[2.5][Life]Trickster Scorching ray [SC/HC]

Hi, I started out in Breach Hardcore league with this build and thought to share it.

It is a Life based build and the main unique I use is Kaom's Heart

When I get to bosses I like running though them so they get chilled and are affected by my curses, its fun when they are slowed :D

Ok, on to the build

Life With Kaom's

Life Without Kaom's

As you see, build still is loads of life with no chest on, you can stick with a Rare chest till you can afford a Kaom's Heart


Grab dual curse nodes once you get a Witchfire Brew Flask

Tree @ lv93

Normal: Help Oak
Cruel: Kill all
Merciless: Help Kraityn

Ascendancy points

Normal - Patient Reaper: Gives 30% increased damage over time and increased rate of mana/life recovery when you've killed enemies with scorching ray, should be a decent way of sustaining your mana while leveling

Cruel - Swift Killer: Gives 15% chance to gain frenzy charge on kill, as well as an extra frenzy charge, by now you should have frenzy charge from the skill tree as well, this should give you a boost in damage for cruel/merciless

Merciless - Weave the Arcane: You should find it a bit harder to sustain your mana at this point if you have a 5L but this node takes care of that, as well as giving you a bit of defence every so often, be sure to reset your scorching ray cast because it will not proc the recovery if you keep the skill channelling

Uber - Walk the Aether: This point isn't as important to the build but it is a nice fit in as you can spin your scorching ray quite quickly after using your movement skill, feel free to pickup ghost dance instead for the 5% dodge

Scorching Ray Gem Priority
1L: Scorching Ray
2L: Scorching Ray - Controlled Destruction
3L: Scorching Ray - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus
4L: Scorching Ray - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Rapid Decay
5/6L: Scorching Ray - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Rapid Decay - Faster Casting/Empower(level 2+)

Feel free to swap around Empower/Faster casting, a level added to your Scorching ray is pretty big for damage, I don't use Increased burning damage because it just feels too weak in comparison (to Empower)

Other Gem Links
Movement: Flame Dash - Faster Casting
Ele Equilibrium/Overload: Orb of Storms - Inc aoe (if you can fit it) - Inc critical strikes
Aura/Curse: Blasphemy - Temporal Chains - Arctic Armour
CWDT: CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Decoy Totem/Rallying Cry by themselves
Vaal Lightning Trap and Vaal Haste could be added in for more damage/speed

My Gear
Most of this stuff would be my endgame items, might be a bit out of reach for most people but I did uber Izaro with a 4L Geofri's Crest, so the damage was there early on too :^)

My Flasks
Once you get a Witchfire Brew Flask you should go get the dual curse nodes :)

You could use a Quicksilver of heat for a better way to avoid chilled ground/being frozen instead of a Quicksilver of adrenaline, I'm a bit greedy though :D

Jewels Stat Priority
2.Spell Damage, Fire Damage, Damage Over Time
3.Cast Speed
4.Any stats or Resistances you may need.

Remember, Jewels can get mods like Spell Damage while Wielding a Staff, so put those in your search too :)

End Game Items
items that I think really suit this build well

Kaom's Heart - 500 Life and 20 - 40 % increased fire damage, oh baby

Ngamahu Tiki - 30-50 life, 20-30 fire resistance, 50-70% fire damage, If you're rich try and get a +1 curse one, then link curse on hit to your orb of storms and put in a flamability for some dips

Witchfire Brew Stibnite Flask - 50-70% increased damage over time and 21 vulnerabilty aura during flask effect, so good for any DoT build

+3 Fire Staff Scorching ray gains a lot from the extra levels

Level 4 Empower - huge dps boost, I'm guessing.. not like I have one lol

Level 21 Scorching Ray - I had a level 20 gem in the videos up top, I got a lv 21 gem now though :) it boosted my damage over time by 2k

Opal Ring - 15-25% implicit elemental damage, Use Essence of Anger on it for the Fire Damage roll

Fingerless Silk Gloves - 12-16% spell damage, extra damage is nice :^)

Tooltip Damages
In Town

Witchfire brew Flask up

6 Frenzy and Elemental Overload

As above with witchfire aswell

Hopefully I didn't miss anything but if you spot something weird or just want to ask a question feel free.
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Really nice guide ahah! :)
more known as: Elanif
ok, I died so most likely wont be updating this thread any longer.

Walked through a doorway and esh was there with some lightning balls on his head in an 82 map.

anyways hope u guys have fun ;)
Nice build. I realy want to try this. How it feels in end game and how's the clear speed??
clears maps alright, 1 swipe of the ray would kill packs (but not instantly, over like 1 second) I got up to t15s before I died.

Maps like Crematorium and torture chamber were kinda slow because the small closed areas cant beam everything at once

I invested a lot of currency into the build and I'd say to get decent damage you would need to aswell.

I was running a +2fire staff for a while till I got the currency to pay for someone to craft +3

Would this build make a good uber lab farmer with lets say a 5L searing touch? or would it require more of an investment than that
Leveling one of these in breach currently - have a tabula and all the apropriate leveling uniques (lifesprigs, tabula, etc), going swimmingly so far through act1, bosses die horribly, packs melt easily with a single sweep of Scorching Ray. I will continue to post updates as I level up over the next couple of days.
Yatunic wrote:
Would this build make a good uber lab farmer with lets say a 5L searing touch? or would it require more of an investment than that

5L searing would be fine, I think that doing Juggernaut with marohi/eq would be better though
What do you think about Doryani's Invitation (Fire Damage), any good or a rare is better??
End of merciless checking in with build progress.

Hit lv60 today and equipped a Searing Touch and a Belly i had spare from a previous build (not using the links on it other than a garbage can).

This build has some serious damage easily melting all bosses up to Piety in cruel, which took a bit more effort.

Flame Dash and Lightning warp both suck compared to melee options especially with the low cast speed of this setup - I may switch to Leap as it is a bit more satisfactory, but still not Whirling Blades good.

Survival with this build is fairly standard caster playstyle, you are not facetanking, but using your totem and positioning to create time to channel your Searing Ray.

Mana is rough, especially when leveling with a Tabula - I highly reccomend getting a -8 Eleron's ring or a Praxis ring to compensate. This shouldnt be as much of an issue for a self-found 2/3/4 link setup, but when running 5/6 links it is very heavy on mana use.

at level 45 I picked up some +90% fire damage wands to replace my lifesprig setup which helped me easily ride to lv60 when i swapped to my Searing Touch.

I would suggest trying to do Normal Lab at the end of cruel - especially if you are having trouble with mana. I waited until I got to Lake on merciless, and probably should have done it sooner to switch some of my mana regen gear off (I died a couple of times due to not having proper resists in A3 Merciless)


After getting 70 I spent some Chaos on chromes and links to upgrade my Searing Touch to a 5L then I hit up some maps. Started with a T3 and a T5 map and destroyed both of them easily with Magic packs dying in a single sweep, and Rare monsters and bosses requiring a minor amount more effort.
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