[2.5] CI Oro's Flicker Trickster

Hi Everyone,

I've helped some people with Oro's builds in the past but I've never actually made a build guide, so this will be my first.

Oro's Sacrifice has always been a cool item to me, and I love flicker strike as a skill. Additionally, I've found that Oro's Flicker is entirely possible to build with just about every ascendancy- some better than others, but all at least viable.

This will be my Trickster edition of this guide- I may or may not write additional guides, it kinda depends on how well this one goes.

So, without further ado, here is how to build a CI-based Flicker Strike Trickster.

[spoiler="Oro's Sacrifice"]

This is the item you build around.

Here are the important stats:
-No physical damage. You will be dealing 100% fire damage with this build.
-20% chance to ignite. This is important for a reason related to another stat on Oro's.
-10% increased fire and physical damage taken. This sounds painful, but it really isn't a big deal.

And the most important stat:
-Gain a Frenzy Charge if an Attack ignites an Enemy.

That last line means that every time an attack ignites an enemy, you get a frenzy charge. The ignite chance from the item means 2/10 attacks will ignite an enemy, and it is easy to get another 15% chance to ignite from the tree, giving you a 35% chance to ignite an enemy, and therefore a 35% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on hit.

Why is this important aside from getting some charges? Flicker strike.

Normally, Flicker Strike will attack once and then have a short cooldown. This isn't good for clearspeed. However, if you have a frenzy charge, Flicker will take that charge and attack once more. If you then add in Multistrike, you will attack 3 times for every frenzy charge you spend. If you do the math, that means you need to gain a frenzy charge on at least 1/3 of your attacks to sustain Flicker Strike indefinitely. Therefore, you need at least a 33% chance to ignite in order to sustain Flicker Strike.

With this build specifically, accuracy can be a problem when it comes to sustaining frenzy charges. Let's assume you have an 85% chance to hit. If you also have a 35% chance to ignite an enemy, what is your chance to gain a frenzy charge per attack?

% accuracy * % chance to ignite = chance to gain charge on attack -->
.85 * .35 = .2976 -->
29.76% chance to gain a charge on attack.

So, assuming you have 85% accuracy, what ignite chance do you need to reach the magical 33%? Using relatively simple algebra:

% accuracy / % chance to gain charge on attack = % chance to ignite -->
.85 / .33 = .3882 -->
you will need about 39% chance to ignite to sustain with only 85% chance to hit.

Ideally, you will get a good bit more than 33% chance to ignite to accommodate for those unlucky streaks where you don't ignite at all.

Also, it should be noted that an enemy that is already ignited CAN be ignited again. It simply resets the timer on the ignite and recalculates the ignite damage with the new hit. There is an item that will allow you to have multiple ignites on an enemy, but I don't like to use it personally and it could be expensive if you're just starting a new league.

It should be noted that Emberwake has good synergy with The Taming, which I don't have. http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Taming

This section is applicable to any Oro's Flicker build, no matter what ascendancy or whatever.

That's about it as far as Oro's and Flicker Strike are concerned.


[spoiler="Passive Tree, Leveling, and Bandits"]


Here is the fully planned-out end-game tree (not sure how to change the hyperlink to something smaller, if you know how please message me):


If you have any suggestions for the tree, please let me know in the replies.

[spoiler="Leveling Trees"]

30 Points


At this point you're just trying to build the framework for your tree. Leveling uniques and whatnot should carry you here, so you don't need a ton of life or damage from your tree. Grab the sidequest skillpoints as you feel necessary.

50 Points


As you progress, grab all the life nodes you can- you're going to need them. Also grab Elemental Overload, it'll be a nice occasional damage boost.

70 Points


This is the tree just before the stretch to 67 and CI. It's a bit wonky, but it should get the job done until you can make the transition.

88 Points


This is at level 67 when you transition to CI and Oro's. Note that you're taking some of the curse nodes to get the +1 curse notable- that is your next objective.

