[3.0] Frosty's Assassin Spectral Throw [Video]

Still working on build. Preliminary tree/gear posted below.

1:45 T13 Gorge run

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Build of the week Feb 10-17, 2017

I designed this build for several reasons. I wanted to create my first build and spectral throw has appealed to me for a long time. I looked into existing spectral throw builds, and there was a clear lack of guidance. So, I created this build which relies on physical/chaos damage and damage over time from Bino's and the Assassin ascendancy tree. I have had quite a bit of fun and success with it so I wanted to share.

[3.0] Notes: Early impressions are this build was nerfed a bit. Still viable for mapping effectively, at least until T12's. DPS took a hit, but it seems survivabilty improved.

Will I like this build?
- Do you like little purple explosions?
- Do you like super fast movement speed?
- Do you dislike meta builds?
- Do you want to face roll maps?

- Great AoE
- No reliance on uniques
- Very fast map clearing
- Few map mod limitations
- Fun to play
- Entry-mid level gear for mapping is affordable
- Effective on a 5L
- Several defensive mechanics
- Flexibility to change a few skills to fit your specific set up (e.g. chaos vs ice golem)

- Early leveling has a heavy mana demand (espeically if using Tabula) - Elreon jewellry helps
- End game gearing can be expensive
- Can't play reflect physical
- Intelligence/Strength requirements may be a challenge

Defensive Mechanics
- Very fast movement
- CWDT-Immortal call
- Chaos Golem
- Arctic Armour
- Acrobatics
- 15-20% Block
- Whirling Blades-Fortify
- ~5500 life (can relatively easily achieve this)
- Vaal Grace (optional)

Bandits: I chose Oak. Kill all is also an option.

General Build Advice
- Use whirling blades-Fortify frequently (don't stay stationary long!)
- Keep your flasks up (i.e. Atziri, Whichfire, Diamond ...big damage boost)
- Attack speed makes this build feel good, pay attention to this on rare daggers etc
- You have the option to go heavily offensive or defensive (e.g. Hatred vs Arctic Armour, Ice Golem vs Chaos Golem, Maligaros vs Rare gloves etc.)

Leveling guide

Helpful uniques

- Weapon: Silverbranch/Stormcloud (if split shot)
- Weapon: Goredrill/Bloodplay/Redbeak/Princess Saber (if spectral throw)
- Boots: Wanderlust
- Body Armour: Tabula Rosa
- Helm: Goldrim
- Gloves: Ondar's Grasp
- Jewelry: Elreon ring(s) or Elreon's Amulet/Karui Ward
- Belt: Meginord's Girdle or Wurm's Mold

Leveling Skills
I leveled with split shot because I enjoy it. However, spectral throw works well too. These skill gem suggestions serve as alternatives to help level until you make the switch over to chaos
If you level with Split shot
- Tabula 6L: Split shot, LMP, Added Fire, Added Lightning, Added Cold, Faster Attacks
- Swap in later: Physical to Lightning, Physical Projectile, Chain, Weapon Elemental Damage, GMP
If you level with Spectral Throw
- Tabula 6L: Spectral Throw, LMP, Added Fire, Added Lightning, Added Cold, Faster Attacks
- Swap in later: Physical to Lightning, Physical Projectile, Weapon Elemental Damage, GMP

Early game mana problems?

Using a 5 or 6L early in the build can result in mana problems, these can help offset that:
- Elreon's rings or amulet (I found 2 rings basically took care of that)
- Mana flasks (1-2) that have 3-4 charges
- Wurm's molt unique belt provides 0.4% mana leech
- Clarity provides mana regen
- The early leveling tree goes down to the duelist tree to pick up mana leech to help
- Picking up additional mana leech nodes near Essence Sap (bottom corner of the tree near Arrow Dancing) may help
- If using a 6L, consider using blood magic or reduced mana

I found mana issues were resolved somewhere around level 40-50 after picking up the mana leech nodes. As damange (particularly pDPS) picks up mana issues go away.

Leveling Trees
34 Point Tree


60 Point Tree


78 Point Tree


109 Point Tree


1st: Unstable Infusion
2nd: Deadly Infusion
3rd: Noxious Strike
4th: Toxic Delivery

Spectral Throw Links

5L: Spectral Throw, GMP, Added Chaos, Faster Attacks, Unbound Ailments
6L: Spectral Throw, GMP, Added Chaos, Faster Attacks, Unbound Ailments, Void Manipulation
4L: Blashphemy, Enfeeble, Chaos Golem, Arctic Armour
4L: Whirling Blades, Faster Attacks, Fortify, Blood Magic
4L: CWDT (lvl 3), Immortal Call (lvl 5), Inc Duration, Vaal Grace
3L: Spell Totem, Whither, Faster Casting
3L: Blood Rage, Inc Duration, Vaal Haste

Updated for 3.0
109 point Tree - remaining points are flexible (life or DPS)

Viable Gear

Current Jewels

Ideal Jewel Mods:
- % life, mana gained on hit (if needed)
- % damage, chaos, physical, physical with daggers, attack speed with daggers, crit multiplier, projectile, damage of time

3.0 Notes

I noticed my DPS started falling off around level 80, though I had minimal invested at that point (5L, 2x Bino's). Survivability was surprisingly good at that point. If you notice damage is getting low, I would suggest trading some survivability for damage. Maximizing poison is likely a solution here. Dendrobate chest, trading some life for poison/bleed/ailment nodes will also help here.

If you have any questions or comments leave them here. I will continue to check this regularly.

IGN: WayTooFrosty -|- Assassin Spectral Throw: /view-thread/1803119
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IGN: WayTooFrosty -|- Assassin Spectral Throw: /view-thread/1803119
very nice, looking forward to future updates
Could you add a leveling guide for the passive tree, as i would love to try this build!
styliNNN wrote:
Could you add a leveling guide for the passive tree, as i would love to try this build!

Absolutely, I will work on this today.
IGN: WayTooFrosty -|- Assassin Spectral Throw: /view-thread/1803119
Can i ask, why didn't you take the phase acrobatics node?
xTangoe wrote:
Can i ask, why didn't you take the phase acrobatics node?

For the investment of 4 more points I don't really feel it's necessary. This build already has several layers of mitigation allowing it to survive very well.
IGN: WayTooFrosty -|- Assassin Spectral Throw: /view-thread/1803119
Is the helmet's enchant important for fast clearing?
toretto98 wrote:
Is the helmet's enchant important for fast clearing?

The helm enchant is something I would add to the build later. Definitely less important than the daggers and maligaros as far as adding dmg to the build.
IGN: WayTooFrosty -|- Assassin Spectral Throw: /view-thread/1803119
Hey just wondering when do you actually change over to added chaos dmg,peirce, void gems etc ???

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