2.6 - The wubwub ice trapper - Life based, 5k+ HP - Eva - Tons Of Damage

Hello and welcome to t̶h̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶g̶s̶c̶a̶s̶t̶ my first build guide!

With this build we get 57% cold pen and plenty of cold damage AND it's only on 1 SECOND cooldown. (wtfspam) Remember that Ice trap scales with Spell, Trap, Cold and AoE damage nodes, so it scales really, really well.
We also have moderate amounts oh hp. (We can get more than that.) While having 5k hp doesn't enable us to face tank hits, we instead rely on evasion, dodge and spell dodge. It saves us in most butt-clenching moments, but it's not always 100% reliable.

I've added most of the build information to the corresponding spoiler tags so it doesn't get too cluttered.

Ask any questions you might have about the build and i'll reply as soon as i'm able to.


Lv 90 passive tree and ascendancy.
Touch me
We Take 4 jewel sockets in the tree so we can smash in some extra life and damage jewels.

We don't really need any uniques for this build to work but it doesn't hurt to have them, either. If you want, you can use the pointy kitchen knives instead of the wooden sticks, doesn't really matter. Other than that, get your resists, get some health, maybe some evasion here and there. We also need some strength on our gear, for immortal call setup.

Nothing too fancy, just get your bleed, freeze and poison/curse pots and a quartz flask for good measure. Oh, and we absolutely need the mana flask, won't get very far without one.

Gem setup
You don't have to use stone golem if you don't want to. Use what you want.


Flame dash

Ice trap

If you think you need more damage then swap out cold pen with conc effect.

Immortal call

It has to be in that exact same order or phase run will not proc!

Vaal grace

Los banditos
Life, Passive and a power charge.

Some vidya
Tier 15 core.

Normal Atziri. Note that the normal atziri run was pre 2.6, so that's why i had less hp

Some screens about hp, dmg and defenses.
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What tier maps fo you farm efficiently with this build?
All the way up to tier 15, haven't tried tier 16 yet, but the damage should be there, considering that i've melted everything in a matter of seconds so far.
I got tired of FLame totems and Minions so IM trying your set up now and have to say IM really enjoying it atm.. Only lvl 25 but never tried a shadow and its a nice change of pace.. Ant recoomendations on lvling skills ??
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You can try freezing pulse or firestorm + flame totem. personally, i leveled with freezing pulse until i got comfortable with ice trap + mutliple traps. You can mix things up, see what you like the best. Experiment on things, find what you like the most.

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Herald of Ice - for the added dps boost IM guessing ...
In game since Minotaur League..
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Nice build,but what exactly choose in ascendancy?
blwt_corsair wrote:
Nice build,but what exactly choose in ascendancy?

We take Saboteur as our Ascendancy class. The very first nodes we rush for are Bomb Specialist and Chain Reaction. Rest are Blinding assault and Explosives Expert for the extra damage penetration. You can see the Ascendancy class in the passive tree, you just have to click on the small arrow right next to the strength node.

what do you think about running this build hybrid life/es? you drop acrobatics but can easily get 3-4k es on top of your life pool, with evasion/es hybrid gear.
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