[2.6] Wild Strike - 0 Frenzy charges Scion

Changes in 2.6, wild strike does 100% elemental damage(up from 60%), swords got buffed, elemental damage with weapons points got added in tree near ranger, sword points got changed.

Why should i play this build?
Do you like non meta builds that are quite cheap to build and are still a lot of fun? Then this build may be something for you.(In fact this build can run tier 10 maps and possibly even higher, only had a lot of problems with canyon)(The cheapest Verion of this build which is still really effective costs about 90c in breach and also 90c in standard[50c are calculated for an 5 Link Belly]. Most of the needed uniques are quite cheap and the rares can be quite cheap as long as you dont look for perfect rolls.)

We mainly use the fact that if we use 3 Pazifism Gems we can proc both while at max frenzy charges and while you have no frenzy charges effects. Because our max charges are zero we always trigger both. And because Daresso`s Passion gives %increased Damage i try to stack more different kinds of damage.

Main Spell
[(Wild Strike-Melee Physical Damage Support-Elemental Focus Support-Added Fire Damage Support-Weapon Elemental Damage Support)-Faster Attacks/Multistrike/Controlled Destruction]
Other possible Spells would be Static Strike, Molten Strike, Lightning Strike.

For Buffs we use Hatred and Blasphemy supported elemental weakness and link them to either enhance, enlighten or empower.
Linking them to enlighten gives us more mana which means we can use our movement spell more frequent, linking them to Enhance gives us increased area of effect on blasphemy, and linking them to empower gives us more elemental penetration and more Damage from Hatred.
Using herald of ash and/or Arctic Armour instead of blasphemy-elemental weakness is still possible, but because wildstrike now deals 100% elemental Damage, using elemental weakness gives us much more damage, and finally a way to deal with elemental resistant enemies better.

trigger Spells
Cast when damage taken
cwdt(level 1)-enfeeble(level 5)/temporal chains(level 5)- Immortal Call(level 3)- Increased Duration Support
Since we can only have one curse, its not as effective to use this setup with blasphemy-elemental weakness, but because we dont have much defence and because i haven't found a better alternative, we still use a curse in cwdt so ranged enemies dont deal as much damage/ can't get away.
This is just to give our defence a little help.

vengeance/riposte-culling strike-life gain on hit
Vengeance is more efficient because it triggers more reliably(especialy with 20% quality), we link it with life on hit so we can get a bit life back every time it triggers and maybe stay alive longer.Using culling strike isn't optimal becasue it doesnt trigger often enough to be a good way to clear lowlife enemies, but if you don't have a sword with culling strike coruption, this is the best and only spell to put culling strike. Alternatives to culling strike would be: weapon elemental damage, added fire damage, melee physical damage and fortify.

other gems
Movement: whirling blades- Faster Attacks Support- Fortify Support
Other Buffs:Ancestrial Protector- Vaal Haste- Increased Duration + Fire Golem/Lightning Golem

Snakebite and Daresso's Passion are nice to have(and also quite cheap) but they are not needed to make this build as effective as possible.

Even tho i don't like to use Abyssus because of the 40-50% increased Phys Dmg taken it is by far the best Helmet for this build.
The only alternative would be Bringer of Rain if you dont have a at least 5 Linked Armour.
Other options are also Devoto's Devotion and Rat's Nest, both give a nice amount of attackspeed but dont give any flat phys. damage, both are pretty nice if you want more defence(again bcs of abyssus' increased damage taken) and more importantly if you want more moevement speed.
Body Armour
We have a lot of choices for our body armour.
Belly gives a nice boost for life and also a nice amount of resistance, therefor it's the most effective one for us, because it fixes our lack of defence and we can reach 169% resistances easier(for high tier elemental weakness maps) .
Daresso's on the other hand has Life leech, chance to dodge, incresed Evasion Rate and also endurance charges on kill, unfortunately we loose these when we get hit, we would get onslaught but we have that permanently due to raider ascendiary.
A rare body armour with life, a high amount of armour, % increased armour and resistances can also work.
Next up we have Perfect Form which is good utility but little to no defence. It reduces the mana reserved by arctic armour to zero(note we still need the arctic armour gem somewhere in the build), it phase acrobatics, some life, dexterity and EV is increased by uncapped cold resist.
We can also use brass dome it boosts our armour extremely hard and we take no extra damage from crits. The main disadvantages of brass dome are: no increased life, no resistances(most important if you use 2 Opal rings) and the reduced movementspeed.
Some other possible, but even less effective uniques would be: Ambu's Charge, Death's Oath, Queen of the forest and Kintsugi.

