[3.10] Pestilent strike Arachnophobia assassin

Build idea
Build is mainly about physical damage combined with poison and chaos damage, as we have Arakaali's fang that gives bonus ,,100% change to trigger level 1 raise spiders on kill", that fits perfectly to our build becouse our spiders give us some additional bonuses:
Base duration of spider is 30 seconds
-Can raise up to 20 Spiders at a time
-Each Spider grants 2% increased Attack Speed
-Each Spider grants 12% increased Damage with Poison!
So its like having a spider army, that buff our poison damage and attack speed, thats really really cool!Also our Bino's Kitchen Knife got really huge crit chance+crit multi with some cool bonus:,,On Killing a Poisoned Enemy, nearby Enemies are Poisoned
and nearby Allies Regenerate 200 Life per second"
Build is really strong and fun to play.

Skills possible to play with this build:
Pestilent strike -> Added chaos damage -> Void manipulation -> Multistrike -> Deadly ailments -> Vile toxins

Viper strike -> Multistrike -> Added chaos damage -> Melee splash -> Deadly ailments -> Vile toxins

Cobra lash -> Greater multiple projectiles -> Added chaos damage -> Deadly ailments -> Vicious projectiles -> Unbound ailments

Blade flurry -> Added chaos damage -> Deadly ailments -> Melee physical damage -> Vile toxins -> Unbound ailments

Venom Gyre -> Added chaos damage -> Vicious projectiles -> Greater multiple projectiles -> Void manipulation -> Swift afflection

How to level and upgrade equip:
So first we start with skill to level,in my opinion best gonna be Cobra Lash becouse it's range so we dont have to go into melee range against monsters while leveling our character,also its chaining between monsters 3-5times depends on level so clear gonna be really easy and fun.Support gems that we gonna use are:Lesser poison support/Vicious projectiles support/Added Chaos Damage support.When we get any 5 or 6link,we can upgrade and add gem like:Vile toxins/Void manipulation/Deadly ailments support(you can choose between)if you dont find any,4link is totally fine (Cobra lash/Vicious projectiles/Added chaos/Void manipulation)at level 50 we can equip The Embalmer that add 20lvl vile toxins and make our gloves a 5link, thats all we need for a leveling process.Now lets look at the items to level -> final build

Helmet: There we go with +life/+elemental resistances and thats it,also uniques that can be used: Geofri's Crest (a lot resistances,and cheap)/Starkonja's Head (life/attack speed/crit chance/dex and some evasion bonuses)and the final option for me is:Fenumus' Toxins( increased Damage with Poison per Power Charge thats the main thing about this helmet,with bonus ,,10% chance to gain a Power Charge on hitting an Enemy affected by a Spider's Web" we gonna have a max power charge's everytime!so that gonna boost our poison damage even more!
Next step are our dagger's we can use a rare with the best physical damage we find or uniques like:Goredrill -> Bloodplay -> Ungil's Gauche -> Mightflay -> Widowmaker -> Arakaali's Fang (as its expensive dagger i'd suggest you to just level up more and get Taproot(really huge attack speed,nice damage to farm early maps,poison duration bonus,and its really cheap,you can take a Bino's Kitchen Knife aswell which give us a 30% Damage over time bonus and some unique thing like:On Killing a Poisoned Enemy, nearby Enemies are Poisoned
and nearby Allies Regenerate 200 Life per second and its really cheap, so you can easilly farm to our core dagger Arakaali's fang.In offhand we gonna use a Bino's Kitchen Knife as i said up,really nice damage/crit/damage over time and cute poison bonuses with spread and life regen.

Rings:+life/+elemental resistances(thats all on early game you need, later you can upgrade it by adding:attack speed/physical damage to attacks/chaos damage to attacks/poison damage/accuracy).
Amulet:The best choice is Solstice Vigil with Whispers of Doom anoitment(thats +1curse as we use Temporal chains and Despair from flask)another option is rare amulet with:+life/+elemental resistances(thats everything on early game you need,later upgrade it by adding:physical to attacks/chaos to attacks/accuracy/critical strike multiplier/critical strike chance.
Belt:+life/+elemental resistances(as always, nothing more is needed to early game,(later upgrade with:% increased chaos damage/% increased damage/movement speed)also the best belt you can have is:Stygian vise as it give a free abyss jewel socket that will help you with maxing bonus damage from bubonic's boots.
Boots:+life/elemental resistances(can be upgraded with bonus movement speed, as you get 69lvl i suggest to buy Bubonic trail's (1socket is really cheap and as you equip 4different abyss jewels it will give you +40%increased damage (+4-6% maximum life and 30% movement speed) thats really huge!Of course later it can be upgraded to 2socket's!
Gloves:+life/elemental resistances(thats really simple,you dont need anything more in early game only life and resistances thats it!later its all up to you,some options you have:Maligaro's Virtuosity if you want to go for more critical version/Tombfist so you can have more jewel sockets(more life/ress and easier to stack bubonic's/The Embalmer thats another option to give us a free 5link with: Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Vile Toxins also +life/poison duration/chaos damage and chaos ress/and here we come for my favourites: Fenumus' Weave they give us a Level 20 Aspect of the Spider Skill/life/attack speed/increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies affected by 3 Spider's Webs/and added Chaos Damage for each Spider's Web on the Enemy.
Jewels:Life(must be in every jewel)/Poison damage/Attack speed/Physical damage/Chaos damage/Elemental resistances/bonus attributes that we need,thoose bonuses are the best to mix as you can see in my equip/skill tree.

Leveling gems:
Cobra lash -> Lesser poison support -> Vicious projectiles support -> Void manipulation support -> Added chaos damage support -> Vile toxins support.

Final gems:
Pestilent strike -> Added chaos damage support -> Void manipulation support -> Multistrike support -> Deadly ailments support -> Vile toxins support, and as we use Dendrobate we got 7th link Lesser poison support.
Plague bearer -> Increased area of effect support -> Empower.
Malevolence -> Blood rage -> Herald of Agony -> Enlighten.
Blasphemy -> Increased area of effect -> Temporal chains.
Cast when damage taken support(6lvl) ->Enduring cry(5lvl) -> Immortal call(8lvl) -> Increased duration support(20lvl).
Fortify -> Whirling blades.

Bandit quests:
Kill all = +2skill points

We go for Assassin with Noxious Strike -> Toxic Delivery than we go for Mistwalker -> Opportunistic

Really high damage (10million+ poison damage!)
Really good attack speed
Resistances at maximum
7link (Dendrobate support's our gems with 10lvl lesser poison)
Really fast map clear becouse of Herald of Agony + Plague bearer

- Only 5k life
- Physical Reflect can be a problem

All the build on PoB pastebin:

Must have items:



Cluster Jewels:

My Equip, with gems linked:


Build updated to Delirium league!

Video 3.10.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-UT9Px5hP8
Video 3.9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjfkVFImAO0&feature=youtu.be
Video 3.8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvFlnBGQU6Y
My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Arach?sub_confirmation=1
Also enjoy my fanpage if you like more! www.facebook.com/ArachOfficial
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