[2.6] Classic Crit Autoherald Bomber - perfect for Lake to Strand farming

// 2.6: clearspeed slightly more iffy (less autoherald aoe), everything still works the same
// New New NEW Video: Now with FPS! (Check in Vid section) courtesy to the_Alexomator, thanks man!
// CI Is here, Check below!

This is my first build guide. I decided to make this because there weren't any recent up-to-date guides on making a classic Herald AutoBomber, and some people I've come across seemed to be interested in making this build.

In my Opinion for the purpose of farming maps, I think autoherald beats out vaal spark in terms of cost vs benefit. Autoherald will pretty much match up to vaal spark's clearspeed, but costs dramatically less than a vaal spark build. It also feels a lot better when mapping as well. Vaal spark feels very shitty when you can't chain sparks, and when you have to use a mana pot when self-casting spark to get the souls back.

For Autoherald, every time you kill a enemy you get a vaal-spark-esque aura of death around you that lasts for 6 seconds. This means you can stop to pick up stuff instead of making sure your souls charge again.

The build also works better than vaal spark in every map with shittier layouts. Maps with closed rooms are fine for Autoherald, as long as you can walk within range or kill a mob within in six seconds, they're dead.

I hope you will try out my build, you can message me if you have any questions ^_^


Advantages Of this build

* Don't need to press buttons much (only once every 17 seconds to keep power charges up)
* Only requires 4 links for both HoT and HoI.
* Farms up to shaped strand at lightning speed, higher maps need more currency put in the build.
* More reliable than vaal spark for clearing
(you can kill things and pick stuff up at the same time, feels a lot better)
* Life-based not too expensive (only expensive things are dual doryanis, essence of horror crafted helm, and choir of the storm)
* Breach-tested: one shots white breach mobs so all you have to do is deal with rares

Disadvantages to this build

* Allies cannot die aura will be annoying
* Cannot farm very high tiers with life-based build
* Map mods reducing damage can slow clear speed (by a lot)
* Reflect hurts like a bitch (seriously)
* Long single-target fights are annoying.


The build in action

2.5 Vid of Atoll map run to boss
(sorry for the quality, i'm playing on a toaster and my router is a potato)

video of shaped strand in 2.6

New video of CI Shaped atoll in legacy(2.6)

Red map videos with FPS (thanks to the_Alexomator!)

XP per hour after 6-7 shaped dunes runs at level 85

You can spec into this build once you hit level 75, when you can equip dual doryanis

It's also possible to spec into the build earlier, I've even done auto herald as soon as I got my second ascendancy, but you won't be able to farm dried lake efficiently until at least when you can get a level 20 HoT and HoI.



HoT - Increased Crit - added cold - lightning penetration

If you had the reduced mana reservation helm enchant for HoT, then the fifth/sixth links would be added lightning/crit multi

HoI - Increased Crit - added lightning - Increased AoE

You should put HoI links in your crafted essence of horror helm


I recommend using the below setup to sustain powercharges.
Orbs of storms - PcoC - faster casting/increased AoE

Phase run is used so you can run faster. Helpful if you are using the blood dance for power charges, which means you can cast phase run and let autoherald kill everything as you dash past at the speed of light.
Phase run - increased Duration - faster Casting

To start the herald chain you can use any spell, as long as you link it with added lightning/ice as needed.
I use ball lightning as it is a lightning spell and scales off of my AoE nodes.

You can also run a Vaal Storm call setup if you're lacking in single target.


Tooltip screenshots
(level 82 tree, level 20 HoI and HoT, 7 power charges, 4 frenzy charges)

HoI without charges

HoI with charges

HoT without charges

HoT with charges

Lightning Bolt without charges

Lightning Bolt with charges



Skill tree

Current skill tree
Level 86
Bandits: life - point - Power charge

level 100 skill tree (remove what you feel like for level 90)

Required gear

It gives a bunch of crit, solves single target for this build, and makes your HoT deal way more damage.

Essence of horror crafted helm. We can socket HoI into this instead of the usual HoT due to choir of the storm giving us more damage when HoT hits. This also makes HoI more reliable when shattering groups enemies as now you deal 30% more damage.

It gives the most % elemental damage of any equips in the game, extremely important as HoI and HoT are not spells and do not scale off spell damage.

Recommended gear

Lets us generate frenzy charges, which gives us 16% more damage for our heralds with 4 frenzy charges.

Another update: You can use southbound gloves to get more damage on HoI instead of Hysteria gloves. Try it out, it should be cheap. :D

I stopped using Facebreakers gloves and I now use essence of hysteria gloves to add more flat damage to one of my heralds.

