[2.5] Righteous Wormhole [Self-cast Vortex][Video inside]

Hi guys. As everyone here creates some fancy build names I welcome you to my new build

The Righteous Wormhole

Luxury Version of this Build is in the Spoiler below.
It has an endurance charge-independent regen, around 15-20% more damage (because it's low life)
I recommend it for players with high budget.
But it's for Guardian (Templar) so when you're rich, you better start directly with building a Guardian


In the following you find the Chieftain (Non-Luxury) Version:

Build Info

This build uses Chieftain's huge Strength-gain & life regen via Endurance Charges to maintain RF, get high life pool and thanks to

deal high damage without many damage nodes from the tree.

Each STRENGTH Point gives us 0,325% increased (Spell-) Damage.
As we use Vortex for our main damage igniting skill, spell damage is a double dipper.

And you all know that RF gives higher MORE SPELL DMG than any gem available.

We put our Vortex gems into

so we can use Kaom's Heart for high life gain.

Numbers against bosses with 19,20 (Q20) gems

DPS vs Shaper (45 Fire Res, 60% curse effect reduction, no Shock + RF): 400k
DPS vs Atziri (30 Fire Res, 60% curse effect reduction + RF): 1M
DPS vs Mobs:

Build Features


1) Safe mapping (up to T16)
2) 8k Life+
3) Atziri/Uber Izaro faceroll.
4) Reflect proof!
5) Sweet Life Regen
6) up to 1,4M DPS
7) 2x Purity


1) Close range
2) no speedy gonzales map clearer. Fast enough imo.
3) Can be expensive

Gem Summary

2 come, until then check Gearing section please


Defense (7 End Charges, all flasks up, Stone Golem, Dried Lake Merciless)

Offense (Hideout, RF, Inc AoE)

Offense (Hideout, RF, Conc Effect)

Offense (Dried Lake Merciless, RF, Conc Effect+Elemental Overload)


Lvl 90 Tree

Use any jewel with Spell+Shield/Spell/Fire/Inc Dmg/Area Dmg + Life% for the 6 slots. All these double dip.

1) Ngamahu
2) Ramako (now you are ready for RF at a certain level)
3) Hinekora
4) Tawhoa


2 come


Normal: Oak
Cruel: Kill
Merciless: Oak


Auras: Purity of Fire - Purity of Lightning



- Enchantment is not needed
- 30% MORE on Helmet is needed

Chance to Ignite
AoE / Conc Effect
Controlled Destruction



You can also go for stuff like

But a 6L is not even stronger than 4L Helmet (yes, it's funny).

Weapon / Off Hand

Both are mandatory.
Doon will give you everything u want (STR, bit of cast speed, lots of DMG)
RotF will give you the needed max fire res.


Repentance! When you don't have Elemental Weakness on Hit Corruption it's still ok.
Go use Flammability+Blasphemy if you can find yourself gem sockets (which is not easy) and drop Purity of Lightning.


Plain Life/Str/Res source. I think leech enchantment is same good as life% Regen because we don't need a mana potion this way and our life regen is fine anyway.


Pyre is necessary for Vortex.
Astramentis sadly too, because otherwise you won't have enough INT for Repentance.

The second ring is just a stat/res/life source.

This one is also sweet:


Rare... STR+Life+Res please.


A sulfur instead of Stibnite is probably better. you need something to remove vinktar's shock. when you don't have a vinktar just use vaal lightning trap for bosses. but vinktar adds a lot of clearing speed, too.


