[2.6][HC viable] Life based poison Voltaxic Spark / Vaal Spark Assasin [Video/Guide]

2.3 :
The values of chaos conversion on Voltaxic Rift, Infernal Mantle and The Consuming Dark uniques have been reduced to be 60% of their prior value.

2.6 :
Drillneck: Projectile damage is now increased by 50% of Arrow Pierce chance. This affects existing versions of the item.

Proof, that the build works perfectly fine:

Shaped Strand Clear at lvl 88

Note: I don't recommend using this guide to build a CI-version.

Passive tree, Ascendancy, Bandits

I would say there are currently 2 versions of this build : Life based and CI. Obviously CI is much better for endgame and surviving in general, but the life based version is much cheaper.

Life based : 122 points, 194% max life, 6 jewel sockets

CI Build
, brinerot whalers as boots, gloves with es/res, victarios amulet, maybe rings with chaos damage essence craft, bow and quiver the same, can only reach around 7k ES, go pathfinder instead of assassin for free poison, pick master herbalist first, after go for master alchemist, uber lab take natures adrenalin, maybe switch out poison support for slower proj, if you dont like slower proj use something like added lightning


1. Unstable Infusion
2. Deadly Infusion
3 & 4 : There is no reason to get Noxious Strike when you can't get Toxic Delivery. Try to get them at the same time.


Normal : Help Oak for +40 to maximum life / CI: Help Kraityn
Cruel : Kill all for Skillpoint
Merc : Help Alira for +1 Power Charge


My current life- based gear in hc :


Maybe CI Gear: Ignore Gems and so on, i just link gear from older characters, you could use for this build :


Gear explained

Weapon :

Our build is based around this weapon. Try to get +1 to max power charges implict.


Best in slot. Life, Evasion, Damage. CI version should also use this. Try to get Lightning Damage leeched as life Implict.

Body Armour :

This is my current life-based body armour. Base cost me around 40c, crafting around 20.
CI builds would obviously use a Energy Shield chest with high ES and at least a 5L.
You can also craft your Body Armour with Essence of Horror.

Good other choices, but really hard to get the right colors :

Incandescent Heart is also a really good choice : Gain (10-20)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage. Gives really high damage. This is a great choice for ci builds. Downside : 25% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage, really hard to use that chest in HC because of that. You could still use it in SC as a life-based chest piece, because it also gives life.


Voidwalker boots. These are mandatory. They give us high Movement Speed and 100% chance to pierce (100 chance to pierce = 50% projectile damage with Drillneck) . If you can't use this boots scroll down and look at the version without it. CI build should also use this boots.


Winds of Change best in slot for life-based build. If you are playing CI swap them out for Gloves with high ES.


Life, res. CI builds would use a helmet with high ES.
Enchants for Spark are really good, try to get any of them on your helmet, they boost your damage a lot.
Enchants you should look out for:
x% increased Spark Damage
x additional Spark Projectiles
x% increased Spark Projectile Speed
x% reduced Wrath Mana Reservation
x% reduced Herald of Thunder Mana Reservation
When playing CI: x% reduced Discipline Mana Reservation

Amulet :

Also mandatory. Victario's Acuity gives us tons of damage. If you are playing on a budget try to get a Amulet with Resists, Life/ES/%ES, global crit chance / global crit multi or both.


Just cap out resistances with your rings, get life or es on them as well. I was already capped on resistances so i decided to use Death Rush Ring. This ring gives us Onslaught (20% increased attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed) which increases our clear speed. Besides that it also gives us life and chaos res.


High life/ES , res, strength if you need it.

Is a pretty good option for CI builds.


Currently using this Life Flask.

This Flask is OP for this build. Gives us tons of Leech + Damage

2 Utility Flasks and 1 Mana Flask. (I would recommend using Quicksilver + Basalt Flask)
Don't use Granite Flask because it's almost useless since we pick up Acrobatics. Try to get Freeze and Bleed Immunity.

If you are able to buy a Vinktar's you can drop the Mana Flask. Try to get Added Spell Vinktars.