For gloves we have quite some options, but we have to have at least 54 mana (to cast golem without deactivating a buff),because of that using shapers touch is an good option, if we get enough mana from other items we use spiked gloves as mentioned below.
Shaper's Touch, it gives the most amount of Life(because we have quite some dex), a high amount of Mana(because of our high amount of str) and they also give a bit extra damage.
Next up we have the obvious snakebites, they are rly nice, have good stats and we always have poison. the reason they are not as good as you may think is because they dont have mana and we dont need the poison because of our fast clear.
Rare Gauntlets(prefferable Spiked gloves) are also possible if they have life, flat phys. damage, increased armour and in the best case also increased attackspeed. These are the best option for adaptability(because they are obviously not unique) and they also boost our damage quite good.
Most of the other unique gauntlets with some form of increased damage and life are also an options.
For belts Meginord's Girdle is the best option, because it gives flat phys damage cold resistance, %increased max life and also increased flask life recovery.
A rare Rustic Sash with max life, %weapon elemental damage and resistances can also work quite nice.
The newly added Ryslatha's Coil is also a good option, because it has a lot of flat physical damage, but it increases the amount of randomness in the damage rolls,

For boots there are also some decisions to be made between Redblade Tramplers, Atziri's Step, Death's Door, Kaom's Roots and rare boots.
Redblade's give a nice Damage boost, good Armour, fire resistance and movementspeed, and also gives hp(since patch 2.6.0), therefor they are perfect for us if you can get enough int and resistances.
Atziri's Step give a good amount of movementspeed and life, the evasion and spell dodge are nice but not worldchanging.
Death`s Door are realy nice because they give a good amount of resistances and also give a nice amount of Armour and some ES, but the price of these boots is quite high and they also have no (needed) HP.
Kaom`s Roots are realy good because they have a lot of HP, unwavering stance and also negate knockback, also that you cant take a CWDT setup is quite bad but it is still playable without CWDT . But the fact that Kaom's have no % increased armour can make some difference.
Rare boots are a realy good option because you can get a good amount of Life, Movementspeed, %increased armour and (maybe most) importantly you can get can Int out of them, which boosts your dps if you use Elemental Focus and Lightning Golem.
We use one Daresso's Passion because of obvious reasons, because it is quite cheap trying to corrupt culling strikes on it would be perfect, but unfortunately realy rare.
We use Ichimonji, to decrease the amount on mana reserved(only needed if you use 3 Auras or enhance/empower with 2 auras), but if you dont use enhance/empower with your auras using a dreamfeather will be more efficient.
For player who prefer to play with parties(especiallly with somebody playing party jesus) using dreamfeather is always better.
For rings we search for resistances, flat physical damage, life, and also if possivle life leech, mana leech or increased attack speed. I use twostone rings atm because its easier to overcap our resiistances and also because good alternatives are quite expensive. But if possible get either Opal rings or steel rings.
For amulet's we basicly want the same stats as for the rings. phys dmg, resistances, mana leech, life leech, life and increased attackspeed.

For enchantment on boots we are looking for % of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently, with this enchantment we dont need any more manaleech from other items and we also get a bit life leech. But i normaly put 1 point into mana leech(on the right side of the tree next to Herbalism and the sword passives) mainly for bossfights, because we can run out of mana pretty easily if there are no mobs to kill.
For Enchantment on the gloves we are looking for any Commandment on hit, so we get some extra Damage if we hit an enemy, this can also give some extra group clear.
For Helmet enchantments we have only one choice:(nice to have but hard to get, i dont even have it atm)
% increased Wild Strike Damage

1. Oak
2. Kraytin
3. Kill all

Besides our three pacifism were are looking for:
1. maximum Life
2. Attack Speed
3. Damage

At the moment im using 2 Eternal Health Potion (with Immunity to ... while flask effect), a Atzri's Promise, a Lion's Roar and a Rumi's Concoction.
I use rumi's to get an extra defence buff in form of block chance, but it is not realy necessary.
You can exchange Rumi's and one Health Potion for Taste of Hate, a Vessel of Vinktar(Phys Damage converted to Lightning Damage), a second Life flask or a Quicksilver flask.

First of all Raider in the Ranger Side is a must have, because we get Onslaught while on full frenzy, also th dodge and the chance to avoid elemental status is realy nice.
If we use a marauder ascendancy we can use the marauder start point so we can relocate 2 points, and because berserker is the most effecient second ascendancy class of all(in my opinion) we end up doing this most of the time. If we dont go for a maurader class we use the 2 ascandency points to boost our stats(mainly int).
(I prefer berserker by far, the others are options but not rly as good as berserker)
For other ascendancy keypoints we can decide between:
On the duelist side we could use all the keypoints effectively.
If you choose Champion you should use Fortify Support on one of your spells so you can get the increased damage as long as possible. It is best used when you feel like you take too much damage.
With Slayer we always gain Culling strike which is a nice addition and also get life back if we do overkill damage to an enemy. You can use this to get some life leech and also you could use endurence charge on enemy stun on one spell to buff your defence, if you attack fulllife enemies.
Gladiotar is a possibility but i think out of the choices we have in the duelist side it is the weakest. We get 30% of our Block chance applied to spells, that's not very much considering we have about 30% block chance. We get increased damage if we killed a bleeding enemy recently, this case isn't happening very often because we only have 15% chance to cause bleeding.

