[2.5] Essence Drain Poison Proliferator

Just a build I made for fun. I started PoE during Prophecy league and only recently tried out Essence Drain with Contagion. It felt awful to play, but I really liked the MTX so I wondered if I could make it more "spammy" so I could appreciate the mtx more than once every few seconds.

The result is an Assassin crit-based ED that ignores the inherent DOT from ED and instead scales the initial hit with tons of double dipping sources. Contagion is not present at all in this build, we proliferate poison automatically thanks to Bino's.

This build should deal several million (at least 4 million dps) against shaper with his 25 chaos resistance and 60% reduced curse effectiveness.


Can do any map mod
Proliferation is pretty fun
dat mtx


Clear speed is "meh"
No chimera or hydra. Don't even bother
Phoenix can be difficult due to a bad match between his debuff and our low-life status
Requires 6L shavs (and a Presence of Chayula is highly recommended)
No facetanking - it's possible to get some leech with Atziri's promise but it shouldn't be relied upon
*Temporary facetanking is viable against difficult bosses like guardians. Righteous Fire+Vaal Discipline will kill them quickly enough before VD runs out. This trivializes Minotaur and Phoenix. I haven't tried Shaper yet.

Why Assassin

Assassin is simply the best class for scaling poison thanks to Toxic Delivery and Deadly Infusion.
It's definitely possible to use an Occultist instead. You'll be much tankier, but you will lose half of your potential dps. The tankiness might be worth the trade-off and I may try to test it out.


"Your chaos damage poisons enemies"
This is the core of the build. Poison will account for ~99% of our damage.

Another important unique. Bino's allows our poison to proliferate. Clearing feels awful without it.

A great source of single target damage. Switch in for bino's. It allows our wither stacks to last longer too. If you want a higher ES pool then you can use a good spell shield instead. Neither is necessary for normal mapping but it makes a big difference against shaper and phoenix/minotaur.

ED allows for spell modifiers to apply to its DoTs so Pain Attunement means 69% more damage for us.
Low life is a must.

Fairly obvious really.

Optional. It might be difficult to cap your resistances with this so you can use rare gloves instead.
Wearing this forces me to drop one ring with "increased chaos damage%" so the difference for me between these and rare gloves isn't that much. The +1 to socketed gems isn't necessary but when used with a lvl 3 Enlighten and a lvl 21 Blood Magic, you can reserve Discipline and Arctic Armour instead of Clarity, this helps immensely when using righteous fire against Minotaur and Phoenix. If you can't get +1 Voidbringers or can't cap your res, use rare gloves and drop Throat Seeker + some ES nodes, get Charisma and Method to Madness. You will be able to reserve the 2 auras with a lvl 3 enlighten and lvl 20 blood magic


6L:ED, Cast while Channeling, Wither, Void Manipulation, Controlled Destruction, [Pierce/Slower Projectiles]
Use pierce for clearing and Slower for bosses that need it - not necessary for anything except bosses such as atziri/izaro/guardians and such.

3L:Whirling Blades, Faster Attacks, Fortify
3L:Cast when damage Taken, Immortal Call, Chaos/Flame golem
4L:Orb of storms, PCoC, Vaal Discipline, Increased Duration
4L:Blood Magic, Enlighten, Discipline, Clarity
4L:Blasphemy, Projectile Weakness, Temporal Chains, Flame Dash
You can switch out Projectile weakness for Poacher's mark for frenzy/flask charges or Enfeeble for more survivability

Passive Tree


My Gear

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Great guy and build!
Very unique build, good job.
Chicks dig it.
Can You make more videos please.

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