Scion Builds List

Scion Build List

It has been a while but thankfully someone has stepped up for taking care of the Shadow and Scion build lists. eviL_Bison has volunteered and has a proven track record seeing as he already maintains the Duelist build list. Therefore, I'm certain the standards of the list will be just as high, prioritizing logical ordering and readability. I hope you all look forward to seeing his work as much as I do. The transfer is in process so in the near future you will see the pinned post changed from this one to one of eviL_Bison's making.

Also, thank you to everyone who used these lists, its been a pleasure while I was maintaining them and was very enjoyable. Unfortunately time just didn't permit anymore (children take a lot of time :L).

Most importantly, thank you to GGG for all your fantastic hard work, time and commitment. You have a wonderfully fantastic product that you should all be proud of.

Take care, Exiles.

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Hello, I'm Gazza732 and I maintain the Shadow and Scion Builds Lists.
If there is anything you think that would improve this build list then please send me a message.

The builds listed have got to level 75-80+ and mid-tier (T6-T10) maps. This way you will know the builds in the list are tried and proven to see you through to end game content.

AC - Showcases a variety of Scion subclasses
ASS - Assassin
BER - Berserker
CHA - Champion
CHI - Chieftain
DEA - Deadeye
ELE - Elementalist
GLA - Gladiator
GUA - Guardian
HIE - Hierophant
INQ - Inquisitor
JUG - Juggernaut
NEC - Necromancer
OCC - Occultist
PAT - Pathfinder
RAI - Raider
SAB - Saboteur
SLA - Slayer
TRI - Trickster


Bladefall (AC): [2.6] (Lighty) Bladefall Totem's - Cheap/Easy/T15/Atziri/UberLab etc...
Blight (OCC - HIE): [2.5] Blight / Low Life / 10k+ ES / 100k+ DPS
Dual Totems - Arc (ASS - HIE): [2.4] RaizQT Inspired Crit Arc Totem [SC/HC Viable] [Budget Friendly]
Dual Totems - Bladefall (JUG - PAT): [Lighty] (2.4) Bladefall Totem's - Cheap/Easy/T15/Atziri etc...
Essence Drain (DEA - OCC): [2.6] The Mistress of Agony - Wither CWC Essence Drain Ascendant - Uber / Guardians / Shaper viable!
Essence Drain (OCC - TRI): [2.4] The Purple Plague - 100% Pierce GMP ED+Decay Scion (some videos)
Ethereal Knives (OCC - PAT): [2.6] Occultist-Pathfinder LL/CI CRIT EK
Freezing Pulse (BER - DEA): [2.4] Tempada's Flaming Pulse Scion | 7k+ life, Acro, Snakepit, 100k+ DPS fire conversion
Icestorm Whispering Ice (ELE - RAI): [2.6] The Curse Whisperer - Tri-Curse CI AoF Whispering Ice Eleraider - Viable for All Targets
Manifest Dancing Dervish (NEC): [2.6] The Dancing Baroness - Baron/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/SRS Summoner [WIP]
Righteous Fire (ELE - TRI): [2.4] Pure Righteous Fire | Fast Clear Speed/Very Tanky | HC/Atziri Viable
Righteous Fire (ELE - TRI): [2.4] ES based low life righteous fire -- HC viable, Atziri facetank
Righteous Fire (AC - TRI): [2.4 Video Guide] Righteous Fire, Vaal Molten Shell Build Guide (Large AoE) [Atziri & HC/SC Viable]
Righteous Fire (PAT - TRI): [2.6] Pure Righteous Fire, very detailed
Righteous Fire (CHA - TRI): [2.4]RighteouSplosion Ascendant
Summon Raging Spirits (NEC - AC): [2.4] GunFinX's Summon Raging Spirits Magic Finder | Mapping | Normal Atziri
Summon Raging Spirits (NEC - AC): [2.4] GunFinX's ZeroMana MaxDodge & 50/50%Block SRS Summoner
Melee/Summoner Hybrid (CHA - NEC): [2.4] "The Battle Queen" || Double Strike/Auto-Summoner Hybrid
Vaal Spark (ASS - ELE): [2.4] MF Vaal Spark Scion


Ancestral Warchief Totems (ASS - HIE): [2.4] Assophant Stickpeople or a guide to Crit Staff Warchief Totems
Ancestral Warchief Totems (ASS - CHI): [2.4 HC | Video Guide] Crit Warchief Totems | Abyssus | Kondo's Pride
Ancestral Warchief Totems (CHI - HIE): [2.4] The Smashing Ascendant|1mio dps|3 ancestral totems|Facebreaker + Rigwald’s Curse|+Budget vers
Ancestral Warchief Totems (CHI - HIE): [2.5] [HC] Triple Trypanon Warchiefs
Blade Flurry (ELE - HIE): [2.6] 1800+ Int HOWA. All content viable 11k+ ES 10milion+ DPS
Blade Flurry (ASS - PAT): [2.4] Ascendant Chaos Flurry
Blade Flurry (ASS - SLA): [2.6] The Devourer of Souls - A Soulthirst Build
Cleave (RAI - SLA): [2.6] HC Cleave - Cheap, super tanky, good clearspeed. Perfect Leaguestarter
Cleave (ASS - GUA): [2.4] (HC | Video Guide) Cleave is back! | Crit Shatter | flexible (Lacerate/Reave)
Double Strike/Spectral Throw (BER - RAI): [2.6] Say_Ten's Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion - Cheap and Easy to Play
Molten Strike (GLA-JUG): [2.6] Martyr of the Infernus - Ball them 'till death
Wild Strike (BER-RAI): [2.5] Wild Strike - 0 Frenzy charges Scion


Burning Arrow (ASS - RAI): [2.4]ASS-RAI -100% movement speed burning arrow build
Burning Arrow (DEA - CHI): [2.5] The Infernal Queen - Burning Arrow
Caustic Arrow (DEA - OCC): [2.4.0] Caustic Arrow High Speed Flexible Magic Find
Caustic Arrow (DEA - OCC): [2.4] Grocery's Caustic Arrow Scion! HC Viable!
Iceshot (ASS - AC): [2.4] Tibasu's Versatile Iceshot [SC/HC Viable][Budget Friendly]
Lightning Arrow (ASS - PAT): [2.4] Rakels Eski-Bow-Mower (Nuro´s Harp/Reach of the Council/SC/high penetration)
Lightning Arrow (ASS - DEA): [2.4] LA/BR Voltaxic Assasin/Raider Updated to AoW
Totems - Ice Shot (DEA - ASS): [2.6] Popsicle Sticks - Over 60k freezing DPS! (Easy Atziri & HC viable)
Totems - Tornado Shot (CHI - DEA): [2.4] c9q9md's Reverse Knockback Ranged Attack Totems Build! (HC)
Siege Ballista Totem (CHI - DEA): [2.4] Dumb Commander - No Int siege ballista build - WIP - Atziri down
Spectral Throw/Double Strike (BER - RAI): [2.5] Say_Ten's Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion - Cheap and Easy to Play


CWDT: [2.4] COLB (Cast On Last Breath) tanky, high dps, can use any spells you want
Mjolner Lightning Strike (ASS - RAI): [2.4] Mjolner Lightning Strike - The Lightning Cone of Death [SC]

Theorycraft Builds

These builds are theorycrafts, therefore, they are not tried and tested. Any queries, please contact the post creator of the theorycraft.

1.0 – 2.4 builds
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Happy Breaching :D.
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