[2.6]Trash lightning conversion Flicker CI assassin

I wanted to do my own spin on a flicker strike build ever since I saw the reworked Terminus Est. This is the guide and reasoning for my go at it.

-CI/ES because I tried doing this as a life build. 4k life vs 8k es with the same investment = LUL
-Phys to lightning/lightning conversion because it was easier and more efficient to scale off lightning and ele damage than it was to scale off of Bleed-Poison/DoT
-Abyssus' +200% crit multi > 9% flicker damage per frenzy hubris. 2k es isn't worth the loss of over 60% of the builds total damage.
-Insanity gloves for a near guaranteed way to get 1~2 frenzies with cyclone before we flicker the whole map away(NOT NEEDED. LIKE AT ALL, I was just too cheep to dump 10~20c into a new pair of gloves with more ES and the same res.)
-Any belt with >40 str works, I had HH so I threw it into the build.
-I have no clue what to do with the 4l in Terminus Est. I went from 4l Ancestral warchief that I never used to a passive cwdt BV PCoC.
-Melee damage on full life > Melee phys/WED It spends less mana and has more damage.
-Herald of Ice for freeze/shatter since we essentially have 100% crit chance. Herald of Thunder with curse on hit Assassin's mark to guarantee we stay crit capped.

Passive tree:

Leveling tree(pre 60): www.poeurl.com/bg5W
(Leveling life nodes to be respeced out of later while also pathing near vital ES nodes)
Current tree(87): www.poeurl.com/bg5X
(goal is to pick up all the in use ES nodes ASAP otherwise we'll be below 8k es, and that is awful)
Planned tree(95): www.poeurl.com/bg5Z
(Respec a few points around to be more efficient while we finish filling out damage/ES

Ascendancy order:
Ambush-Assassinate-Unstable Infusion-Deadly Infusion


Jewel mod priority:
-Global Crit multi
-Crit multi with 2h weapons
-Melee crit multi
-Phys damage with swords
-Phys damage with 2h weapons
-Phys damage
-Lighting damage
-% Energy Shield
-any relevant crit chance
-% Accuracy

Character screens:
-Offence in town

-Full charges+Flasks

-Full charges+Flasks+Shrine+Rampage+a few HH buff's

-Flasked defence in hideout

Little demo of the awful build clearing a shaped strand
[playstv id="58f5c30a302702d8df"][/playstv]

Final note:
I did this build because I am done with the league. Overall this has actually been a pretty fun build. It can do all maps up to t15. THIS WAS NOT MADE TO BE A HIGH END BOSS KILLER.

Thanks for reading.
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