On the Marauder side we could can use all keypoints efectivly.
Berserker is a very good Damage boost because we get 10% MORE damage and also get more attack speed if we've taken a savage hit recently, and we also get some life leech if we've killed recently. This damage boosts come with the downside that we take 5% more damage, which is totally worth it if you ask me.
Juggernaut gives us an armour boost, a chance to get endurance charges when we get hit, we can't get chilled and also we can't get stunned if we are at full endurance charges. It is a mediocre defence boost, because we dont get endurance charges very often.
Chieftain gives us 15% chance to ignite, increased damage while we have a totem, we regenerate 2% of our max. life per second while we have a totem, and also gain 15% phys damage as extra fire damage if we or our totem have killed recently. It is an option, but Berserker is way better.

Guardian and Inquisitor are the possibilities on the templar side.
Inquisitor gives us some increased elemental damage and the chance to create consecrated ground on kill, in addition we take less elemental damage on consecrated ground. It combines some damage with some surviveability and therefore it is quite nice to have.
With Guardian we get some additional block chance, the effect that removes curse and status allignments from us every 5 seconds and we also get increased attack speed while we cast an aura.


Elementalist is the only relavant key point in the witch side for this build.
If we use Elementalist we take reduced elemental damage, penetrate 5% of the enemy elemental resistance, gain elemental conflux after killing an rare or unique enemyand also increase our fire damage by 30% (because we only use fire golem). all in all it is quite a nice damage boost but it gives us no surviveability.

Screenshots and Videos
Normal Quarry : https://youtu.be/WwQhIHTbkG8
Normal Graveyard : https://youtu.be/ZfwWDUy89vY
Defense without potions:
Defense with Potions:

//////////////////More Videos and Screenshots are coming soon//////////////////////

This is the first build i have created.
I am open for improvement suggestions and constructive criticism.
Sorry for all the mistakes in the guide, english is not my primary language.
The best tip for this build is:
Always keep an eye on your flasks, we dont have much Defense or life regen withou them and they also boost our damage extremely hard.
20.02.2017: Generall Update and Improvements
(added more Boots options,added more gloves options, changed the ring setup, changed some of the gems, added options to weapons)
23.02.2017: Changed Skilltree and added a second version of the damage focused tree.
08.03.2017: Added more options to body armour and weapons, updated Skilltree to 2.6.0
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you should try getting a +1 frenzy charge corruption for the boots, they are cheap :P

jokes besides, you loose to much on that idea for the daresso stuff. its absolutely not worth it.
Last edited by borgfish1 on Feb 13, 2017, 4:02:18 PM
Hey, cool guide! Keen to try it out, but the link you've posted for the damage variant skill build takes me to an empty skill tree.
Skill tree Damage Focused- its empty
borgfish1 wrote:
you should try getting a +1 frenzy charge corruption for the boots, they are cheap :P

jokes besides, you loose to much on that idea for the daresso stuff. its absolutely not worth it.

I only use 1 daressos and no snakebite at the moment. There were some changes made on my current version because somebody showed me some improvements i didnt see myself. will update the guide soon.
Damage based skilltree should be working again
I will make some bigger Changes in the guide because i saw some improvements in the gear and gems options and i will also detail why did this changes. The core is still the same but i removed some of the hard focus on items that have no frenzy charges or full frenzy charges, for better options.
Last edited by zeron774 on Feb 16, 2017, 2:44:28 PM
I think you can improve on your skilltree a bit, I managed to ditch some (I presume) unneeded strength nodes and pick up more AS and +2% life regen all the while keeping your jewel socket count intact by using your start area instead of that path above marauder start.
The changes are reasonable and not bad, but i wouldnt take the points to get "Shaper", also the Life reg isnt realy changing much.
After some thinking this is the new version i came up with:
I took away "Razor's Edge" so i can get "Heart of Oak", "Primal Spirit" and "Golem`s Blood".
With these changes i can control my mana problem a bit better(because of "Primal Spirit") and also get more Life .
You could exchange 2 of the notable Points, to get "Razor's Edge" and maybe "Path of the Warrior".
I would take the route with more life.
And thanks for pointing it out and for the suggested changes.
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I saw this build and was interested by it.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with 0/0 frenzy - aside from free onslaught and daresso's weapon bonus? (the weapon bonus is only 'increased' so it's very weak, the 'more' damage from frenzy charges can be better)

It looks like running frenzy charges (blood rage or otherwise) and getting your Onslaught from another source is considerably higher DPS.

This is the Path of Building build with a tree for Crit and a tree for Elemental Overload.
- All these builds are theoretically instantly dead to a Rare with Elemental Reflect, but that's expected at these damage levels.
- The Crit tree seems more sane and comes with more health.
- Gear is mostly a direct copy from my "old" undergeared facebreaker.
- I added your flasks

Suggestions/feedback welcome. Especially physical items or other interesting uniques to throw into the build. I'm very impressed how well Dreamfeather's scale. A Varunastra (~2ex) is probably the only contender?
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