"Chao-Blade" Flurry DOT WIP (reflect resistant) LVL 86

Hopping on the CI meta version; 1h + shield BUT going mainly CHAOS damage

Abyss Map (t15) was pretty easy and so is Atziri (normal)


21% Evasion
64% block (rumis)
23% armour (rumis)
Tons of stun resistance via Valyrium Ring
Frozen Immune
Chaos Immune
Bleed Immune
5 Power Charges
75 Fire Res
75 Cold Res
76 Lightning Res
70 crit chance (could use diamond flask to cap or just get Skyforth then use ring slot for a crit one but this is costly)

****Wanna try and get leech on every jewel as with ES, leeching is your main way to stay alive; Ghost Reaver is 100 percent REQUIRED.


Tree Stats at level 86:

+84 to Strength
+153 to Dexterity
+273 to Intelligence

Gain 5% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
52% increased Damage over Time
12% increased Attack Damage
5% increased Movement Speed
147% increased Chaos Damage

+2 Passive Points from bandits

+30.6% Evasion From Dexterity
+42 Life From Strength
+54.6% to maximum Energy Shield From Intelligence
+1% to maximum Lightning Resistance
+20 to maximum Energy Shield
55% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate
0.4% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
+8% to Chaos Resistance
15% more maximum Energy Shield
1.4% of Life Regenerated per second
+16% to all Elemental Resistances
46% increased maximum Life
205% increased maximum Energy Shield
70% increased Evasion Rating
+52 to maximum Life

+306 Accuracy From Dexterity
+16.8% Melee Physical Damage From Strength
32% increased Accuracy Rating
22% increased Physical Damage with Daggers
8% increased Attack Speed with One Handed Melee Weapons
30% increased Physical Damage with One Handed Melee Weapons
12% increased Attack Speed
183% increased Physical Damage

4% increased Cast Speed with Chaos Skills
12% increased Spell Damage
6% increased Cast Speed

Critical Strikes with Daggers have a 30% chance to Poison the Enemy
+90% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Daggers
60% increased Critical Strike Chance with Daggers
+54% to Critical Strike Multiplier
60% increased Critical Strike Chance

+136.5 to maximum Mana From Intelligence
+20 to maximum Mana
20% increased Mana Regeneration Rate

Jewel Socket
4 Jewel Sockets

4% increased Spell Damage per Power Charge
+2 to Maximum Power Charges
36% increased Power Charge Duration

Chaos Inoculation
Ghost Reaver
Vaal Pact

POE is life. POE is ♥.
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huge BF nerf coming up. So i wouldn't recommend it :)
yea, prob but this is std where it isnt currently nerfed.. ill be playing new leagues and wont touch again for a long while so it's worth it to me :) also, this tree and a reave tree would be pretty similar so it's not all a loss ;) Reaver for life ♥ Just trying a new thing, while I can :)
POE is life. POE is ♥.

right now the whole reason why BF is so OP is because of how fast it stacks poison. sure there are two guardians that can't be poisoned, but w/e you still have plenty of base dmg with that dagger.
you can't beat the poison dmg of assassin. crits and toxic delivery. thats what its all about.

essentially get mounds of physical and chaos damage (added chaos instead of PCoC) and throw in void manipulation somewhere and you're good to go

trust me, the poison is what is OP. as long as you have the means to scale the poison, like witchfire brew flask and wither totem.
i tested a 3k tooltip dps BF with poison vs a 15k tooltip dps BF without and the poison dmg killed lower hp bosses 2.5x faster. higher hp bosses were killed much much faster, upwards of 15x faster
yea! i really didn't wanna use pcoc but i don't have a chaos gem leveled; assassin will eliminate the need for it anyway then i can just use poachers for the curse to generate frenzy.. do not plan on using blood rage

chaos damage or void manipulation.. chaos would work as its blue.. i've no chromes lol so coloring all these pieces will mean i have to sell some stuffs.. awesome
POE is life. POE is ♥.
edit: oh you have voidheart, nice.

ya go with the poison setup. roll added chaos and keep your colours for now but ideally you'd want void manipulation in place of one of your red gems, since void manip double dips your chaos damage and poison damage
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oo okay... ill take out melee on full like since phys is going to do more damage.. BBBGGR colors.. shouldnt be too hard

want faster attacks in there BUT im already pretty fast and dropping crit gem would be silly since ive very little crit on gear.. again though, i need levels and with levels, things will get nuts, im sure

thanks again!

void manip, chaos dam, melee phys, conc. effect, crit chance and blade flurry

wish I were not working, atm.. wanna try this so bad!!

yea; voidheart is my fav ring ever ♥ so much dps in a tiny little package
POE is life. POE is ♥.
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actually dude, if you're going assassin you'll be grabbing up deadly infusion which raises your base crit chance per power charge. if you got power charge from merc bandits then with the passive tree you should get 2 more for a total of 6. this would give you a base crit of 11.69 and already a 300% inc to crit from power charges alone.

with a tree like this you basically have all the stats you need (str/dex) and enough crit to get 94% base crit without inc crit strikes gem. this would allow you to try to roll ggg,bb,r for blade flurry, faster attacks, void manip, added chaos, inc aoe/conc effect, and melee physical. this is the optimal setup.
if you can't roll 3 greens then just sub out faster attacks for something else. red would be melee damage on full life and blue could be w/e

all you gotta do then is get a wither totem setup (wither, spell totem, faster casting and optional inc duration)

the levels will come easy and yes as you say things will get nuts. i can explain the reason to some of those tree changes if you need
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the tree you posted is very similar to mine with pathing that is pretty much the same.. im going to end down by Foresight though.. have a few jewel slots i wanna incorporate too.. raising that base crit will help immensely; will have to see whether or not I can leave out the crit chance gem by investing in more power charges
POE is life. POE is ♥.
you will be able to for sure, its just if you'll be able to get the 4 off colour chest or not. could take a cpl hundred chromes

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