[2.6] MuffZ - CWC / Blade Flurry / Bladefall + Poison Build! Cheap! New Player Friendly! 8D


So, I am into SC (Softcore) Legacy League and want to share my build with you!

If you like, Assassins who use chaos damage...then this may be the build for you.

This is my first character of the new league, and I have very crappy gear to say the least.
This build works well for farming maps, and personally has been a lot of fun, both making and playing.

Tags are:
Life Based / Crit / Crit Multi / Poison / Chaos / Dodge / AOE (Area Of Effect)

Note: This build is not tested for the Guardians, Uber Atziri or Shaper. It is just a build for fun. So, if you're looking for a Shaper viable build...you should skip this post to not waste time.

Build Preview
Will be posted SOON!

-Easy Leveling
-Good Clear Speed
-Solo Viable

-Can get OS (one shot) if not careful!
-Unknown if able to do End Game Bosses

Skill Gems
Main Skill

3L: Blade Flurry / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack
Note: This is for leveling purposes ONLY.

4L: Blade Flurry / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack / Increased Critical Chance
Note: This is for leveling purposes ONLY.

5L: Blade Flurry / Blade Fall / Cast While Channeling / Poison / Increased Critical Chance
IF you have gotten your Uber Lab Ascendancy Points, you can
swap Increase Critical Chance for Concentrated Effect.

6L: If you manage to get a 6L Body Armor, you should use Added Chaos Damage on it.

Aura / Curse Setup

3L: Grace / Blasphemy / Warlord's Mark
4L: Grace / Blasphemy / Warlord's Mark / Enlighten


Summon Flame Golem (Must Have)


Cast When Damage Taken / Immortal Call / Increased Duration

IMPORTANT: Colours for chest piece should be GGGBB on a 5L and GGGBBB on a 6L.

Level 1 - 20
This is fairly easy.
You just need a decent physical damage weapon. Anything will do really, but make sure you don't forget to upgrade your weapon as you level.

Level 20 - 65
You can use any dagger you find that has decent, Spell or Crit. Check http://poe.trade/ if you can't find any good ones.

Level 65+
From here on out, you are going to use Bino's Kitchen Knife, unless you happen to find something even better! :D

Skill Tree: (Just Copy And Paste Link)

Tip! As you level make sure you always keep up your Atziri's Promise Flask. It is a HUGE damage boost.

Deal With The Bandits Quest
Help Oak

Help Oak / Point (You can choose either you prefer)

Help Alira[/spoiler]

[spoiler]All you need in the list of unique items are:

Bino's, hmmm bino's, bino's aaaanndd... Bino's! :D
They are very cheap in this league, so you should have no problems getting one.

If you would like more Spell Dodge, you could also use this!

Note: You do not need this specific Labyrinth Enchant!

This flask is great for this build as it gives you more chaos damage and leech! :D

If you would like EXTRA Damage and have a good amount of currency saved, you can get this:

If you are a RICH mofo then you can use this for fun! 8D


Normal Lab:
Noxious Strike

Cruel Lab:
Toxic Delivery

Merciless Lab:
Unstable Infusion

Uber Lab:
Deadly Infusion[/spoiler]

My Gear
[spoiler]Body Armour
[spoiler]IMPORTANT: The colours of your chest piece should be GGGBB on a 5L or GGGBBB if you are using a 6L!

Belt / Amulet / Rings

[/spoiler]With this gear, I have been able to reach level 88.
If you upgrade your gear to better items, I am sure you can make it to higher level content!

Note: Only reason I did not upgrade this build, is because I stopped having as much fun with this build and had another build in mind.

If you have any questions about the build, feel free to message me in game.
My IGN is: MuffZOwO
GOOD LUCK fellow exiles. I hope this build is as fun to you as it was to me.

If you are interested in my Twitch, go to twitch.tv/Asi_MuffZ
If you are interested in my Youtube, you can find me at Asilehs Gaming
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Thanks to you, my first league in POE has been successfully running.
I'm your big fan now,so happy and I'm looking forward to your next build.
So happy you have found this build as something you enjoy!! :D
Will make future updates on new builds if there are any which I think are fun to play as. :)
Why did you take Doom Cast ?

Nwm. U are using bladefall thats why. U should add it to title.
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What about jewels? I realized that there wasn't information about the jewels when I'd already passed normal difficulty, any recommendations ?
Do you have any recommended flasks? Sorry if it's already listed and I'm just not seeing it. What about jewels?
Thanks for the comments guys!

If you want to use jewels, you can use anything that adds to:
- Physical Damage (Not Melee Phys)
- Life
- Crit Multi
- Chaos

Those would be the best stats.
However if feel your character is lacking in Crit Chance, you may want to get a Crit jewel instead.

As for the flasks, you can see what flasks I used in the "Uniques" list.
Why cant i buy the helmet you used on this build? Is that variant still on the game??
xM4sterx wrote:
Why cant i buy the helmet you used on this build? Is that variant still on the game??

And what about the Flasks??
What if I wanted to use something like The Scourge Claws, Belly of the Beast, and Voidheart. And no CI, any tips?

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