[2.5 BSC] The CI Hipster Blighter

Hello, everyone! I'm Daniel, and this is a build I've been using with the intention of making Blight more useful and the good old ED build less boring. It is not the best build but rather an all-rounder that has performed well on everything I've done so far.

As a heads up, I'm a fairly new player for endgame content, and I haven't come around to buying T14+ maps and such. So I've only done the maps that I have dropped.


+ Can run almost all map mods without issue
+ Extremely flexible gear-wise
+ Awesome AoE clear
+ Only person in the vicinity using Blight

- Damage is not the greatest for single target
- Hates groups. Really. This is a lone wolf build
- No VP/GR so has to play defensively
- Can't run No Regen maps without greatly hindering your speed
- Aurabots do very little for you offensively

What I've done so far

- Easily farm Atziri (Haven't tried uber yet)
- Uber Lab on farm
- All shaper guardians
- T15 Kaom Twinned
- 111/126 Atlas thus far
- Tul/Esh/Xoph


I'll try to record some of the things I do to show the working!

How the build works

The idea is to use Blight + Cast While Channeling + ED to get around the usual slowness of pure ED builds. It becomes even better if you manage to fit The Consuming Dark in! (Which I haven't yet)

EDIT: Currently using a Decay dagger + Consuming Dark. Great for bosses, but you lose a bit on the defensive side!

Because most of your damage comes from degen, the VP/GR combo doesn't really work, so you have to play more defensively.


I would recommend picking another skill when leveling (I did it as BV). Our damage nodes don't have to be taken early so you don't need do respec out of them later. You can also choose between leveling without speccing into Life nodes, or doing it.

Passive tree


Normal: Kill all
Cruel: Kill all/Alira
Merciless: Kill all


Shade Form -> Weave the Arcane -> Patient Reaper


Main Skill: Blight, Cast while Channeling, Essence Drain, Controlled Destruction, Void Manipulation (5th), Rapid Decay (6th)

Support skills:

- Wither, Faster Casting, Inc. Duration, Spell totem
- Contagion, Inc. AoE, Faster Casting

Defensive Setup: Cwdt, Immortal Call, Vortex, Your choice of golem (I run Stone)

Auras: Temp Chains, Discipline, Arctic Armour, Enlighten IF using Heretic's Veil. Otherwise, switch AA with blasphemy. I'd recommend not running AA until you have at least lvl. 3 enlighten for Blasphemy/Disc because of mana issues.

Movement Skill: Lightning Warp, Reduced Duration, Faster Casting. You can switch this around with Flame Dash/Whirling Blades (run fortify)


Required Uniques

As a CI build, it's highly recommended to choose one of the following:
- Valyrium
- Eye of Chayula
- Skyforth
- Kiara's Determination

I went with Valyrium since it provides more utility than Chayule while being more affordable than the other 2.

Recommended Gear


makes it so you don't have to put any points in reduced mana reserved on the tree, and allows you to enlighten all 3 auras.

will give you Poison, which works very well with your spammy ED. It is by no means necessary (I don't run it myself) but a good increase in single target damage. Remember it will only cause poison based on the initial hit of ED.

A Delirium weapon such as

will also boost your damage by a very fair amount.

A ring/neck with %Chaos damage is also a great boost to damage and not very expensive in BSC.

Finally, when you have the money for it, a Witchfire Brew will be an awesome addition to your arsenal.


There are many options when running this build, depending on your playstyle. You could go with Rumi's + Xygil's Crank for a more defensive setup. Or use one weapon + an ES shield. Currently, at level 89 I have 12k ES with discipline on and dual wielding, and that has been more than enough to carry me. Another possible weapon is Breath of the Council but I haven't had the chance to test it.

My gear

I don't have top gear by any means, btw :p







Big thanks to Zumbizeira and his Occultist Explosive Blight build! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_Gl6Yd1lSI)
That's it for the build! Any critics, questions, or whatever, feel free to ask here or in private!
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Updated Tree and gear, some videos up. More to come.
How are you regenerating your ES mid-fight? It seems it is constantly going up in the Breach fights.

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