[2.6] The Death Cap, Poison Ice/Fire Trapper [UBER ATZIRI viable][VIDEO]

Hi guys. As everyone here creates some fancy build names I welcome you to my new build

The Death Cap

... :P

Build Info

This is an Ice Trap build which uses the commonly used Pyre to convert 40% cold damage to fire. We need Cold->Fire Support Gem to make it to 90%. Also we use 2x Consuming Dark to convert 60% of it's damage to chaos, which then can poison the enemies.
Alternatively, you can use Fire Trap instead of Ice Trap (allowing to drop Pyre and Cold->Fire Gem for Added Chaos Damage) but Fire Trap means higher cooldown and for fast paced players it might be annoying. In the end the damage can be better since the 2.6 nerfs.

A huge upside vs bladefall trappers is that

a) we have a much lower cooldown (-> more traps when mana allows),
b) we can use Elemental Overload for 40% more non-double dipping damage,
c) and we dont need Coated Shrapnel Jewels (-> so more life or/and double dip jewels).

Numbers against bosses with 20/20 gems [After 2.6 it's around 20% less]

DPS vs Shaper (25 Chaos Res, 60% curse effect reduction, no Shock): 520k
DPS vs Atziri (15 Chaos Res, 60% curse effect reduction): 1,1M
DPS vs Mobs:

Build Background

The main reason i came up with this build is because my old build was cool when farming shaper but had to struggle with uber atziri because of ignite immunities. i want this league to head towards Uber Atziri.

Build Features


1) Safe mapping (up to T16? We will see)
2) ~30% Eva + much Dodge via Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics and Atziri's Step (Life Version)
3) 1x Purity for nice Res boost (Life Version)
4) Atziri/Uber Izaro faceroll.
5) Reflect proof!
6) Uber Atziri viable (as CI)


1) Mana hungry, you probably will need 4 nodes from tree in mana nodes. Mana regen on gear is great. The CI Version has better mana regen tho.
2) no speedy gonzales map clearer. I can clear maps and breaches fast tho, so it's OK
3) between 4k-5k life can be dangerous. So in the future we want CI/LL, but that's expensive
4) breaches as CI sux. you will need vaal discipline(s) ready or you will die.


Life Tree

CI Tree

CI Tree without Frenzy Charges but more defensives

Use any jewel with Trap/Area/Inc/Chaos Dmg + Life%/ES% for the few slots. All these double dip. As Breach is still early they're expensive and i recommend picking at least Life%/ES% and then maybe 1 mod + Mana or something

1) Bomb Specialist
2) Chain Reaction (!!! VERY IMPORTANT)
3) Blinding Assault
4) Born in the Shadows


to come


Normal: Oak (CI: Kill)
Cruel: Kill
Merciless: Kraityn (CI: Only Kill, when having the no-Frenzy Charge Version)


Auras: Purity - Temporal Chains
Maybe running Temporal Chains + Enfeeble is better, once you have +1 Curse Amulet, but that's far in the future for me.



Ice Trap Radius Enchant kicks ass for Ice Trap builds, because more overlapping explosions. Not necessary tho. Just go for life+res here. In the CI build maybe Heretic's Veil or high ES rare.



build starts shining with a 6L.
BiS is 6L Belly (because we want to squeeze every life out of this slot).
for CI obviously a 6L Vaal Regalia

Ice Trap
Aoe / Conc Effect
Void Manipulation <- great synergy with consuming dark/poison
Cluster Traps <- also in boss fights, because thanks to Saboteur all traps explode simultanously
Trap Damage
Cold to Fire

Weapon / Off Hand

mandatory, or 0 dmg.


rares... life and res please.


once you have enough res on other gear you can put in

for more speed and 14-16% (!) more spell dodge.


Pyre is obviously mandatory. the rest is just for life and res.


for CI you want Crystal Belt with Strength crafted on it via Essences, because we only lack strength in terms of attributes.


Atziri's Promise gives much dmg but i mainly do it to kill the trash @ atziri smoothly. otherwise these chaos-shooters can hurt. for CI i would go for other flasks obviously.


in day 2 of the league i had no 6L of course but i started clearing atziri already. how?
i started out with bladefall+trap support, instead of ice trap+void manipulation. because i had no 2x consuming dark (at league start around 15-20c and i couldnt afford 2 of them). then i had 2x consuming dark and switched to a 5L body chest, which was like 4c at this time. later in the league you get them for free. so you can also use a 5L, it's already very strong (6L adds like 40% damage). without 2x consuming dark i recommend bladefall+trap support
WARNING: using bladefall means you have zero benefit from Elemental Overload, so pick up the EO node not too early!

you can buy a 5L bow for like 1-2c and then use an essence of Woe on it for additional spell damage%. 5L is already veeery much enough for atziri. you can additionally use a quiver for nice res+life+crit

1) no 2x consuming dark? 5L bow with bladefall+trap support.
2) no 6L? np, 5L does the job (loss of 40% dmg)

Advertising other builds:
2.5 Fantasy of a Guardian, Poison BV as a LL Guardian, can do any content
2.5 Righteous Wormhole, self-cast Vortex Chieftain with perma RF, casual tanky mapper
2.5 Unicorn Fountain, Non-Meta MoltenStriker (highest DPS build i had so far), can do any content
2.5 The Death Cap, Poison Ice Trapper, Uber Atziri farmer
2.5 -273,15 °Crit Trapper, Igniting Ice Trap
pre 2.5 Vortex LL Occultist with huge ES Recovery

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I'm really interested in starting this build on Temp Breach HC, Got around 2-3 EX atm. I didn't see thou a gem/links section. So its pretty annoying to look onto each item. However I'm thinking about going CI, just life is pointless atm.
yea will maybe edit this some day

added an alternative CI tree
Yeah, interested to see how this turns out...
ok just so you know this build already did uber atziri, but on standard. tested it on my universal build-tester char with Level 80 Lol

came up with this gear


so you see it's not the best gear at all.
1) vaals are no problem as long as you don't fight the enraged one with like 80% hp. and then again you circle it/dodge so you don't get destroyed by his spells
2) trio is easiest part. first girl, then fire guy and the bleed guy is with perma blind and other flasks mostly facetankable
3) damage from CI (no frenzy charge version) is definetly enough to fast kill the split phase. with enough movement speed you can dodge nicely atziri's spells and you beat her.

will up video as soon as i kill her on BSC 8]
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beat her with my final ES gear on BSC. have few deaths @ vaals (i guess i have to pick up eye of chayula, stun is killing me even with Kiara's) but trio and atziri was deathless. very easy done. i clear the trash not very fast tho. the whole run took like 18 minutes with 4 deaths.
will upload a video once i do a smooth run.

peace out

PS: my gear

final ES tree

Edit: added now an uber atziri fight preview in video section, full run coming soon
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ok guys upped a full uber atziri run. have fun

I'm basically running this build in BSC, but at a much lower budget until I can grind out some better gear. Anyway - what are you looking at in terms of jewels? +trap dmg, + fire/cold dmg, life, etc?
i covered jewels in the Passives section
in terms of damage you should only pick the double dipping mods and not fire or something.
primary u want also life/ES ofc.

i picked 2x Hair Trigger with CI Version now because otherwise the clearspeed is not so good as we lose the Master Sapper area from the bottom tree (Trap trigger radius affects apparently the Saboteur's Chain Reaction node)
How does the build fare in breaches? HAve you tried any of the bosses?
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