Gives us more aoe for our HoI explosions, so they have a greater chance of killing monsters and spreading the chain reaction.

For jewels, try to get (with descending order of importance)
* life (obviously)
* Crit multi (dual wield, elemental skills, global crit multi)
* generic damage
* resistances (lightning resistance is free crit chance so prioritize that if you're capped already)

Example Gear (My current gear)

CI High Budget (NEW!) For high-tier maps

point - point - Power charge

current tree/gear (current level 88)


*note You need both aura clusters for reduced mana res + 30% reduced herald enchand if you want to run discipline

Gear up like this

Same thing. You need the damage.

Essence crafted helm. try to get some ES, since you don't have a shield.
You also need a 30% reduced reserve enchant for HoU HoT or else you're not gonna have enough unreserved for Discipline. This will be one of the most expensive pieces to craft depending on how much ES you want.

High es chest, you don't need a six link unless you really want one just get one with high es.

Same as life, more damage + crit.

Opal rings for more damage. Get any ring with es + lots of resist if you can't afford an opal ring.

Essence crafted gloves, you want more Es, so it's better than a Facebreakers.

Try to get more Es/resists. It's also really helpful to get flask affixes.

Get boots with high movement speed and get 80% chance to avoid being stunned if you don't want to use a kiara's. (a death's door is also acceptable and you don't need a bleed remove flask)

Get Lightning pen Vinktars + remove shock diamond. Movement speed quicksilvers + Oak for more penetration.
Get another flask to remove bleeding (if you don't use death's door) and another to remove freeze.
Kiara's also works quite well to remove curses/prevent stun if you don't have a stun enchant on boots.

**** More things you need (check my character for reference)

- Green dream/nighmare jewel socketed in templar area for frenzy charges
- energy from within(optional) in usual spot (you know here it is)
- Crit multi jewels, get jewels with at least 2 crit multi affixes that affect both heralds + one more opional affix that helps you wherever, eg. resists, Str/dex requirements generic damage

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If going autobomber early (around 40-60) what are the first ascendancy points that I should go for first?
Wolfywing wrote:
If going autobomber early (around 40-60) what are the first ascendancy points that I should go for first?

You should definitely take stable infusion and deadly infusion first. It will give you base crit based on your power charges so Herald of ice/Thunder can crit (as they have no base crit).

You can equip a widowmaker so you have twice the chance to crit on your first hit, and another dagger with 80% global crit implict + a crit multi roll, as that is the only way you can scale your herald's damage at that level.
Last edited by Aimmboat on Dec 20, 2016, 10:31:02 PM
Alright, Although just to sate my curiosity woudnt going Ambush allow you to have that high crit to get the heralds criting on that first hit?
Wolfywing wrote:
Alright, Although just to sate my curiosity woudnt going Ambush allow you to have that high crit to get the heralds criting on that first hit?

well yes, but like i said you won't have enough base crit for that to happen.

Heralds have a base crit of 0% so if you take ambush first (and not deadly infusion) you would have a base crit of 1.6% ish (with added crit gem) at around level 50. Scaled with maybe 500% increased crit form the tree and gear/passives/charges. That means the crit chance would be around 9.6% which would not be high enough for the heralds to be reliable at damage dealing. With 5 power changes and deadly infusion the base crit would be 3.6 which would gave 21.6% chance to crit, paired with a diamond flask would be a little more reliable at killing packs.

Like i said, you could use a widowmaker dagger which has the x2 chance to crit on enemies (works with heralds) until you get ambush in merc lab.

although i'd still advise against leveling with herald of ice/thunder.
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well i'm currently levelling using the heralds as a main source of heavy aoe clear and using firestorm as my main skill while levelling, using two axiom perpetums which is just giving me general spell crit, not sure when i should drop those and swap over to using daggers or the widowmaker
What are the bandits to this build?
eknoreknor wrote:
What are the bandits to this build?

Life - passive point - power charge
Wolfywing wrote:
well i'm currently levelling using the heralds as a main source of heavy aoe clear and using firestorm as my main skill while levelling, using two axiom perpetums which is just giving me general spell crit, not sure when i should drop those and swap over to using daggers or the widowmaker

If you're adamant on leveling with heralds, you can switch once you get your second ascendancy. Make sure you have some unreserved mana for rares/bosses.

Putting one of the heralds on +2 dagger will help a lot as well
Is Call of the Brotherhood not required for this build?

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