[2.6][10M Dmg] Unicorn Fountain (Molten Striker) [easy T16/Uber Atziri]

Hi guys. As everyone here creates some fancy build names I welcome you to my new build

The Unicorn Fountain

... :P

Build Info

This build is for the Assassin, using Molten Strike to apply flat chaos damage (Added Chaos Damage Gem, Sword with added flat chaos damage, jewelry with added flat chaos damage)

The chaos damage will then poison the enemy by Poison Support Gem. Alternatively you can go for Mortem Morsu claw and get Void Manipulation in your 6L.

By the +3 Projectiles enchantment on a helmet you can acquire together with Dying Sun or Wildfire Threshold Jewel up to 8 Projectiles per strike. With a Lvl 20 Moltenstrike each projectile will deal 87,96% of your damage!

As this is a crit build we will love to use the new shield

-> 100% Hit -> no accuracy nodes on tree needed, expensive accuracy gear and much higher damage in the end.

Numbers against bosses with 19,20 (Q20) gems

DPS vs Shaper (25 Chaos Res, 60% curse effect reduction, no Shock): 900k
DPS vs Atziri (15 Chaos Res, 60% curse effect reduction): 2,1M
DPS vs Mobs:

I theorycrafted a lot with other ascendancies (Berzerker, Raider) but Assassin has by far the highest damage. Life versions are possible too, with Cospri's Will you can drop the poison gem to have a pseudo 7L.
For example Berzerker Life-Version without crit will have 30% of assassin's damage, but of course you have berzerker's 100% Leech (if anyone is interessted i can make a topic for this here, but CI has best eHP imo)

Build Features


1) Safe mapping (up to T16)
2) Temporal Chains
3) Atziri/Uber Izaro faceroll.
4) Reflect proof!
5) Uber Atziri viable! When you can beat Uber Atziri you can beat 100% of the remaining content (hydra / chimera will be hard tho)
6) up to 3M DPS


1) Melee, you can get hit. For mapping I do use Spectral Throw, for safeplay.
2) no speedy gonzales map clearer. The big action comes when you fight bosses 1v1 because of hilarious high single target damage
3) only around 8,5k ES can get you killed
4) not for starters, positioning is important

Gem Summary


Molten Strike
Faster Attacks
Added Chaos Dmg
AoE / Conc
Poison (or Void Manipulation with Claw Version)

Molten Strike
Faster Attacks
Added Chaos Dmg
AoE / Conc


Blade Vortex
Power Charge on Crit (IMPORTANT)

Temp Chain
Vaal Lightning Trap

2L+2L (RRRB)
CWDT+Flame Golem
Spell Totem+Wither

3L (RBB)
Inc Duration
2x Vaal Discipline

Shield Charge/Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks


2.6 Lvl 90 Sword Tree

Lvl 90 Mortem Morsu poisoning Claw Tree

Lvl 91 Vagan Foil Tree, best version so far

Use any jewel with Projectile/Area/Inc/Chaos Dmg + ES% for the 4 slots. All these double dip.

1) Unstable Infusion
2) Deadly Infusion (now you have a lot of Crit)
3) Noxious Strike
4) Toxic Delivery (here comes the insane damage)


to come


Normal: Kill
Cruel: Kill or Kraityn, i usually recommend Kraityn
Merciless: Alira


Auras: Discipline - Temporal Chains
Maybe +Arctic Armour some day when you have too much mana.



Don't play this build without this Enchantment, it's the core.
Buy a iLvl 84 Hubris with this enchantment and throw in some woe essences to get good ES.



build starts shining with a 6L, when you only have a 5L i would recommend dropping Poison Gem and get Mortem Morsu claws instead (free poisoning).

Molten Strike
Aoe / Conc Effect
Added Chaos Damage
Faster Attacks
Poison (with Mortem Morsu pick Void Manipulation)


I must say when not doing uber atziri or shaper I like to use Spectral Throw for trash mobs, the damage is still good enough and for bossing you can swap back your original chest.

Weapon / Off Hand

great is a jewelled foil with Chaos dmg, crit, EXPLICIT crit multi and attack speed. get a sword so you benefit from Fatal Blade wheel (bottom right). for starters claws are cheap to acquire via Rapid Rhoa card



~8% extra Damage (with Culling Strike), tweaked tree, Void Manipulation in 6L !!! Go for it!


mandatory or you sit at 70-80% hit, which is very very bad.


with a kickass vagan foil like this (purchased for few chaos orbs) you can drop lycosidae, pick ES shield and drop many many ES nodes resulting in having more damage nodes from tree.
in the end i was slightly above mortem morsu's damage
this option requires careful calculation of your own damage (i made my own excel sheet)
only go for this option when you know what you're doing. in the end i did stick to this, because i had more ES and more damage.


rares... ES and res please.


rares... ES and res please, ideally open suffix so you can craft Strength on them (bottleneck in this build)


Valyrium for stun immunity, the rest should give you res and ES, crit and crit multi on amulet is LUXURY, not needed ofc but nice to have. Also if you have open prefixes you can craft +flat chaos dmg and this will give you ~5% dmg boost per craft.


crystal belt ... so good.


I started out the build without Dying Sun and without Vinktar, it's definetly not needed. Problem with Dying Sun is you also raise your AoE -> against small enemis the damage gain by +2 extra projectiles is not so high as one would expect. For Uber Atziri instance it's great tho. Wildfire Threshold Jewel is probably superior to Dying Sun.