From here on out, just fill in the rest of the tree as you feel necessary. You may need to grab one of the +30 strength/dexterity nodes to support gear if you don't have enough attributes on your gear.




Oro's requires level 67 to use it, and you can't really use flicker until that level. Additionally, you also have to consider the switch from life to CI. I would suggest making the switch to Oro's and CI at the same time or close to the same time, at or around level 67. You have to get to level 67 using something other than Oro's and flicker strike, so here are some suggestions in order of what I would suggest you do:

-Firestorm (easy to do, and lets you pick up most of the fire nodes on the way) To level with Firestorm, just pick it up at the end of Act 1 and use clarity and a herald to level. Pick up spell gear on the way, and prepare a set of gear to switch over to at level 67.

-Cyclone (if you can do the Normal lab it lets you use movement skills for free. Then you can cyclone with an axe or whatever.) Level up using frost blades or something, then do the lab in Act 3, get the point that makes move skills free, and use cyclone with some cheap leveling gear.

-Infernal Blow or some other melee skill (not a great idea and this works way better when doing a Duelist variant of the build) You will need some kind of mana leech or regen to support it, so blasphemy + warlord's mark might be required.

-Some other leveling method. Abberath's hooves are neat, but I don't have any to try out. You could do some wonky totem leveling setup, but I've never done that so I can't recommend it.

Once you get to level 67, you will need to do a few things.
1. 5-link your Oro's if possible. You can do it with a 4-link if absolutely necessary, but a 5-link is ideal. 6l would be icing on the cake, but it is not necessary.

2. Spec into CI. Undo all of the life points you've gotten so far and put them into getting CI and several ES nodes, as well as Ghost Reaver. Put on all the ES gear you have available. You don't need a linked chest or even a socketed chest for this as long as your Oro's is linked. To start, you should have at least 3k ES.

3. Start using your Oro's, ideally in Dried Lake to get a few more levels.

Soon after that, you will want to do the following:
1. Get your Cruel and Merciless Ascendancy points. Uber can wait for now.

2. Get better ES gear. Vaal regalia requires level 68, hubris circlets and sorceror's gloves require 69.


Normal: Kill all. This is CI, so you don't need life. You won't spend any mana so you don't need mana. Your gear should cover your resists.

Cruel: Help Kraityn. You want that attack speed bonus, and physical damage and cast speed don't help at all.

Merciless: Help Kraityn. That extra Frenzy Charge will help a lot!


[spoiler="Gearing and Gems"]
To start, you will need an Oro's, preferably 5 linked. If the league has been going for a while, try to find one with very high elemental DPS (on poe.trade sort by EDPS). You can spend a lot buying the nicest one, or you can spend an alch or two for one almost as nice. Oro's are VERY, VERY cheap.

For the helmet, ideally you can buy a Hubris Circlet with a Flicker Strike enchant, like this one. Just chaos-spam until you get something usable. The base item with enchant is actually not too expensive because Flicker isn't super popular. Maybe around 10c.

As for a chest piece, just find something with high ES and some resists. Chaos-spamming a Vaal Regalia is a good idea here:

Gloves-wise, I prefer gloves crafted with an Essence of Insanity for the 16% more attack speed. These are usually at least 10c if you want a remotely decent pair.

On the boots, find a cheap pair with high ES and resists. You don't need movement speed because you can flicker/leap slam everywhere, but movespeed is nice to have. Boots like these are relatively cheap and effective:

Amulet- just use an Eye of Chayula. You could use a Valyrium if you have to, but rings are actually a large source of damage so I don't recommend it.

Rings- These are where a lot of DPS comes from believe it or not. I haven't leveled my character fully yet, but I plan to grab 1 or 2 opal rings for the 20-30% elemental damage implicit. Otherwise, look for ES, attack speed, fire damage, and resists. NOTE: You may also want to get some accuracy because that is something this build kinda struggles with. Normally I go Resolute Technique with Flicker, but I wanted to do Elemental Overload on this character, which requires accuracy.

Belt- Find a belt with strength, ES, and resists. A crystal belt is ideal, but you can make do with something else.

