[2.5] The DoT'ssassin Hybrid | SC (WIP Help Welcome)

so first of all, I'm posting the build here with the intention of getting some tips for improving what I want to be doing and not for getting cried upon, that I'm doing everything wrong. This was my first attempt at designing a build-idea on my own and it works pretty well for me currently :)

The build is a hybrid build, which relies on a decent energyshield and some life behind that.

Ascendancy Assassin:

The reasons for assassin are pretty obvious I assume.
-Noxious Strike and Toxic Delivery are just crazy good for dot builds
-Unstable Infusion allows us to sustain power charges
-Deadly Infusion gives a really nice boost in DPS once you get your charges up
and is a better than Ambush in my case, since I am stacking up 5+ Power Charges


Level 82:


Level 100:



Gear (Currently):

Why those Claws ????:

The Rive is there for the memes and since I am doing a Bleed/Poison Build I fell in love with that claw immediately. For maximizing it's value you should look for nice DEX rolls on your gear since bleed doesn't stack as poison does and the duration doesn't really impact your damage that much. The enemy never stops bleeding as soon as you start hitting them with those. It is the claw with the highest pure Phys DPS, that bleed will benefit of.

Essentia Sanguis allows us to go Hybrid in this Build, but why even going Hybrid, when you can go CI, you might ask. I started this build as a CI variant, but it didn't really feel that good for me, maybe it is the lack of CI skill on my side or maybe it just shouldn't be. I had figured out, since I'm taking a lot of %ES + %Life nodes I would make it a hybrid variant and for that you can't find better claws. The Ghost Reaver is our way of recovering ES and the +31 life gained for each enemy hit by our attakcs heal up our backup life behind the ES. Therefore in case we take a giant hit that takes our ES and most of our life, we heal up 2 Sources at the same time with an insane speed, since Blade Flurry hits quite a lot in a short amount of time.

As you see most of my gear is quite wonky in this cluster**** of a build. That's due to not having done the optimizing for it yet.
Most of it acts as placeholder currently, for example the

are just in there, because they were a cheap way of acquiring stats 30% movement speed and ES in one.

Got me a cheap 6 Link early which fit the sockets I needed and had some decent stats over a Tabula/5L that I had before.

Enchants on gear are not done yet too, which means, there is a good amount of damage missing.
On gloves I would prefer Edict of Spite for the nice slow counter meassure. And the additional Blade Flurry stacks on the helmet would allow for some more poison stacks per use.


For jewels I've been focusing on
Damage over Time
Attack Speed with Claws
Physical Damage

and I got that sweet 8% Chance to Knock Back Enemies on Hit.

For defensive jewel options you can try to get some
Increased Maximum Life
Increased Maximum ES
+ one mod from the ones above.

They are surprisingly cheap for what they do in this build, keeping it alive on harder maps
or if you suffer from micro lags, that make you take hits that you can't dodge sometimes.
You can even throw in some more attributes, if you got the currency/luck, prefer STR to make one more point free on passive tree or DEX for the damage bonus on your bleeds.


Blade Flurry:
Links for clearing:
Increased Area of Effect + Item Rarity + Melee Damage on Full Life + Melee Physical Damage + Faster Attacks

For Bosses:
Concentrated Effect + Added Chaos Damage + Melee Damage on Full Life + Melee Physical Damage + Faster Attacks

Vengeance + Riposte + Fortify

Decent combination for a big counterhit, that leechs you up a bit and gives you fortify.

Random Countermeassure (WIP):

Cast When Damage Taken + Vortex + Blade Vortex + Bladefall

This came together after I was talking with a member of the guild. It works good as leechup countermeassure and with the slow of Vortex (and maybe Edict of Spite in the future) you get a good slow on the enemies around you allowing you to disengage fast with Whirling Blades

Immortal Call:
Immortal Call + Cast When Damage Taken

Just your average Immortal Call setup. Combined with the endurance charges that you get through Warlord's Mark, you have good ways of dealing with huge physical damage hits.

Whirling Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks

Whirling Blades is just a really reliable Mobility-Spell and combined with Fortify you get a decent amount of survivability.

Discipline + Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark

As for Aura's and Curses I wanted to run a dual curse setup with Vulnerability and Warlord's Mark, for the right amount of Survivability and Damage.


Some last words to the build.
It can farm Uber Lab really easy, if you are just going for the enchants. Currently the highest maps I could do were T14 since I didn't drop any higher ones than those and I don't really want to buy them and it had basically no problems doing the maps. The only thing that changed was, I had to be more careful with taking hits since it is no tank build.

So I'm looking forward to some recommendations for gearing up/passives and linking my beautiful gems haha

Thanks to those who survived reading this "thing" and good luck for those trying it out :)
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