxic Delivery + Deadly Infusion
Bandits: +40HP +8%IAS +1frenzy
4 jewels: life > phys dmg > dmg > ias > chaos dmg > crit dmg > dot

(Blade Flurry):

(Viper Strike):

Blade Flurry - Melee Phys - Inc AoE - Faster Attack - Added Chaos - Void Manipulation
Whirling Blade + Blood Magic + Fortify + Faster Attack
Enlighten + Blasphemy + Vulnerability & Hatred
CWDT (lv1) + Immortal Call (lv3) & Blood Rage (lv7) + Increase Duration
Portal & Ice Golem + Minion Life
Wither + Spell Totem + Faster Casting
(Viper Strike + Multistrike + Melee Splash + Melee Physical + Void Manipulation + Critical Damage)

Stats (with 7 frenzy charge; 4 power charges; Ice Golem; Blood Rage and Unholy Might up)
Blade Flurry: 1mio effective dps at 6 stages including poison (2.2 with conc)
Viper Strike: 155k (95% crit chance and Culling on crit)
Life: 5.2k
75% all ele res
25% evade
30% dodge
15% block

42 points 2 ascendancy

66 points 4 ascendancy

90 points 6 ascendancy

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Feel free to comment and give suggestions.
Till now this build as done several deathless Atziri and clean every kind of map exept for PHYS REFLECT.
I'm leveling with this build right now. gj
Ty, let me know if have problems doing it or suggestions to emprowe it.
can it do uber
Never tryed uber, ever.
It could damage-wise (normal Atziri is down 1/4th every 2sec) but I think it will need a serious amount of potting to resist uber's hit (lightning and fire).

One thing for sure, if you try uber with this, chnage maligaro vuln on hit with a curless one when facing the queen or her spears will rape you badly.
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lv90 updated tree

Don't bother with Fatal Toxin notable, it isn't worthy post nerf.
How Mana is not a problem ?
Atziri Splendour fixes mana with 100 on kill (always full). If you're worried about solo boss, fear not, when you finished mana boss wil have so much poison it will die anyway.
Maybe some leech from tree...

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