[2.6] Chaos Assassin {Poison Spectral Throw}


Very high damage potential and game play feels smooth. Great for farming higher tier maps and not hindered by many map mods. Does not have any single target reflect issues.


Can't pierce resistances and some monsters are immune to poison. Wither totem works to increase enemies chaos damage taken but is not always reliable. Build doesn't use vinktars so shocking enemies is reliant on vaal lightning trap. Decent at mapping and decent at bossing but not the best by any means. With the progression of things like vaal fire ball and hand of wisdom, the clear speed and bossing of crit poison has fallen in tiers in my opinion.


Leveled this build using unique claws and spectral throw from level 1 until 66 when I could use my ambusher. The new claw passives made leveling a breeze as shadow. Used Last Resort at level one, Al Dhih at level 26, and Mortem Morsu at level 34. Leveled as life until I could respec to CI at level 69. For bandits i chose skill point for normal, Kraityn for cruel, and Alira for merciless. For ascendancy I went for deadly infusion first.

Other unique leveling items include:

Black Heart
Crest of Perandus
Meginord's Girdle
Lochtonial Caress
Karui Ward

Level 100 CI Claw Passive Tree

If you are on a budget I would recommend going claw instead of dagger. The reason being that the claw passives grant life leech and also the tree allows for more energy shield and resistances. Claws are easier to roll than daggers since they can't roll caster mods. The reason I chose dagger for end game is because adder's touch 30% chance to poison on critical strike. To poison with claw replace pierce gem with poison gem or use Mortem Morsu.


Budget Tips:

Since you don't use Skyforth use blasphemy assasin's mark instead of hatred and herald of ice. This will help keep your charges at full while clearing and also grant a huge boost in damage. Also since the colors used in this build are annoying to get on energy shield base you can use a chest piece like this instead.

Here are a few tips for finding gear. Set a desired amount of shield and search for total resists and search by highest on poe.trade when looking for decent quality es gear. Use poe affix to help with identifying tiers of stats so you can later divine them.


(1)Mortem Morsu
(2)280 pdps claw/dagger with crit and attack speed - 60-100 chaos

(1)Skin of the Loyal
(2)ES Atziri's Splendour
(3)es/ ev chest
(4)vaal regalia (can use added chaos/ increased crit damage)
60 chaos average

450 es shield - 20-60 chaos
350 es helm - 30-40 chaos
250 es sorcerer boots - 20 - 40 chaos

Shaper's Touch
amulet/ring with decent physical stats and % es - 80-120 chaos each
crystal belt es + res 60-100 chaos
three stat jewels

Atziri's Promise
Taste Of hate 120 chaos

total estimated gear cost 340-650 chaos


Gem, belt, and flask swap ~

Level 88 CI Dagger Passive Tree

Level 100 CI Dagger Passive Tree

Finished leveling in 12 days 10 hours with 44 deaths.

~links - Spectral Throw/ GMP/ Physical Projectile/ Pierce/ Faster Attacks/ Added Fire

Headhunter Tooltip Warrior:

Vaal Haste Power Charges Killed Recently And Flasks:

Hideout + Flasks


Path of Building DPS Calculation: Shaper's Guardian (Slower Projectile)

Elemental Weakness -
164/169 elemental resistance is needed to cap resistances for tier six/eleven and above respectively.

Physical Reflect -
No way around this. The damage is just to high and the build doesn't use endurance charges.

Elemental Reflect -
Don't run elemental reflect maps if you are using added fire or hatred.
Also Headhunter as you are likely to gain a elemental buff and kill yourself. Keep a rare crystal belt or rustic sash for these occasions.

Chayula, Who Dreamt

Guardian Of The Minotaur

Guardian Of The Phoenix

Guardian Of The Chimera

Guardian Of The Hydra

These guardian videos were recorded before I introduced elemental damage to the build.

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I have a question, why are u using flesh offering? It doesn't affect totems or yourself.
I use flesh offering as a defensive mechanic against detonate dead and other things.
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i can do this build with other body armor?
Only problem is getting 6 off color on energy shield base. Even five green regalia is a tall task.
Last edited by pathofexilegod on Apr 23, 2017, 2:58:45 AM
6.7k ES seems a bit low for end game, but with Cospri's it will always be difficult to get good ES. Perhaps Vuln on hit snakebites and Doedre's Damning with a decent Regalia is an option?

Edit: nvm, the colors are the problem. 6G Skin of the loyal or the EV/ES Atziri chest could work..
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build fixed from the mess that it was :)
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Solution, how to fix 6-l green ST challenge.
Since this is a crit build, remove 'Pierce support' gem and replace it with 'Increased critical damage' support gem. Will make your ST set up 5-g 1-b and will give you higher damage.
Last edited by snakemary on Apr 18, 2017, 7:11:31 AM
You could use 5g 1r Atziri's Splendour.
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Would it also be possible to use Bino`s instead of a rare crit dagger?

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