Anatomical Knowledge : gives us life

2 x Sacrificial Harvest : we can cast Vaal Spark more often

Good Jewel Search, press STRG + F and search for Life,
if you play SC change the League

God Like jewel search for HC, if you play SC just change the League

Gem Links

Main Setup:
4L (not recommended) : Spark - Spell Echo - Poison - Added Chaos Damage
5l : Spark - Spell Echo - Poison - Added Chaos Damage - Faster Projectiles
6l : Spark - Spell Echo - Poison - Added Chaos Damage- Faster Projectiles - Void Manipulation

Vaal Spark Setup:
4l: Vaal Spark - Increased Critical Strikes - Spell Echo - Poison

Setup 1 :
Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Warlords Mark - [Portal] not needed
Setup 2:
Cast when damage taken - Immortal Call - Wrath - Summon Flame Golem
Setup 3:
Blink Arrow - Mirror Arrow - Faster Attacks

Non - Voidwalker Boots Version
Use rare boots with MS, Life, Res instead or Brinerot Whalers
Skill Tree
Setup :
Spark - Spell Echo - Poison - Pierce - 5l : Void Manipulation - 6l: Faster Proj
Vaal Spark - Spell Echo - Poison - Pierce


T7 Mud Geyser with double Breach clear
- Cleared with Lvl 83, no merc and uberlab ascendancy's

T8 Tropical island
-Cleared with lvl 84, no merc and uber lab ascendancy's

T8 Shaped Channel Clear
-Cleared with lvl 85, no merc and uber lab ascendancy's

Shaped Strand Clear at lvl 88
- with uber & merc lab

Lvling Guide
Use EK-Spell Echo- Faster Proj- Ele Focus - Controlled Destruction - Added Fire in Tabula ,
Use Hatred as Aura, Use Roth's Reach and Signal Fire, Use Karui Ward Amulet and Winds of Change Gloves, Use Ring of Blades Jewel, Super easy to level

Stats from my current char @ Lvl 85
With Spark,

Imported my Char into Path of Building, changed the Calculation Mode into in Combat, if i would change my gear into ci and full offensive i can get smth. like 400k easy

Ingame Tooltip (Full buffed, 7 power charges, 3 frenzy, onslaught)

List of close calls

-Enraged Canyon T6 Dog almost 1 shooted me
-Got in trouble in a breach once
-killed a corrupting blood bloodlines blue pack and got vulnerablity cursed by a rogue exile after that, was really close call (came out with 200 life)
-Esh Breach boss spawned in -max map, nearly 1 shoot me because i didnt notice
-Died to DC in esh breach
-Probably got more close calls, down to 1000 life or something, but most of the time i instantly leech back to full life

This build will probably get ruined in 3.0, because poison double - dipping gets changed.
discord : nexx#9045
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Seems pretty solid, buddy.

I really miss the good old days of Voltaxic Spark in Perandus League. Oh boy, how I miss...
But your build seems to reach the same feeling how it was before.

I have an abandoned lvl 60 something Assassin, and I'll give a try to this build anytime soon.


I'm Razielim, son of Raziel.

"Raziel, you're worthy..." - Elder God
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Or am i blind? :D
Broono wrote:

Or am i blind? :D

Forgot Bandits, added now
discord : nexx#9045
thanks :)
At what point did you change to Spark from EK?
use added lightning damage instead chaos dmg, coz is converted and you get more dps :)
j0ca1995 wrote:
use added lightning damage instead chaos dmg, coz is converted and you get more dps :)
added chaos gives more dps, just tested it in path of building

with added chaos

with added lightning
discord : nexx#9045
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Hi, im pretty noob at this game (started it like 2 weeks ago)
I started to follow this guide but i've got problems levelling, im a lvl 32 shadow using EK, herald of thunder, arctic armour, orb of storm, conductivity and spark. It's easy to clean maps with the combo of the lighting spells, but against bosses im frequently on troubles, against them im using viper strike as main attack, but its still hard to kill them. My gear is not good, a little bit of armour, a bit of ES and pretty much evasion rating.

Could you help me with some advices?

Note: sorry about my english, its not my main language

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