2.5 CI Blade Flurry Assassin ,95% Crit Shaper/Uber/Guardians 1M DPS++ Dagger/shield

This is my build that i want to share with you people. It uses assassin ascendency to utilize high base damage from crit dagger to scale with poison and bleed. Can do all pve content in game . First of all would say its a pretty expensive build. It utilizes Skyforths to maintain power charges to give us that high crit multiplier and crit chance. We use CI to get high amount of energy shield to avoid one shots.Can be done with lower budget and will work well but to reach the full potential of the build u would want to invest a pretty good hefty amount of currency.

Would like to start off showing a few videos to show the build in action vs high tier bosses like shaper,
uber atziri and guardians.

Shaper : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6peJHTlxdAw&t=23s
Atziri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tE-svnKWIw
Uber Atziri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwy5uGcNjks
Pit of the Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vz_d3EO-gY
Maze of the Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOk2WFbSja8
Forge of The Pheonix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1X92p52J-k
Liar of the Hydra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuJOSqoYwi4

Screenshot of Offense Tab Conc Effect:

Screenshot of Offense Tab Increased Aoe:

If u are bored of using Blade Flurry u can use other skills like reave too:

Passive Skill tree Level 96:

How DPS Comes: We have an average dmg of 114k on bf with 7 attacks per sec. with bleed and poison it does
more than 1 Million dps.

Bandits: We take passive points for all other bandits. We get 1 power charge from merciless difficulty.

Auras: We use 3 auras - Discipline for ES , Hatred for extra dps , Blasphemy Warlords Mark . It gives life leech and mana leech so we can skip that on gear.

My Current Gear:

What to look for in gear:

Helmet: We use abyssus for maximizing dps . Try to get high crit multi on the abyssus. crit multi adds a
huge amount of dps. A rare helmet can be used in place of abyssus If u replace abyssus with es helmet try getting 300+ accuracy , res and 350 Es minimum on the helmet.

Dagger: Try getting a dagger with 300+ PDPS and 8.00 + base crit . Should be around ~ 10 ex. A binos is a
good starting point

Shield: Get a 500+ ES shield with res. those are pretty cheap . should be around 1-3 EX.

Boots: We use the unique boot Skyforths Sorcerer boots. Its a very crucial important part of the build.If u cant afford skyforths use a rare boot with movespeed , and at least 200 es . u would have to use a power
charge on crit gem if u dont have skyforths

Gloves: Accuracy , flat phys , 200 ES

Amulet : Flat phys > Crit multi > % es and Flat es attributes is a good thing if u can get that too.

Rings: We want steel rings its important adds a lot of dps. We want Flat phys > accuracy > ES> Res

Belt : Crystal belt High flat es Tri res

Chest: At least 700 ES and res


If u have Any Enquiries about the Build. Feel free to add me ingame IGN: XxDeadlyAssasinsXx or Aetroxis

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just to post - hard to achieve on league. No good knife for not abnormal price.
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Scourge claw BF build, much cheaper and more damage than this setup (mirrored dagger).
Twitch Stream:
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Scourge claw BF build, much cheaper and more damage than this setup (mirrored dagger).

This build is way better in terms of dmg and sustain. But that price is abnormal.

I would go if some1 sold me a 400-450pdps dagger for 20ex. Otherwise no point to go for such build. ANd yeah - claws has super good passive node - life leech. And global increas is way to op to ignore.
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Could you set again Passive Skill tree? It is some problems with it.
Passive tree needs to be updated please
update skill tree for 2.6 please.
Hey Hey

Anyone got a updated skill tree? to reference off, I just sold all my gear
to try buy similar items for this build, now I got nothing to reference the tree
off :/


Also does the skill tree use how many Jewels?

Is there any weapon to replace that mirror one?
Here is the tree I am using at level 91, and it is working really well. You could obviously sacrifice some of the damage nodes for ES nodes if you wanted to be more defensive.

You should be using Intuitive Leap and Energy from within. For the other 3 jewel sockets, I have found that physical damage scales better than crit multiplier. I am using my tooltip for reference, and the crit multi seems less than straight phy damage.

So a jewel with physical mods, like Phy Dmg, Phy Dmg with Daggers,and Phy Dmg while holding a shield works well.



Hope this helps!
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