Uul Neto Run
Note: I forgot EO at the bossfight, so usually it's 40% More dmg lol

Advertising other builds:
2.5 Fantasy of a Guardian, Poison BV as a LL Guardian, can do any content
2.5 Righteous Wormhole, self-cast Vortex Chieftain with perma RF, casual tanky mapper
2.5 Unicorn Fountain, Non-Meta MoltenStriker (highest DPS build i had so far), can do any content
2.5 The Death Cap, Poison Ice Trapper, Uber Atziri farmer
2.5 -273,15 °Crit Trapper, Igniting Ice Trap
pre 2.5 Vortex LL Occultist with huge ES Recovery

Hi guys

inspired by a recent build
i came up with some ideas
The build will run permanently RF (around 13% regen after RF degen) and actually be a flameblast caster
calculated HP will be 8,7k and will sit at 810 STR

Here is the tree, it's almost the same as in the build linked above


peak calculated DPS of FB's ignite: 1,44M Fire damage (so a total burst of 7,1M Damage with full ignite duration)

taken into account:

all gems 20/20

+30% Res of Enemy
-50% Res (Elemental Equilibrium)
-10% Res (Repentance with Ele Weakness on Hit, w/ -60% boss curse effect)
-24% Res (Scorching Ray Totem)
-10% Fire Pen (from Chieftain Node)
+Gear AND Tree Nodes, 6xJewels (i know, that Spell damage is not double dipping)
+30% More ele dmg from helmet
+40% More ele dmg with elemental overload
+990% more Spell damage at maximum FB stage

RF damage will be:
142k (EE, EO, ele weakness active, conc effect+burning dmg+ele focus and tree/gear)
170k with Scorching Ray, which i don't consider the normal case when running through packs in maps
I think 140k is enough to run around in maps and burn most things fast down so i barely have to cast flameblast, am i right?


Gearing will be as following:


Conc Effect/AoE
Chance to Ignite
Faster Casting?

This is the main skill. I wonder if i should pick controlled destruction over faster casting, never played a FB char before but i read that faster casting is crucial.

Another benefit from 4L is that FB mana cost will be very low


everything which is good to sustain RF and get good life. also nice dmg boost since we will hit more than 800 STR


can be used since we have our main skill in helmet... over 1k HP extra


Essence Worm ring for PoF lvl 21 so we have +5% max fire res. We have blood magic so PoF will be our only aura.
Rest is for stats, res and life.
Astramentis will enable us to use Repentance :-)

Gloves and Boots/Belt

huge damage source, iron will will give us with 810 Strength 162% Spell damage!!
Corruption makes it an insane item, as we won't run blasphemy. cursing manually is lame :P

just a plain res, life, str source.


1) %life
2+3) double dipping mods


any thoughts?
pure elementalist casters have similar damage outputs but i have a nice life pool and nice life regen.

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Definitely looking forward how this will work out, btw i would drop faster casting in favour of more damage on flameblast. If you focus a bit more on RF and aoe than me, it could easily be used for clearing trash and a damage focused flameblast will oneshot any rare/unique monster with less than 5 stacks in the aforementioned setup.

On bosses with Ignite double dipping its easy oneshot most of the time.

Need videos !
ign:Aka/WindREEP/Equoris/DevilsmilE/TheLastHour/BigFuckinMaulMan and a lot more.
ok guys here is a small preview (+45% monster life):

i switched to Vortex-Chance to Ignite-Controlled Destruction-Conc/AoE Helmet with 30% MORE Ele dmg.

damage is pretty solid and im running around with 8400 HP. After RF it's ~8% regen, this isn't soo much. without repentance i could drop a lot of stats gear and also get kaoms way
but at cost of 50% dmg, it's not worth it :P

gear conclusion:
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ok my final version of this character is online. i tested much but this here is very minmaxed.

Have fun, will add some videos later on
hi i'm trying this build on standard, seems pretty strong! the damage is insane and it's quite tank
i will try the guardians in the next days. anyway ty for sharing this amazing build!

have you considered Empower(lev 3+) istead Chance to ignite? with flammability and the ignite chance from the skilltree i still have 42% chance to ignite which is not too bad
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added a high budget luxury version of this build
it's with guardian and not marauder, tho.

to me it feels more tanky, and the boss performance is better because you have the same (or better) regen independent from endurance charges. damage is also a bit better because we are running on LOW LIFE (Shav's 6L required)
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