Jewels- Prioritize fire damage and attack speed, maybe accuracy rating (we aren't RT and we don't get a ton of dexterity :-/ ). %ES also helps, and you can pick up any attributes/resists you might need.


In Oro's:
Flicker, Multistrike, Melee Splash, Weapon Elemental Damage, Fire Penetration, (6l optional, faster attacks or something)

In Gloves:
Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Fortify, something else (vaal discipline maybe)

In Helm:
Blashpemy, Warlord's Mark, Flammability, Enlighten (level 2 or higher)

In Boots:
CWDT, Immortal Call, Vortex (for the chill!), Lightning Golem

In Chest:
Discipline, whatever else you want. If you want another attack setup for cyclone or whatever, put it here. Coloring the chest will be hard.


[spoiler="Why Trickster?"]
I chose Trickster for this build because of the attack speed bonuses, the extra frenzy charge, and the free movement skill perk. It also gives you lots of extra ES, which helps tremendously when you're CI. The free movement skill node also lets you reserve 100% of your mana, which is awesome and lets us do double curses while also using discipline.

Pending :-/

Flicker Strike stats

Defense in town

Defense in Hideout


[spoiler="Things to Remember"]
Stats are kinda hard to get, and you might need to look for Dexterity and Strength on your gear.

Accuracy is a problem, so look for one or two good accuracy rolls on your gear.

Map mods you shouldn't do:
-No Leech (doable, but rippy)
-Ele reflect (lol, just don't)
-Enemies are immune to status ailments (breaks frenzy generation :-/ )
-Enemies are immune to curses (warlord's mark = leech, no WM = no leech)

Flicker Strike calculates damage for every hit rather than per second, so I have no idea what the DPS is.
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Seems like a fun build. Currently exploring options for Legacy. How far have you been able to get with this build in Breach?
Currently, with the planned tree you'll only have 62% chance to hit at lvl 83 without any accuracy on gear. Helm with 350 accuracy paired with 2 rings for 300 accuracy nets you a 85% chance to hit which boosts your overall dps by 30K approximately. Having those items and dropping arsonist cluster and picking Depth Perception(accuracy cluster near shadow frenzy cluster) results in 90% hit chance which nets you higher dps than with arsonist. You'll end up with higher dps CI going slayer life rather than trickster ci.
EDIT: Apparently, i was wrong, you're ending up with roughly the same tooltip as a slayer(with kaom's heart), you lose EHP in terms of CI>Life currently, but you gain onslaught and 20% culling which can be considered as a dps boost, especially for bosses.

EDIT: I had a trickster at lvl 75, respecced it into a hybrid life/es just to try the damage output because i don't have sufficient ES gear on standard and it seems to be okayish this far, if i'll swap rings and belt for WED ones with some added fire(at best) - dps will be sufficient enough for running up to tier 9-10 maps, i guess.
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Hy im currently doing this build in legacy wondering if anyone could help me out in making it a little bit stronger. Im not to the point of flickering everywhere yet but only 15 lvls off need help bad!!'
Igbore the "hy" xD
Hey I was just wondering how you were planning on making double curses work with blasphemy while also using discipline? Is a lvl 2 enlighten enough? And it doesn't leave much mana left over to cast your golem

Otherwise great build I'm having a ton of fun with it. I went with the warlord's mark and discipline over flammability.
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what about flask ?
necf wrote:
Hey I was just wondering how you were planning on making double curses work with blasphemy while also using discipline? Is a lvl 2 enlighten enough? And it doesn't leave much mana left over to cast your golem

I just tried it and it's not. I needed a level 3 to make it work. Or you could probably also rework the passive tree to take the Charisma or Sovereignty clusters.
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Here's a true story.
I open up this page.
I click on Videos.
I see: Pending :-/
I close the page.
I come back to tell you all about it.
Moral of the story: don't be lazy.
It's no effort and takes no time at all to capture your screen and upload 2 minutes of gameplay to youtube.
No vids, tree links lead to the empty pages, nice guide.
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