With a +1 Curse Amulet and Lvl4 Enlighten you can run 2x Blasphemy and Discipline, still will have enough mana to molten strike all the way through bosses.

Vs bosses it's no gain of damage but you clear trash faster because trash doesn't have curse effectiveness reduction and they suffer full damage from 44% Projectile Weakness (Increased damage taken = MORE damage)


Best Luxury-Setup so far:

if you want extra 500 ES pick crystal belt, otherwise The Retch for better movement and flask management. unfortunately the added chaos dmg is a noob trap and will barely add damage, but from time to time it's a small boost

typical flask setup (not using vinktar at all)


for speed clearing still:

Tree (Lvl 91 right now):

With Flasks up (8 projectiles, onslaught), bleeding&maimed enemy, shock I deal a peak of 10,7M Dmg after one second attack (with full poison duration, 103% skill effect duration). DPS is 3,3M. Uber Atziri bosses melt almost instantly


Uber Atziri (sloppy)
Mortem Morsu Claw Version: 2,5M DPS vs shocked Enemies
Using another 6L for Spectral Throw clearing (not stronger, but safer)

T16 Phoenix

T16 Poison Immune Hydra



Advertising other builds:
2.5 Fantasy of a Guardian, Poison BV as a LL Guardian, can do any content
2.5 Righteous Wormhole, self-cast Vortex Chieftain with perma RF, casual tanky mapper
2.5 Unicorn Fountain, Non-Meta MoltenStriker (highest DPS build i had so far), can do any content
2.5 The Death Cap, Poison Ice Trapper, Uber Atziri farmer
2.5 -273,15 °Crit Trapper, Igniting Ice Trap
pre 2.5 Vortex LL Occultist with huge ES Recovery

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updated the thread with an additional Mortem Morsu claw version.
it's stronger than the sword version because you gain some chaos dmg from tree and void manipulation in 6L (instead of Poison support). also as mortum morsu is cheap af you can try corrupting it to culling strike or just buy it for 10-20c ...

Also added Uber Atziri Video, sloppy version. spectral throw for trash clearing.
didn't really watched some mobs and got killed 1 time by trash and 1 time by bad movement at atziri herself. pretty easy to do it deathless.
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added a luxury segment in gearing section with +1 curse amulet & Lvl 4 Enlighten
giving us projectile weakness

---> losing some other stats tho, in the end it's ~15% more damage against trash mobs and equal damage vs bosses: win!

Last edited by airparisderjesus on Jan 3, 2017, 2:12:06 PM
added a luxury alternative with high ES shield and vagan sword, enabling us to pick up sword-crit-wheel at the bottom right and dropping a lot of ES nodes.

right now sitting at 10,7M Dmg after one second attacking, best setup I had so far.
I had the exact same idea, was surprised to see someone else had thought of it.

I'm thinking of how to fit in Slower Projectiles, being another free more multiplier and the proj speed downside not affecting Molten Strike. Perhaps getting rid of Faster Attacks in favor of Slower Proj and getting more attack speed on tree.

As for Poison, still figuring out if Voidheart + Assassin or just Mortem Morsu.

this build is highly minmaxed.
no attack speed gem is the best you can do right here, slower projectiles won't be better in damage. also dropping nodes in tree results in having less dmg/crit multi or less ES and neither it's worth it AND additionally can't compete with faster attacks gem

i also had the idea with voidheart but the problem is:
Melee Attacks have (20-40)% chance to Poison on Hit

your projectiles are not [Melee], only the ~melee~ portion of molten strike is, but the actual damage comes from the projectiles obviously so it's crap for us, otherwise it would be huge.
(reference is the molten strike wiki entry)

mortem morsu vs foil needs careful calculation. only a foil with great stats (+ vagan mod) can be better than mortem morsu, if you can't do the maths yourself i suggest you just stick with mortem morsu and be sure that it will do enough damage.

the vagan mod on foil let's you drop lycosidae -> you can pick ES shield -> you can drop a lot of ES nodes to pick more damage nodes. in the end you should be slightly above mortem morsu's damage. but you have to calculate it yourself if it's worth it (the final setup i have shown is worth it).

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updated guide for 2.6

- tree adjusted (hard to believe but changed to tree and sword cluster fucked us here, we lose some damage for the sword versions and therefore mortem morsu is probably the best way to go now)
- added "Wildstrike Threshold Jewel" as an option to replace Dying Sun

Please guys, note here: +2 Projectiles sound great BUT increasing the AoE is bad for molten strike especially when it comes to 1 vs 1. shaper for example has a small "body area" and therefore you want your area as low as possible.
Also remember: using Wildstrike means losing great double dipping mods from rare jewels.

When you have Dying Sun, use it. When you don't have it, use 1x Wildstrike for transition. (For Mapclearing Dying Sun+ 2x Wildstrike is probably the best option atm)
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I am currently leveling a version of this in Legacy. I've been leveling as dual wield/life/frost blades. Just switched to molten strike at level 46. Having fun so far!

Would you be willing to explain your utility links a bit more in depth? I don't really get the blade vortex setup. And does the blasphemy setup need to be linked to Vaal Lightning Trap/Discipline for some reason? Or could those be two separate 2-links?

Also, I think the socket colors are mislabeled for the 5L (RRGGB). I think it should be listed as RRGBB, since you're using AoE or Conc in addition to Added Chaos.

Thanks for the build guide!
Very interesting build. Do you have a leveling tree guide?
Why do you have those two int nodes coming from coldhearted calculation, the tree is connected without them.

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